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African Freelancers

As I enter Soi 4 Nana I see ladyboy freelancers from the not so hot to the impressive. It’s rare for me to land right on top of a guy in negotiation mode. Tonight I did therefore I stopped since this is so educational. The ladyboy was just above the not so hot group. The guy looked mid 20’s fit and could easily pull a chick without paying. Not tonight though as he wants to bang a ladyboy. The negotiations take all of 20 seconds. He asked how much does she want? … “1000 Baht.” He has no problem with the price. Now his next question is a pisser HA HA. “Do you Kiss?” I nearly laughed aloud when I heard that. I was laughing hard inside though. She gave a nod and before you knew it they were off heading up Soi 4 to his hotel room. I followed a bit. This guy held her hand without a care in the world. It wont be long until he’s tongue kissing his ladyboy…..

The whole article can be found inBangkok Bars Volume 3”. The Series is available via the links below.

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