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Best Hands-On GoGo Bars

Bangkok's best hands on gogo bars and by that I mean go in and buy a lady a drink and basically leave your moral compass at the door and jump right into whatever you feel comfortable with in full view of everyone else in the bar (most have a room upstairs if you want go all the way). Now do the right thing although you are buying the ‘cough’ lady a drink which she will get 50%, give her a tip when you decide to leave.

Watch on YouTube:

Bangkok GoGo Bars  See inside gogo bars.

Crazy House Bangkok#1  Crazy House

The more you go to Crazy House you realize how far you can go, the dancers are already naked and if you are there after midnight well so many are juiced up and ready to go.

Just sit back buy one of the dancers a drink and she will be all over you the music is so loud and with some very attractive and erotic dancers on stage in full view you feel like your on a movie set this cant be real but it is and your hands are all over a beautiful woman it can be quite surreal at times.

Sugarbaby Pattaya#2  Sugarbaby Agogo Bar

You just have to go to Sugarbaby Agogo Bar when in Pattaya if you’re after some hands-on fun. It all might seem a bit too much on your first visit. You wanna eat pussy? Well here you can. Sit around one of the mattresses and you will be offered to move for a bite.

The dancers inside are very attractive making the decision harder of where you are going to have your next meal.

If that's all too much then the gogo dancers are also up for a good time. You will walk out of Sugarbaby's thinking WOW how good was that.

Toy Bar Soi Cowboy#3  Toy Bar

The Toy Bar will be number one in a lot of peoples eyes. Its cheaper at 100฿ a lady drink for the regular dancers and you can dive right into it with one drink. A full no morals bar you might see some guy getting a hand job in full view, they do try do it in a corner area of the bar with wet wipes at the ready, freaky stuff. I must admit I usually walk out if that sort of action is on display.

Here you can touch the bargirls anywhere once you have bought them a drink but be aware you'd better slow down when they have finished that drink just buy another and pick up where you left off.

Windmill Club Pattaya#4  Windmill Club

Another must see bar when in Pattaya is the Windmill Club. Here they have 2 floors of fun that most people could only dream about. The women naked on the mattresses are very erotic and can put on a pretty decent lesbian show. (Sister bar of Sugarbaby)

Don't just sit back and watch join in this what the chicks want the more hands-on then the more lively the action will be.

If it all gets a bit messy, no problems someone will crack open a moist towelette to wipe you face FFS… No really… Sh.t Hot!!

Moonshine Joint gogo bar#5  Moonshine Joint

From the same stable as the Toy Bar is the Moonshine Joint the personnel make the bar have a different feel.

I have found you can find a few newer staff here so they aren't as hardened as at the Toy Bar which will help if you're a bit on the shy side.

All the same buy a drink and take it from there yeah they have a corner as well to get your freak on.

Jungle Jim's Bangkok#6  Jungle Jim’s

One of my favorite bars Jungle Jim’s another from the same stable as the Toy Bar but here the women are better and its a well run bar.

They have Coyote dancers and I have heard some people say you cant play around with them well what a load of crap they must be fnn ugly if a dancer here isn't up for some fun.

Just buy them a drink and away you go but yeah if your super ugly head down to the Toy Bar. Here you can also head to the corner wet wipes at the ready, thankfully it’s usually busy so you probably wont notice what is going on in the corner.

Thigh Bar Bangkok#7  Thigh Bar

At the Thigh Bar you can have a lot of fun with the dancers. Just buy them a drink then take a seat away from the dance floor. I have witnessed a few guys with a chick on their lap being grinded like there is no tomorrow.

Your hands can wonder making the Thigh Bar a good place to visit if you’re in the mood for a bit of hands on fun.

At 60฿ for a draught beer makes for a cheap night out, with an added bonus.

Afterskool Bar Coyote Dancers#8   Afterskool Bar

If you like your women a bit older then you will find a few at the Afterskool Bar the home to a few soon to be retired bargirls. Luckily they have some Coyote Dancers (pic) to get you in the mood.

There is a corner where you can get your rocks-off for 700฿. I’ve heard there could be some mouth action going on. (Sept 16 you can get mouth action 1000฿).

Just chat with one of the bargirls I’m sure they’ll tell you all about what goes on in the corner soon enough.

Fanny's Bar Bangkok#9   Fanny’s Bar

I was a bit reluctant to put Fanny’s Bar here but as you can see by the Coyote dancers it’s worth a look especially if you hang out with them, they will set you back 200฿ a drink. Don't sit around talking you can do that at other bars a lot cheaper.

With chicks this hot (pic) you can hold them close and see what happens. Fanny’s Bar is the last from the Toy Bar stable, but not run the best.

The regular woman are lazy and some have been working way too long but hey they will get you in the corner and rip your head off for 500฿.