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Rainbow Bars

Since there are five Rainbow Bars at Nana Plaza lets see if I can hit them all of them in one night, I doubt it. There will be one rule and that is, if there is less than five customers inside I’m not going in for a drink. It’s Thursday night, I arrived at Nana Plaza around 10 pm and headed straight to my favorite of all the Rainbow Bars which is Rainbow 3. It just feels like a its got more grunt than the other 4 Rainbow Bars. Inside they have 12 dancers on stage and 10 looked the part hanging of a pole, shuffling away. It’s a bit hard to watch since I have been hitting The Strip in Patpong 2 & know how the chicks move at Billboards, so to see the lack of action on the dance floor it’s all a bit of a downer. The positives about Rainbow 3 are, if you just wanted to do a hit and run of barfining one of the dancers then the selection on stage look pretty good. I just hope they perform better between the sheets than they do on the dance floor. When they’re busy and you’re in a group it’s cool that you can stand by a table and have a drink, this adds to the atmosphere of Rainbow 3. Although the lack of dancing does erk me, it’s a gogo bar FFS so, get it on.

Four Bar Nana PlazaNext up I head over to the R & B Bar (the old Rainbow 4). Let the drama begin FFS, it’s full of ladyboys and not one customer inside. I look over at the Fairy Bar where the ladyboys are meant to be and the neon sign is being taken down. There is a cardboard sign out front stating ‘Rainbow 4 Move Here’. Technically they’re wrong as they were re-branded the R & B Bar.

Here's a brief run down of the Rainbow 4 drama. Rainbow 4 was shut down for having an underage dancer, then after a few months of closure the R & B Bar opened in the shell of the original bar, with the same dancers. The only change was in the name. It was all too confusing, they swapped around the Fairy Bar and the R & B Bar to no success and all back again. It was obvious that the old Rainbow 4 format wouldn't work in the Fairy Bar location which for those who know Nana Plaza is the old Candy Land Bar location, which failed.

So here we go again FFS, the poor ladyboys have been kicked out of the Fairy Bar and put Rainbow 4 back into the shell of the failed Candy Land & R & B Bar (when there). What made Rainbow 4 work was the size and the layout of the bar, it all seemed to gel and was one of the most popular bars in Nana Plaza.

By putting Rainbow 4 in this new location they may be doomed to fail. The name (if can use it) alone will drag in the customers but they need a major overhaul in staff and dancers. Time is catching up with more than a few, working in a beer bar looks like their best option. One thing I have learned going into gogo bars is that the size and layout is so important. They’re going from a medium sized bar location to a large bar, where the layout isn't right.

Take Jail Birdz for instance, they have dancers that at the moment are light years ahead of the Rainbow 4 dancers yet they don't draw a crowd, put Jail Birdz in a medium size bar then I think they would be packed, now they could get an atmosphere.

Look at Spanky’s which is small compared to Jail Birdz and is one of the best bars at Nana Plaza, put them in the old Candy Land location then I would say they also would be doomed to fail.

Therefore Thursday night the Fairy Bar sign was taken down and they were using the Rainbow 4 name again since it’s written on the cardboard sign. I headed in to Nana Plaza on Friday night just to get a picture of their new sign and it wasn’t what I expected, the new neon sign reads ‘Four Bar’ although the cardboard sign is still present ‘Rainbow 4 Move Here’. Lets see how long they stay in this location, since they have already had a brief trial which failed. They couldn't make the switch back quick enough.

I had a look inside the Four Bar (I bet they change the name again) and it was packed since they were having an opening party. Speeches were being made therefore there is no use hanging around. The R & B Bar next door was a sight to see with the ladyboys on the dance floor and no customers inside. Rainbow 1 on the ground floor bores me and is a shell of it’s former self, tired format. And stuff it I'm of to Patpong tonight so Rainbow 2 isn't getting a look in. Everything doesn't go to plan when you get thrown a curve ball. I just hope they stop all the chopping and changing on the middle floor of Nana Plaza.

Bangkok Bunnies looked quiet on Thursday night, I’d guess with the change of owner that there will be changes being made, this will all take time to fall into place.

Anyone that’s not hitting the Patpong Nightlife Scene and in Bangkok are missing out big time. After witnessing the action at the Rainbow Bars I was stopped in my tracks when passing the Pink Panther gogo bar in Patpong Soi 2, the dancers are fitter, sexier and dance the way you would expect when visiting a gogo bar, so hot. From there I headed to Soi 1 and had a look at Superstars which is a larger bar, they looked quiet although the girls inside look good and they also can dance. Just head 50 mtrs along Patpong Soi 1 and you will run into Kings Castle 1 & 2 who are both busy, they’re perfectly sized bars and are very tourist friendly. Kings Castle 1 in particular has a very good selection of dancers if you’re planning tacking a lady from the bar.

The Strip is moving along just nicely. Some of the dancers when let loose are a sight to see, if you want to have a bit of privacy then jump into one of the booths were you can have the curtains closed for 400฿, money well spent. Black Pagoda had a good crowd in on Friday night and no wonder since they are one of the coolest bars in all of Bangkok.

Lighthouse Soi Cowboy

The Lighthouse GoGo Bar - Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy was a bit quiet this week although a few bars are doing ok, like the Lighthouse who defiantly have a good group of dancers and is worth going inside for a few drinks. I do get taken aback sometimes with some of the Lighthouse chicks I'm thinking yeah she's hot then they open their mouths, especially when talking to one the other dancers, it’s like they just got of the bus from Isaan, they talk to everyone like they’re standing 20 ft away.

What are they thinking at The Dollhouse? One of their biggest assets is the outside bar when they have a hot dancer hanging of the chrome pole. Thursday night no dancer and the outside bar empty, I actually thought they were closed as I walked along Soi Cowboy. I had a quick look inside and everything look normal with a good group of dancers on the dance floor and a decent amount of customers inside. I’m a fan of The Dollhouse and cant see any reason why they don't have someone dancing out front. If they do then The Dollhouse will defiantly have customers sitting outside, which does add to the atmosphere of the whole of Soi Cowboy.

I had a drink at Crazy Cat which is more classier than the other smaller bars and if you just want to sit back and watch a few Coyote Dancers doing their stuff then head on in.