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She's Got Balls!

Wednesday night whilst at Soi Cowboy when standing near Fanny’s Bar I spotted the Midnite gogo dancers who from distance looked might fine. My attention was on the dancer in the center who looked so good as she spilled out into the Soi. It wasn’t until later that night once the image was cropped that I could see that there was no meat to the right breast on the side. That's when I thought is that a ladyboy? Considering I had seen her walk out front looking all woman and for me the pick of the litter. Well this is going to the dogs if she ends up being a ladyboy. Legs for me are a big giveaway for any ladyboy and hers appears female as does her hair.

I know for a fact that the three other dancers standing in the image are females therefore I was leaning towards her being a woman with really small breasts. Ladyboys that work within a bar would normally have breasts implants or take hormones to produce breasts. I haven’t come across a titless ladyboy … That would just be a dude in a skirt! …..

The whole article can be found inBangkok Bars Volume 2”. The Series is available now via the links below.

Bangkok Bars Vol 1BANGKOK BARS

Volume 1

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Bangkok Bars Vol 2BANGKOK BARS

Volume 2

The Kindle Edition is now available for purchase on Amazon >BUY NOW<