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After flying halfway around the world it’s always good arriving back into Bangkok. My favorite Airline is Emirates followed by KLM, unfortunately due to the time of year that I traveled both Airlines ticket prices were 20 to 30% more than that of British Airways. Their airplane was aging and the small entertainment screens are to be seen to be believed, overall the service of the staff made up for any other short comings. The meals were good although it does help if you choose correctly. Once I was seated on the Airport Link Train I got to see how hot Thai women are compared to most in the West. For 4 weeks in the UK it was rare to see any woman late 20’s up that you’d want to look at whilst hitting a High Street. There are lard arsed women wearing shorts pulled so far up that their massive unattractive bum cheeks are on full show. It really is off putting…..

The whole article can be found inBangkok Bars Volume 3”. The Series is available via the links below.

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Volume 3