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Visa Run

When it’s time for a visa run you can do it hard or easy, jumping in a van and heading off to Cambodia is the hard option and if you’re coming in on a ‘visa on entry’ then you will only get 15 days. This week I had to think how to do it / where to go? Really the last thing I wanted to do was get stuck in a van for 4 hours one way doing a visa run. I might as well make a positive out of a negative and head to Malaysia and see The Patronas Towers. Depending on your passport you don't need a visa before traveling to Malaysia and you get a visa at no cost as you pass through immigration for up to 90 days.  When you fly back to Thailand you should receive a 30 day ‘visa on entry’ if you don't have a valid visa already stamped in your passport.

Patronas Twin Towers - Malaysia

     The Patronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur

Since this was all a bit of a rush I'm sure you can get a ticket bit cheaper, a return air ticket into Kuala Lumpur flying with Air Asia out of Don Muang Airport cost 4100฿. I have never been to Don Muang Airport but have heard so many bad reports of problems when you return with getting a taxi. I cant see any need to even get a taxi at the airport, save on stress and get the shuttle bus that departs out front of the terminal to Mo-Chit BTS & Chatuchack MRT (next to each other) it runs every 20 min's and cost 30฿. Just head to the stations above and get as close to where you are going then get a taxi if you still need one. If that sounds too hard then just stand in line at the airport and get stressed out.

Everything went smooth and the flight lasted around 2 hrs 10, which is easy, immigration was a breeze (they scan your finger prints) then from there you get the KLIA Express (inside the airport) to KL Sentral (spelled like this) which costs 55 ringgit one way or 100 ringgit return, valid for a month. It takes around 30 min’s travel time. At KL Sentral there are about 4 different train lines therefore you just got to know which station you’re after, just ask at the information desk and they will point you in the right direction. It became clear early that Malaysians understand English very well, making the whole process easy.

Since I wanted to see The Patronas Towers I headed a short distance inside the station to the LRT Line and purchased a ticket to the KLCC Station for 2.50 ringgit one way and around 20 min's later I was looking at the view in the picture above, sh.t hot. The Patronas Towers really do have the wow factor. There is a large shopping center right next door (KLCC Station is located here underground) with all the high end shops that you can see anywhere, the attraction for me was the food courts, which are more western oriented than in Bangkok. After eating mainly Thai food for the past 2 years it was so good devouring a roast beef dinner. The portion sizes are up there with what I had in the USA a few years ago.

Kuala Lumpur is a very clean city and I could see a few similarity's to Melbourne in the overall feel of the city. A big change from Bangkok was the lack of traffic noise especially from the buses which are more modern here. The footpaths were almost deserted, the people I did see walking around were tourists and that wasn't many. I’d guess this is due to the underground train system were the station is located right underneath the shopping center.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of the trip as this isn't a travel website. For a visa run Malaysia is a good option since the whole process is so easy and stress free.

I’m back in Bangkok on Friday therefore it’s time to hit some bars. First up is Patpong at nearly 10 pm I check on Bada Bing which not so long ago was one of the busiest bars, not now. They had if lucky 2 customers and I’m not sure on that number since they could have been staff, there wasn't one westerner inside. They still have a good group of dancers but hey they have made the push for Japanese customers. Now its obvious I'm going to The Strip as they’re only 20 mtrs away. There’s a good crowd inside and the snake show is about to start. I counted 4 Japanese inside and with Bada Bing so close it goes to show that there push in that direction doesn’t seem to be working. The customers aren't stupid and know were the best action is and for this end of Patpong 2 it’s The Strip.

Something new for Patpong Soi 1 is at the Kings Castle Bars they have a group of dancers sitting on stools out front of their bars. I didn't grab a picture since I wasn't in the mood of having a loser that works at the night market yelling out ‘no photo’ ‘no photo’, fnnn boring sh.t. The side bar of Superstars was busy as was the bar opposite (no sign) that has a live band. They had a several husband / wife tourists inside, making for what appeared a good night out. Most times when I walk past this place I'm thinking, what's its name?

Nana Plaza looked quiet as I entered. Bangkok Bunnies outside area only had 3 people hanging around and I know for a fact that 2 of them where workers. I head inside and what a shock with just the old Spellbound dance floor in operation, it all just doesn't look right. Bangkok Bunnies is such a big bar and only using half the bar on a Friday night, no wonder they’re quiet. I hope the new management have a plan for the future as this isn’t working. People might be thinking it’s just that Nana Plaza is quiet tonight. Screw that if you have a bar that is operating on all cylinders then they will get a crowd.

Now I will be a prick and go straight to Billboard Agogo Bar located on the top floor of Nana Plaza and they’re packed, packed, packed I’ll say it again packed!!. The carousel has so many hot chicks on board that you are torn where to look since the Jacuzzi looks so tempting to sit nearby. Billboards is pumping this Friday night, the music selection is just what the doctor ordered. I got to hear AC/DC with Bon Scott letting rip and seeing Thai chicks dance to that, sh.t hot.

Spanky’s on the middle level had a decent crowd in but I wanted a quick look inside Suckers which is located next to Bangkok Bunnies. They where half full and had some good looking dancers on stage. Suckers has an overall better feel than Bangkok Bunnies just now.

The Bars along Soi 4 Nana are just how I like it, more quiet. The owners wont like it but as a customer I really don't like a busy beer bar. At least this way there is more bargirls for you to choose from. From there I head to Bangkok Beat located in Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 for a review which will be up soon. I was surprised at the size of the crowd inside, if you like a live band or a game of pool, then head on in.

The Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse - Soi Cowboy

At Soi Cowboy the Rio Club has been open the last couple of weeks which does add to the atmosphere of Soi Cowboy if you enter from the Sukhumvit Soi 23 end. The first task on hand is to head towards The Dollhouse and see if there’s a dancer out front. As you can see by the picture above, the answer is yes. I head inside and there are about 10 dancers on stage, all are very attractive and do end up in various stages of undress making The Dollhouse still one of the best bars to visit at Soi Cowboy. Upstairs they had 4 girls dancing on tables which is a cool spot to hangout since there is a more relaxed feel to the bar upstairs.

The Dundee Bar had several attractive dancers tonight. It looks like they had a recruitment drive or it was just a lucky night. One group of dancers I never get bored with are the Spice Girls and as I said on Twitter ‘they’re hotter than the Cowboy 2 dancers and they know it’. It’s like they’re in their own world where no other females exist.

I haven't been into Baccara for a few months but noticed this week that their outside bar was more quiet than usual so I will head in for a look sometime next week.