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Everything has to be set-up perfect to witness the train wreck of a guy hitting Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong and by the end of the night he thinks he has a girlfriend or better yet her thinking she has a boyfriend. All this mysteriously happens once the barfine has been paid. There’s nothing wrong with barfining a chick and of you go holding hands down Soi Cowboy or Nana Soi 4. I’m usually thinking I wonder which bar he got her from? Once you have left the area then all the labels drop and you could be just some guy with his girl.

What we need is a guy around 25-30 and a bargirl in her 20's and when you know he is going to barfine her you can just sit back and watch the show. I usually just try and ignore it but this week at Jungle Jim’s within Soi Cowboy I had a front row seat. I was having a chat with one of the dancers that I know and for some reasons she’s on my lap so I was trapped. The guy next to me had 2 chicks but none on his lap so I’m guessing he’s new to Jungle Jim's but he's not the star of the show it’s the guy opposite sitting by the bar, in that magical age group 25-30 who has just paid a barfine, waiting eagerly for her to come back from getting changed into her street clothes.

At this stage I don't know who he has barfined so everything looks normal with him sitting there looking a bit nervous. What I would be worried about is what is she wearing? Then I see her FFS a true trooper of the bar who will get barfined most nights and if not by closing time when the other workers are having a bite to eat then she can be seen in the Soi hoping to get a customer for the night. Not that she would really need one as when this money making machine hasn't been barfined then she would have tugged on more than one guys sausage during the night at 500฿ a pop. I’m thinking you poor prick, if he only knew how busy this chick is. Now for the action. She stopped briefly to talk with one of the women the guy next to me was entertaining. This poor guy tried say something and she just snapped back “I’m not talking to you!!” HA HA. 1 hour earlier she would have done anything for a drink from this guy. What has changed? Oh yeah she has a boyfriend now. She goes and snuggles up to him (vomit sh.t this).

Soi 4 Nana

All eyes are on her - Nana Soi 4

Now you would think as she is snuggling up to him he might have a laugh since he was close enough to hear and see what transpired. But no, now he's giving this guy the evil eye HA HA. The reason being is he thinks he has a girlfriend now, FFS. I missed about 30 sec’s as she had plenty of camel toe showing. Once I got back on the case he has now ordered another drink and is giving of the vibe like this is his chick. FFS he’s sitting in Jungle Jim’s where everyone knows she's a bargirl. I would guess more than one guy inside has already had a bit of fun with her, there’s a few regulars present.

When you barfine a bargirl and if you stay in the bar well she's still a bargirl in the eyes of all the customers. If you want to get all serious like she’s the one for me, then leave. it’s ok staying and having a good time as no one will give a sh.t but if you want play this is my girl then you will just look like a loser. Do everyone a favor and just leave. Now lets get on her case, what's she playing at? If she’s got a sucker that has fallen for her then she should just ignore everyone and only hang out with him. It all was funny stuff since he was serious, the guy next to me just got back chatting with his new friends. I was happy since there was camel toe now on show, FFS.

There’re a few ways to exit the area with a bargirl. I like to see the ‘walk of shame’, people either hold her hand like a manikin or walk a few paces in front as they head to his hotel, you sometimes can feel the shame / embarrassment. This can be seen along Soi 4 Nana, just sit at one of the Soi 4 beer bars, you may see some funny sh.t. Especially if you look out for it. Then there is the ‘this is my girlfriend’ ..mmm we all know she's a bargirl :). The best way to do it is ‘don't give a sh.t’ (see picture above) just cruise back to your hotel like you don't have a care in the world. When I see this I always think, lucky prick.

Soi Cowboy was a mixed bag this week, it looked quiet as you enter the Soi but the bars with bands were all doing good trade. The Corner Bar was the most busy. They had a female singer knocking out some cool rock songs which had the crowd going. Penny Black is a bit weird just now. They have a group of women out front saying they have a disco on the 3rd floor. I have headed up in their lift around 1 am and all I saw was a few Thai guys playing pool, screw that. I really don't know what the go is? Really I don’t want to waste my time trying to figuring this one out. There are plenty of cool bars within Soi Cowboy that are hassle free, so entering the unknown is not an option.

The Midnight GoGo Bar does it right with their mix of female dancers with a few ladyboys in black dresses. There’s no room for confusion. Make sure you are cashed if you do decide to party late into the night with one or more of the dancers, you should rack up a decent bill.

Midnite Bar Soi Cowboy

Midnite GoGo Bar - Soi Cowboy

Sometimes it can be your lucky night if you are having a drink near the Spice Girls GoGo Bar depending on their costume for the night. I couldn't believe it when several dancers came out and stood in Soi Cowboy with see through black underwear front and back. They weren't out front long as a heard of guys arrived and of course they went inside.

The food must be good at the Sam’s 2000 Bar. Some nights it’s like a banquet with the amount of dishes people order, they also deliver to several other bars.

The big news coming out of Nana Plaza is the sale of Bangkok Bunnies and entering they same stable as Baccara. It really will be interesting the direction the new owner takes, will there be a re-branding?

The beer bars along Soi 4 Nana are busy enough as was Hooters were I had a drink, they don't supply Tiger Beer which really is quite strange. Hooters was lively with the bull ride being a cool diversion from watching the freelancers hanging around nearby. All you have to do is stay on board for 30 seconds and then you get a free beer. The closets I saw was 27 sec's, they really ramp that bull up for the final 10 sec's.

The Tiki Bar must be doing ok with barfines as when I enter Nana Plaza the number of bargirls has usually decreased significantly by the time I leave. Jail Birdz did have a slight increase of clientele the night I had a look inside but still not enough to sit and have a drink. Billboards Agogo Bar was busy as usual with 5 in the tub and 5 dancing behind. The carousel was jammed packed with some hot looking dancers. It’s interesting that no matter how good they look on the carousel you will find your eyes will be drawn back to the Jacuzzi.

In Patpong 1 and nearing 10 pm Goldfingers, Superstars, Thigh Bar and The Den all looked quiet. Kings Corner looked reasonable as did the beer bars. One bar stood out and that was Kings Castle 1 with plenty of fit looking dancers inside, who really know how to grind to a beat. There was a good crowd inside and everyone defiantly looked like they were having a good time.

Bada Bing has a different vibe nowadays. The clientele was around 90% Japanese when I had quick look on Friday night. I noticed the push several months age on Facebook when they were posting on occasions in Japanese. The atmosphere is a bit more relaxed than what I can remember. Club Electric Blue was quiet. A few months ago when I’d walk down Patpong 2 I used to be surprised at how well they were doing.

The Strip Bangkok

The Strip - Showtime

The Strips snake show is ok when you see it for the first time. After that it does become a bit boring if you spend too much time inside. If you’re after a bit of fun with some women then do yourself a favor and head over to one of the Kings Castle Bars or the Thigh Bar located within Patpong 1.