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Ladyboy Invasion

The middle floor of Nana Plaza is a bit top heavy with ladyboy bars but the last two editions have been improvements to the bars that they replaced. DC10 transformed from a horror show of a bar which had some of the oldest and unattractive bargirls in all of Bangkok let alone Nana Plaza and was transformed into a ladyboy bar in record time they just shipped the horrors out and in stepped a group of ladyboys.

DC10 is now a lively bar when they get a few customers inside and if quiet the dancers hang out front looking to have some fun, show any interest and before you know it you will be whisked inside. Candy Land was closed and after a few months up popped The Fairy Bar with a large space to fill I really did think this wont work but once I went inside and found one of the best run ladyboy bars I have been inside to review, they run a tight ship and you should be able to sit back and relax a bit which is pretty hard to do in most ladyboy bars.

Bangkok Ladyboy Charades Nana Plaza

Charades - Nana Plaza

Charades on the top floor of Nana Plaza can get busy at times and with a wide range of ladyboys makes it a good spot for tourist to see what ladyboys are all about. I’m not big on rumors but I have heard that there is a possibility that Charades might change in the opposite way to DC10 and into a girly bar, lets see.

Two bars at different locations Temptations Ladyboy Bar at Nana Plaza and the Cockatoo Bar at Soi Cowboy suffer from the same problem it’s their layout with bench seats either side of the dance floor therefore you can see full on what the guy opposite you is getting up to and sometimes it’s not a sight you want locked into your brain cells.

Now if you want the full on hassled until you buy a drink for a ladyboy then head to Patpong and Kings Corner 2 where the pressure is immense and you wont know where to turn it’s worth going in just to experience the bombardment them once you have made your choice then you can relax and watch the next poor prick as he goes through the same process. The positive about Kings Corner 2 is the ladyboys are interesting to talk to and if you let them know you’re straight they wont push to hard to get barfined and then you can ask them anything making the experience a bit of an eye opener.

Now where's the invasion I’m talking about well its the infiltration into some of the regular gogo bars. Everyone knows that London Calling has half and half but bars like Candy Land 2, Erotica and the Chili bar came as a shock, really what for? There are plenty of ladyboy bars at Nana Plaza for people who are into them or just want to check out a ladyboy bar when here on a holiday. I must admit the Candy Land 2 experience was bad, swearing blind that their ladyboy was a woman, once the jig is up just come clean. Both the Chili and Erotica were a shock for about 5 minutes, I was thinking again why? as they both have a good group of bar-finable women inside. I know it’s an easy answer, money.

Crazy Cat - Soi CowboyThe Cocktail Club within Soi Cowboy neon sign had a name change this week to Crazy Cat and a group ladyboys have been shipped in. I still have to go in just to see if there are any women inside since I didn't find them that welcoming with the ‘no photo, no photo’ comments which did put me right off from even attempting to go inside. They really were paranoid about having their picture taken. Well here's a tip don't stand in Soi Cowboy out front a bar and not expect to get your picture taken, with thousands of tourists visiting every week that are snapping away taking pictures. There’re a hand full of bars within Soi Cowboy that have several ladyboys present in black dresses and aren’t up on a dance floor trying to be passed off as women like I experienced at Candy Land 2.

Nana Plaza looked lively this Thursday night as did the beer bars in Soi 4 like Morning Night, Stumble Inn & Hillary 4 if you like a beer, bargirl or loud music then head on in as the beer bars have them all to a plenty. Bangkok Bunnies outside bar is a good spot to sit even more now that you can get a good bite to eat, good food for me spells PIZZA. Here's a bonus, more than a few of the hot dancers from inside come out for something to eat so if you like a bit of eye candy whilst your relaxing having a drink then just head down to the food serving end. I had a quick look inside Bangkok Bunnies near closing time on Friday night and there where still more than a few chicks on the dance floor that you would want to barfine, if you were in the mood. From there I headed over to EQ Late Night Club which was lively and the atmosphere was good they just need to get more of a crowd inside but what a witnessed was everyone who came inside was having a good time and the energy from the dancers stayed steady all the way until 5 am when I left. The signage for EQ is all good now, that was what I was hinting to a few weeks ago, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the entrance even in a semi pissed state.

The foot traffic along Soi Cowboy was busy this Thursday night there are so many people that just come for a look at all the neon lights and dancers standing within the Soi without heading into a bar so appearances can be deceiving as a few bars are quiet, getting back to Crazy Cat I did briefly see inside when I was talking with a ladyboy out front and when the curtain opened they had no customers inside and no wonder with their altitude ‘no photo no photo’ just piss-off to the Patpong Market that's the only place I here that shouted out. Now some people might be thinking owe she didn't want his picture taken but as I explained to him / her I wanted a picture of the new sign and would put it on the Internet and the smartest human on the planet said ‘No you cant put a picture of the new sign on the Web’ HA HA …. FFS. Well there it is for all to see (above).

I look at my watch and it’s 5 to 10 so that means only one thing hit Suzie Wongs to see their show since I haven't been in for a few months and again I wasn't disappointed there were a few new showgirls on stage which did freshen up the show that didn’t need freshening up as lesbian action for a guy doesn't get old.

Jungle Jim's had a few newer bargirls inside around the 23 yrs age group which was pretty cool unfortunately an older bargirl comes over and basically tells her to drink quicker she had drank about 2/3 when the older woman ask me to buy her another drink? No now piss off!! she was quite happy straddled on my lap grinding away, she was enjoying the ride. It was a bit annoying as she was just drinking at her own speed and yes I did get her another drink once she had finished. (Its funny if I write something like that on Twitter there are some people take offence if you have some fun with a bargirl it’s all tame stuff and it’s their job FFS).

I headed into Crazy House after over an hour at Suzie Wongs but didn't stay as there wasn't one vacant seat inside and I didn't feel like standing since they where so packed. It looks like they have more than a few new dancers as I failed to recognize most of the faces on stage, to be fair when you sit around the dance floor at Crazy House the face is the last place you look.

Bangkok GoGo Dancers

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