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With the re-opening of The Dollhouse Agogo Bar on Wednesday night coinciding with their 14th Anniversary now when you walk along Soi Cowboy you can feel the vibe as you approach The Dollhouse with a sexy gogo dancer doing her stuff out front, this was missing for several weeks and the whole of Soi Cowboy suffered. If you entered via Soi 23 then straight away things didn't feel right with the Rio Club being closed most nights then as you were passing the Sahara gogo bar you would see The Dollhouse with no dancer hanging off the chrome pole or even worse, closed for the night.

The Dollhouse Agogo Bar -  Bangkok

The Dollhouse outside bar

The Dollhouse is easily one of the top 3 bars within Soi Cowboy when up and running on full steam and what I saw when I entered the gogo bar area was they’re back, the gogo dancers in bright yellow and black bikinis looked stunning tonight and after one song the bikinis came off…. Cool. The waitresses here are good as I felt like people could actually have a good time hanging out with most of them, not like at a lot of other bars where you just want to be served then wish for them to leave, please.

Tonight being a party I got pretty lucky as pizzas arrived 5 minutes after I entered and every customer inside was served a piece of pepperoni pizza and this one was spicy which made my beer not last as long so when I got another beer when it arrived they were giving out free shots of who knows what but it did taste good and about 5 min's later I did start to feel a bit pissed so time to slow down already.

I spent an hour inside and during that time I noticed 3 dancers get barfined, now most nights I will only see one in that amount of time although it’s not something that I take much notice of or couldn't give a sh.t since the chicks up dancing are hot therefore to see 3 in an hour then I would say they are having a busy night in that area of operation.

Thursday night I headed to the Tilac Bar at around 9:45 pm which is too early for this bar but after midnight most dancers have had a few drinks by then and the place really fills up this is when the Coyote dancers get in the mood and go for it but at 10 pm they’re only in 2nd gear making for a relaxing time in the Tilac Bar.

Next up was the Lucky Star Bar the show had just finished when I entered but not to worry as all the dancers are naked. Looking at the women there’re about 4 on stage that I would barfine and they looked like hot regular women that you could actually see yourself spend sometime with f… me is this the girlfriend experience people are dreaming of? Not just a romp in the hay.

It really is going to be interesting over the coming months as to who will be on top Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy right now Nana Plaza has got the edge but with The Dollhouse back lets see if Soi Cowboy can claw there way to the top. Last year it was no contest and Soi Cowboy was the place to be but the changes in a year are dramatic with the inclusion of Bangkok Bunnies on the ground floor makes walking into Nana Plaza an easy decision and then the turnaround at Billboard gogo bar has lifted the standard to a new level at Nana Plaza then there’s Spanky’s who a year ago I didn't rate (they were still busy though) but now they have new dancers making for a very enjoyable night out. Nana Plazas achilles heel is the Nana Beer Garden which is doing ok right now but come low season this is where the Plaza can be dragged down, lets wait and see. I will make a prediction and that is Nana Plaza will remain on top and one big reason is because of Hooters who will help keep Soi 4 Nana busy during the low season.

Dollhouse - Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse - Soi Cowboy

I arrived at Nana Plaza around 11 pm and headed to the Balcony Bar where you can get a beer for 79฿ and with a good view of the Plaza it’s a good spot to have a drink before hitting one of the gogo bars. You can see Bangkok Bunnies outside bar from here and it’s about 80% full tonight. One bar I want to get inside again is Jail Birdz which is a big bar with plenty of good looking dancers but they only had about 5 customers so if I went inside it all would just feel too negative.

I wonder where the crowd is on the 3rd floor tonight? I'm being sarcastic I slip past Charades as one of the ladyboys is trying to adjust my belt I don't know why but once adjusted I'm off and stopped briefly out front Billboard where the curtain was drawn open for me to enter and yeah there’s the answer, on the 3rd floor Billboards has the crowed.

EQ Late Night Club

I don't enter Billboard Agogo Bar tonight as I'm heading to the EQ Late Night Club for their grand opening party which was closed to the public from 11 pm until 1 am then it was open to anyone, they really drew a crowd with some big name DJ’s in attendance although it ended up being after 2 am when they arrived namely ‘Dome’ Pakorn Lum and then Honey G. One thing I have noticed by seeing the top rated DJ’s is how much better they’re than regular DJ’s and you will notice that people wont leave the club when these DJ’s are doing their set.

With EQ only time will tell if they can draw a crowed during the week since Thursday night showed if near full EQ is then well worth a look. Since I have mentioned an achilles heel this week lets find EQ Late Night Clubs and for me it’s the narrowness, when I think of a Nightclub I always expect it to be more squarish but that's only my opinion there is one more but that was fixed on Thursday night and I will be really interested during the week if it has stayed fixed. I’m not sure if the tip was picked up when I met the manager a few weeks ago plus I have been telling any human who wants to listen about this problem since they opened.

Time for a rant which might be a bit cyptic in parts but here we go now unfortuantly by the time I decided to head home its around 4 am so I’m more than slightly pissed but I see the owner in the bar area therefore I went over and introduced myself and he was polite now I think it is normal to mention the website since EQ Late Night Club advertise on this site and just let him know who I am.

Heres the part for some reason some people cant handle it if I mention Google in any shape or form you can just feel it they think you are full of sh.t the funny thing to me is that on Google that has around 1.2 Billion users and if you Google EQ Late Night Club Bangkok which produces as of this Sunday morning about 37,500 results then BarNewsBangkok is number 1 on page 1 in Thailand's Google and I haven't even optimized it yet for Google, really its still a draft so it should settle around number 4 on page 1 without even trying (I could go all technical here on what to do but that's enough). Now you would think to any owner this is someone you would want to chat to but you just know even by the Sexy Night incident a few weeks ago they just think that your full off it and that Stickman will have 1,2,3,4,5 on page one FFS. Its obvious that someone is filling them with misinformation about website traffic and the un-importance of Goggle. I could go on as there is more to the story but if you want the truth I started get bored.


I didn't hit Patpong this week but whilst I was at The Dollhouse re-opening I talked with a few tourists that spent a night at Patpong this week who mentioned 2 bars that they had enjoyed their time at which were The Strip and Black Pagoda now the later was obvious but The Strip came as a surprise.