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Sukhumvit Soi 7/1

Head down Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 and what do you find? First up is Bangkok Beat with a cool looking neon sign this is what can drag people into Soi 7/1 who know nothing of the area. But what is Bangkok Beats theme? The name and their size sounds and looks disco but I didn’t see any crowd out front or anyone just heading in there’s no real indication of what is happening behind their sliding doors and I’m not in the mood of heading on inside and possibly find the place empty since sometimes you think damn I better have a drink then leave. Bangkok Beat is on the to do list, they could be good. The other bars here are open air therefore you know straight away what you’re walking into, the unknown can be a prick.

Next place of interest is the Down Under Bar, with an Aussie theme with a giant kangaroo out front, the Down Under Bar looks like a good spot for a drink and just sit and watch the main attractions within Soi 7/1 which is the massage shops and we aren't talking about a regular Thai massage but the emphasis is on the Happy Ending.

Dr BJ's Saloon - Sukhumvit Soi 7/1

Dr BJ’s Sukhumvit Soi 7/1

Since there is no confusion you might as well get the names right and one franchise has got it to a tee, Dr BJ’s with no room for confusion they have Dr BJ’s Saloon, Dr BJ’s Nurses, Dr BJ’s Nuru you get the drift. Let me be totally honest as you can see by the picture above there are a few shockers in Soi 7/1 even for free I wouldn't let that chick touch me but to her defense she wouldn't let me touch her without paying, so she wins.

There’re several other massage shops where I enquired about getting a soapy massage which I could for 1500฿ with a hose suck at the end which I wasn’t the least bit interested in. All I wanted to know instead of what they’re pushing here, can you get laid? They became very evasive and just saying you want massage today FFS I just want to know if I can go all the way as they are so up front about giving a blow job.

One thing that was funny is were the women are evasive the ladyboys near The Eden Club you didn't even have to ask as their mantra was ‘I want to suck you, f..k you’.  No thanks but thank you for being honest.

Looking at the prices that were flashed in my face 500฿ for a massage or a massage with a happy ending BJ then its 1000฿ so if this is what you’re into then Soi 7/1 is for you as you wont be wondering am I going to get it? You already know that answer. There are plenty of women to choose from but what I witnessed the pickings are thin. The attraction for me is you could have an enjoyable evening if you’re into people watching whilst sitting at one of the bars it’s a lot more relaxing than Soi 4 and you wont have music blaring away constantly plus I’m sure you will see something humorous during your time watching.

Lets start with Patpong this week were I spent an hour inside Goldfingers who had a few attractive dancers but one stunner who I’d guess if someone just walked in and wanted to barfine a dancer then she would be odds on to be picked, it would be a big mistake as she couldn't dance and came across as having a totally boring personality, it would have been like barfining a good looking pillow.

I checked out Safari Bar early and to my surprise they were busy and it was just before 9 pm, they’re heading in the right direction and it’s best to start with the basics cheap beer, a clean bar and lets throw in a couple of attractive older women with personality's then no wonder people are heading inside for a drink or two.

At The Strip Thursday night for St Patrick's day there were a few snakes on display that looked great wrapped around a hot woman. When I walked trough Patpong 2 at around 10 pm The Strip was the place to be just to see the snake show which only lasts for about 10 min’s. Bada Bing looked quieter than usual Electric Blue looked quiet but both picked up later when I walked by.

The Strip - Bangkok

The Strip - Patpong 2

Soi Cowboy is a good spot for tourist to see all the bright lights, look at the gogo dancers but if you really want to barfine some chick then where to go? Right now the Lucky Star gogo bar has a good group of bar-finable looking women, not hardened. The time is right so head on to the Lucky Star Bar if you’re after some fun and get her out early, another positive is you can sit out front and stare at the DeJavu dancers who have been looking pretty sh.t hot lately in their new costumes.

Crazy Cat is now all women they tried a mix last week which I guess didn't work out for the ladyboys so have a look as the have a good group of gogo dancers and if you like a clean bar then you’ll get one here. When I went in on Wednesday night there were a few happy customers inside who had 2 chicks each, one guy was getting grinded stupid so I’d guess he was in for a big night. At least the Crazy Cat management have acted quickly when they saw a problem showing that they’re serious about making their bar a spot where people would want to visit.

Afterskool Bar most nights when I have walked past have had plenty of people out front having a drink. I haven't headed in for a while although they do have coyote dancers now making it maybe worthwhile but I always found their bargirls some of the worst in Soi Cowboy which I did see sitting out front a few weeks ago so I just kept on walking. You need look past the coyote dancers in the smaller bars since more than likely it’s the bargirls that will jump onto you once you go inside so that made the Afterskool Bar a no go.

You know Soi Cowboy is more quiet than usual by the number of bargirls in the outside area of Jungle Jim’s I usually get asked when it’s quiet ‘where have I been tonight?’ and as soon as I say Nana Plaza it’s like a broken record, ‘is it busy?’ I did find Soi Cowboy more quiet this week but so was Nana Plaza making it all the better for the tourists who are here since the chicks are going nowhere. The bar owners will get worried when its more quiet, it’s just the cycle of the seasons next week could be busy.

When I arrived Soi 4 Nana again I heard a group of tourists walking along Sukhumvit Rd and as they where crossing Soi 4 one of them says ‘Owe look there’s Hooters’ and off they go walking towards Hooters for a few drinks and from there I guarantee they will head into Nana Plaza for the first time. What an asset Hooters is to all the bars in their vicinity and of coarse to Nana Plaza.

Candy Land 2 had a woman out front with a sign saying ‘show about to start’ I kept walking after the ‘she's not a ladyboy incident’, don't try and hide it. The curtain was open at Spankys so I stopped for a brief look inside and everything looked as good as the last time I was inside they do have a good group of dancers plus the chick in the shower seemed to have lost her top.

Mandarin Tabletop Bar also has a good group of dancers that makes for a fun night out, you need be strong though as once you decide to have a drink with one of the dancers, which is well worth it if you choose correctly, they may try and get one of their friends over for a drink which will make for an expensive evening, if they don't take the hint ‘No’ then get rid of her and start again. It’s just like 7/11 sometimes.

Jail Birdz was quiet again maybe I should just cut and paste this every week, their achilles heel is the space is just too big making for a lack of atmosphere, they have plenty of attractive dancers who are cool to talk with. I like the theme and would really like to check out Jail Birdz if they ever get busy. Another problem is if you hit the top floor of Nana Plaza and you’re straight then you just have to head into Billboards and once inside, why leave?

The beer bars BigDogs and the Tiki Bar good spots to just sit and do a bit of people watching, both had a steady stream of customers not standing room only stuff though. if you want to watch the freelancers opposite in Soi 4 then BigDogs is the best but if it’s what's happening inside Nana Plaza then head into the Tiki Bar. I wonder if I order a ‘Pizza’ at Bangkok Bunnies will they deliver it to the Tiki Bar? I should try it out one night.

Once Nana Plaza closes and you still want the party to continue then head on into EQ Late Night Club which is open until 5 am, I really was surprised when I went in last week that there was no lull towards the end, for the dancers and the DJ it was full steam ahead people inside were having a good time.

Back to Patpong if you’re after something different from gogo bars or beer bars then this coming Friday night then head on into BarBar for their 10th Anniversary Party.

BarBar Patpong 2