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The Women in Black

This only apply's to the larger gogo bars at Soi Cowboy. What are the odds that the women in black dresses are actually women? As you walk along Soi Cowboy and notice the dancers out front of their respective bars there will be one or two in a black dress. I’d say slim to none. The Sahara gogo bar has several and on more than one occasion whilst having a drink nearby a couple have been out front and I have thought why are some women wearing black dresses tonight as usually its just the ladyboys? That's one too many drinks when second guessing if they’re a ladyboy, so if in doubt and you find yourself at Soi Cowboy then black dress equals ladyboy.

Here are a few bars where I have spotted ladyboys in black dresses Sahara, Kiss and Midnite gogo bars. I can remember at one of these bars they did a shift change of the lady's dancing and I noticed one get up topless and I said to the woman I was having a drink with that ‘that's a ladyboy’ and she just said ‘shhhh don't tell anyone’ HA HA see sober no problem.

If you are into ladyboys then this is a bonus since the only full on ladyboy bar within Soi Cowboy is the Cockatoo Bar and the only other bar I have spotted a ladyboy inside other than the bars above is The Cocktail Club so don’t get too paranoid about it…..

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