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Sexy Night

Hanging around Nana Plaza I’m thinking, ok what do I need for the website? One thing is get a picture of the chicks inside or outside Sexy Night GoGo Bar as I have been updating pictures within the website. It’s obviously easier dealing with Western Bar owners since language isn't a barrier but saying that I have never had any problems dealing with Thai Bar owners as they have always been polite in either saying ‘Yes take some pictures’ or ‘No’ therefore this should be the easy part, asking.

I search on Google for ‘Sexy Night Nana Plaza and this website is number 1 on the first page so in reality this is a no brainer for them to have some decent pictures on this website but there is one problem, I need deal with someone with a brain first.

FFS here we go on a bit of a rant but this is how it went. I cruised up to Sexy Night and a woman around 40 jumped right onto me wanting me come inside but I asked is the owner in? ‘No’ I should have hit the road but she asked what you want? She has really good English and appears to be the Mamasan so I tell her I have a website and was looking to get some pictures for the site, she say ‘no cant do that’. Really I'm not the least bit interested in her ‘No’ as I need ask the owner. Now I made the fatal mistake of mentioning if you search on Google that this website comes in at number one and her whole face just dropped showing her true nature ‘An Ugly Hag’ as she said ‘I don't believe you’ FFS what?  

This 40 year old hag of an old bargirl who in reality is looked down by the dancers in their 20’s as they are thinking how can you work all these years in this industry and you haven't bagged yourself a Sponsor? reason being is their personality is crap. The normal response should have been come back and see the owner and tell what days they're usually in. It didn’t end there as I was going to show her the result on the mobile phone but the hag held up its hand and said again ‘I don't believe you’ as if I have just taken a giant dump on the hags front lawn which it wont have as it will be living in a dingy room up some Soi or the best situation living in the bar.

Bangkok Bunnies - Nana Plaza

Bangkok Bunnies - Dancers

What's her problem with mentioning Google? That was the trigger of the face drop, I wouldn't even attempt to talk to any bar owner or anyone in charge unless their bar is ranked on the first page. Every time when I go into Nana Plaza I will go and asked if the owner is in? I'm hoping they aren't on the first few occasions then see if the penny will drop and she might think, this guy must be telling the truth.

It’s now Friday night and I head back to Sexy Night the hag is out front and when she spots me it couldn't crack a smile what a far cry from Wednesday night when I cruised up and it thought I was a customer and gave me a big cheesy smile (so fake), it actually looks 10 years older now. I head straight in and talk to the barman who is taking a break as I have learnt that he is the owners son, he was polite and well spoken and informed me that it’s the dancers that don't want their picture taken, fair enough that's not problem but lesson learned don't talk to anyone unless they are the owner / manager or related to them at least.

I was bumming around by the Nana Beer Garden when a few of the dancers from Bangkok Bunnies came outside so I just had to take the picture above, they look so much better than what people are dealing with at Sexy Night plus the barfine is 100฿ cheaper at Bangkok Bunnies and what a good bar to start your night out in with so many dancers that one of them will definitely get your juices flowing.

If you're heading to Nana Plaza then you just have to spend some time inside Billboard Agogo Bar on the top floor, this place is on fire just now they’ve got the atmosphere, the girls and a real cool vibe so check them out especially if you haven't been inside yet.

I spent some time at Candy Land 2 were they do have some attractive dancers but they had one ladyboy on stage who wouldn't leave it alone about wanting to come down for a drink. The waitress was polite when I said ‘that's a ladyboy’ but she had to go with the ‘no its a woman’ line since she was post-op. I did find it disturbing as a guy on his first trip to Bangkok may get fooled into thinking she was female and yes it’s best to call ladyboys ‘she’.

Now talking of ladyboys every time I go to Nana Plaza I pass Temptations Ladyboy Bar so have become known to a few of the ladyboys and they know I don't swing that way making our chats no more just trying to bag a customer, now I'm getting to see the real person, I’m surprised by how polite some of them really are.

Spice Girls - Soi Cowboy

View from Suzie Wongs

Now to some distressing news from Soi Cowboy with the death of Darel Davenport the owner of The Dollhouse after falling from the 39th floor of his Condo building whilst trying get to his balcony from a neighbors Condo after losing his keys. Hopefully The Dollhouse will open again one day, I have them rated as one of the top 3 bars within Soi Cowboy and is a massive loss whilst closed.

Soi Cowboy was busier than I have seen it in the last month although two bars were closed and had lights out The Dollhouse (for obvious reasons) and the Rio Club. It’s amazing how things can turn around for bars as The Cocktail Club was busy and Spice Girls had people flowing in. Spice Girls has always had some of the hottest chicks within Soi Cowboy but the group they have now have personality's where you just know you can have a good night out. I had a drink at Suzie Wongs and snapped the picture above of some of the dancers from Spice Girls heading out to the Soi to get more customers into the bar for a drink.

If you are after a Live Band then try the Five Star Bar as I still think they have best band within Soi Cowboy. Baccara looked lively as I passed, I usually notice more people sit on the LHS so they can watch the ladyboys at The Cockatoo Bar opposite, I just know they will deny it if asked, but why? It really is a good show watching the comings and goings at The Cockatoo Bar.

Crazy House just around the corner in Sukhumvit Soi 23 is still packing them in and why not with the set up they have you just got to check them out if you have never been inside.

Saturday night I hit Patpong and first up was the Thigh Bar after upgrading the frontage of the premises they have now started on the inside with new sofas around a new dance floor, now you get a close up view of the dancers in action. They’re fully operational and have a good group of dancers inside, if you are on a budget then a draught beer is only 60฿. Goldfingers is still open after rumors where flying around that they would close they had around ten customers inside at around 10 pm. The Bada Bing girls looked good dressed in black pants and a bra I didn't take a picture as I was too busy staring at them, it would have wrecked the moment.

Black Pagoda - Patpong

Black Pagoda - Patpong Soi 2

Black Pagoda was the place to be this Saturday night with a good crowd inside, hot chicks dancing and what male doesn't like a bit of lesbian action on a bed nonetheless, it really is something you will remember for a long time so if you haven't been into Black Pagoda then do yourself a favor and make the trip in and don't be shy with the dancers.