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Pattaya City has it all go-go bars, clean beaches, modern shopping centers, affordable beach front hotels, Walking Street and more importantly women, women and more women. My first ever trip to Pattaya recently was a real eye opener. I’m quite sure if I had headed to Pattaya when I first arrived in Thailand then this would have been my base. Bangkok wouldn't have got a look in.

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Pattaya Update 2021

Pattaya is 74 miles (120 km) from Bangkok and takes around 90 min's travel time depending on the traffic. Buses depart every 30 min's. A ticket between Pattaya and Bangkok costs just 109 Baht making this is a smart way to travel. Check out some Pattaya Hotels.

The amount of tourists is mind boggling. Just have a seat along the beach and you will see streams of tourist heading out to one of the many speed boats that are waiting to ferry them to one of the local islands or to a large pontoon that's is floating several hundred meters out. If you are up to it then do some parachute gliding whilst being pulled along by a speed boat. I spent many an hour on the beach and there was no let up with the streams of tourist coming and going.

Pattaya Bar

A Pattaya Beer Bar

If you’re into sitting at a Pattaya bar for hours on end then you wont be disappointed. Beach Road is littered with beer bars from the small to the very large and all with sea views. There are plenty of bargirls to choose from just remember you choose them. If someone takes your eye then get them over for a drink. Don't let the bargirls choose you as these are more than likely the older and more hardened bargirls that you really wouldn't want to waste your time with.

There is plenty of seafood to be had along Beach Rd and at a reasonable price. It might be a big jump from the local street vendors. It’s well worth spending a bit more especially if you’re right into Seafood. When dusks falls the city transforms and out come the freelancers who will be scattered along the beach side footpath all the way to Walking Street.

I did go looking for and found Soi LK Metro the home of some pretty decent gogo bars / beer bars namely Climax & The Office gogo bar. The surrounding area has some cool bars. Climax was one bar that was packed after midnight there wasn’t one vacant seat to be found. The Oasis Agogo Bar looked tempting as I exited Soi LK Metro and headed back towards Pattaya Road.

Walking around Pattaya after midnight I never witnessed any problems and found it to be a very safe city to hang out. It’s obvious if you don't go overboard with the alcohol and don't be a dick then trouble shouldn't come your way.

Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street is a must see tourist destination when visiting Pattaya especially if you’re looking for gogo bars. Located at the end of Beach Road as it curves away from the sea. Just keep on walking straight ahead and you will be amazed at what greets you. There is a real buzz within Walking Street as you stroll through. Bright lights, live music, gogo dancers standing out front of their respective bars, large to small beer bars, restaurants to street food and hotels there really is something for everyone.

Enter one of the narrow Soi’s off Walking Street and you will find more gogo bars / beer bars that are well worth checking out. Here you will find the likes of The Dollhouse, Electric Blue and the Windmill Club. There are also a couple of European Bars where you can find Russian and Ukrainian women, just for a change of pace. Walking Street is very lively around 9 pm with tourist walking though. The beer bars especially with live music can get very busy after 11 pm. The best gogo bars here are really on top of their game and with plenty of dancers on hand this should keep most people satisfied. There usually are good deals to be had in regard to draft beer. Most bars have dancers out front holding a sign showing tonight specials (Tiger draft 45 Baht - 90 Baht).

Once you enter Walking Street for the first time apart from your head spinning left/right you will be checking out all the dancers outside their respective bars. The herds of tourists will be walking back from the pier at the end of Walking Street which adds to the whole atmosphere. You could spend your whole holiday within this street and wouldn't get bored.

I spent most my nighttime activity's checking out the Walking Street gogo bars. My first impression was wow!! these chicks are healthy. More so than in Bangkok. I’d guess it must be the lifestyle by the beach and the freshness of the food which would make anyone look good. A few women that I bought a drink for asked if they could just get a soft drink which is a good thing. At the beer bars though most the over 35’s brigade will knock as many drinks back as you can handle and then move on to the next guy when you leave.

Live Band Walking Street Pattaya

Live Band - Walking Street Pattaya

The Live Bands at Walking Street Pattaya are very good and are ahead of their counterparts in Bangkok. It does help that at most venues the speakers and the overall sound system is of a high quality. The variety is great ranging from Heavy Metal to Rock, just my style. After 11 pm most the bars really do pack them in and deservedly so since the quality of the bands playing is so high.

I enjoyed my time at the gogo bars and found all the bars to be hassle free. There are three that really stood out for me on this trip but one in particular is a must see bar on any trip to Pattaya / Thailand and that is Sugarbaby Agogo Bar.

Located within Walking Street and all I will say is, if you are up for a good time then this is the place to go. Sugarbaby is one bar that you will remember for a long long time.

The first time I walked through Walking Street I didn’t notice one ladyboy. I have heard that Pattaya was teaming with them but I found this not to be. Later I did see a few ladyboys. I walked past one ladyboy bar in Soi Diamond and found the ladyboys out front to be less pushy and more polite than what I am used to in Bangkok. I’d say there will be a major ladyboy area here in Pattaya but it’s not my scene therefore I didn't go looking for it.

Walking Street Pattaya Bar Reviews

Sugarbaby Agogo Bar  *****

A cool bar that is a must see. You can sit back and watch the action or jump right in by sitting around the dance floor. Sugarbaby is a very hands on gogo bar.

Lighthouse Pattaya

Smaller gogo bar with some okay gogo dancers. It all depends on the night if the dancers are in the mood.

G-Spot Pattaya

Modern gogo bar that's a good spot if you plan on barfining one of the dancers. Now Closed.

Living Dolls 1

Older style gogo bar with some older dancers. Good atmosphere when have a crowd. Tourist friendly. Now Closed. Living Dolls Showcase is still open.

Mandarin Agogo

Good sized Agogo Bar where the dancers do like to have a bit of fun. Don't be shy. Closed.

Wildcats Agogo ***

Good bar if you’re planning on taking someone from the bar. These chicks look like they would be a lot of fun.


The dancers are fit and healthy looking at Fahrenheit. Can be good but needs a crowed inside.

The Windmill Club ****

Sister bar to Sugarbaby. Set over 2 levels your are sure to find someone that takes our fancy. A must see bar.


One of the first gogo bars you will spot when you enter Walking Street. Worth checking out after 10 pm.

Palace GoGo Bar

Cool gogo bar if you’re planning on spending some time with the dancers. Choose correctly and you will have a night to remember.

The Dollhouse Pattaya

Located within Soi 15. They have a good selection of dancers. Would be a cool gogo bar if busy.

The Iron Club Agogo

The music is cranked up to the max. There are plenty of attractive gogo dancers to keep you entertained.

Happy Agogo Bar ****

Cool bar with 2 good sized dance floors. Does get busy which makes sitting around the dance floor the spot to be.

Electric Blue Pattaya

(Review coming soon)

The Glasshouse

(Review coming soon)

Baccara Pattaya ****

Cool bar always worth a few drinks inside. Plenty of gogo dancer to keep you interested. Good atmosphere.

Best Bars @ Walking Street - Sugarbaby - Baccara Pattaya - The Windmill Club - Happy Agogo - Wildcats - Living Dolls Showcase .....