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Toy Bar

Soi Cowboy this week has been quiet this is just how I like it, go in a bar like the Toy Bar and you may find yourself being the main attraction. Most nights when I have been out in Bangkok I walk through Soi Cowboy on the way home and there are a few bars that I need be careful walking past as I may get stuck for a few unplanned hours. One such bar is Crazy House as you exit Soi Cowboy just try to stick your head in there and walk away luckily they don't have any chicks out front so it’s easy giving them a wide berth as I pass.

I need paint you a picture here Soi Cowboy is full of gogo dancers out front their respective bars and it's a cold night for Bangkok standards and I just want to have one drink for the road lets say Cowboy 2 for instance and why not get a chick over for a drink, what will I get? One thing is a hot looking woman who can hardly speak a word of English and if I'm lucky touch her knee. FFS No.

So luckily I know every bar in Soi Cowboy and when I took the picture below of the Toy Bar I just knew these two chicks were up for a good time. All it took was 5 minutes, drinks ordered and one was straddled on my lap doing whatever she wanted, really I should have invited both of them inside since it was so quiet, some bar staff do like watching the action which does feel a bit awkward at times.

It all depends what you think is a good night out but for me walking past the Toy Bar I couldn't just keep walking as these two are just oozing sex appeal tonight. Some people might be thinking no I just don't see it, well they might not be your thing have a look at the granny behind, or the tomboy that might be more to your liking. Now I haven't asked anyone else this question but these chicks do get wet therefore not just going through the motions of some simulated routine, just remember wash your hands before you leave, really!!!!

Toy Bar Soi Cowboy

Dancers / Bargirls at the Toy Bar

At the Toy Bar it all depends which women are working on any given night, lately I have noticed a few chubby dancers out front so I haven't gone in for a while making the Toy Bar a bit hit and miss for me just now, if there is no one out front that push your buttons then just keep walking as they’re more than likely inside already occupied.

One thing you really need to know in each bar is how far you can go and a lot of it depends on the woman but all I know is, if a chick jumps on your lap and straddles you then just don't hold your hands down by your sides, the lights are on green.

On other occasions if it's after midnight then I will head inside the Tilac Bar and watch some of the best dancers in Soi Cowboy which is so much better than buying some dancer a drink who isn't up for a bit of fun, boring. The other bars I try giving a wide berth when I want to get home are the Moonshine Joint and Jungle Jim's which are both sister bars to the Toy Bar, being quiet this week the regular bargirls have a knack of being able to squeeze one last drink out of most people so for me unless I'm up for some fun I just stare at the dancers at the Midnite gogo bar and just keep on walking.

One surprise this week at Soi Cowboy is Spice Girls there was a steady stream of customers coming and going, for people who don't know this is a gogo bar that you could sit for nearly an hour opposite and see no one go in but tonight it was game on for the dancers who I thought looked good in their costume tonight. I had a laugh when the guys in the picture were leaving after spending 20 min's inside they then sat outside for a while with three dancers drinks were flowing then it was hugs all round as they departed, they hadn’t even traveled 10 meters when another group of guys arrived and the girls just looked at one another for a second and pounced right on them and in they all went.

Spice Girls - Soi Cowboy

Spice Girls next to Cowboy 2

Nana Plaza still feels good and is ticking along like a well oiled machine. I'm sure anyone here on holiday wont be disappointed with the choices on offer as there are some very good bars inside anyone who reads the reviews of the bars will have a good idea what to expect. However nothing is perfect so lets have a look at a negative as I had a look inside the R & B Bar formerly named Rainbow 4 they have two dance floors and I headed to the one that the woman were topless but once I had ordered my drink and had a good look well f..me there was some hags up on the dance floor I’m not paying 170฿ for a Tiger Light to look at this so I moved to the other side where they had their tops on but Id say no one had more than one child therefore just acceptable. So here I am standing by the bar like a normal human looking for the best spot to sit when I get told that I cant stand there and need pay for my drink because I moved, okay then that's just retarded. I will update the review on the R & B Bar this week, I wonder if it will be positive?

For those who have been following the Candy Land 2 feed fest I stopped and had a look at a couple of dancers getting stuck into a noodle soup and it looked and smelt so good mmm shouldn't I be talking about how the chicks looked but nah that's my enjoyment now when passing Candy Land 2 is checking out what food is on offer. I will say it again don't barfine any chick that has just stuffed her face.

And here's another rule for anyone who has never barfined a bargirl before, the price you agree on is paid when you decide to part company, you only pay the barfine to the bar. Do not deal with any bar that asks for the bargirls payment as well up front, If you encounter this just pay for your drinks and move onto another bar.

I spent Friday night in Patpong heading to a couple of bars that I have never entered before in Patpong Soi 1 namely Kings Castle 1 & 2 and I really was surprised of how good they were and the number of dancers they have. You will have to wait for the review to find out more all I will say for now is it will be positive and if you are in the area then head in for a drink, of course before you head to Black Pagoda in Soi 2 for some real hands-on fun.

I have been becoming immune to the Bada Bing dancers standing out front having a break as lately they always seem to be wearing the same sailors costume, maybe its just coincidence but its time for a change. I still have a few bars to check out in Patpong but after what I saw this Friday night I expect I wont be disappointed.

I have had a few emails from people wanting talk about how to become a Private Investigator in Australia since I mentioned it a few weeks ago. Just check my other website all the info is there.