Freelancers Nana Soi 4

Over the last few months there has been an increase in freelancers along Soi 4 Nana, you would usually see a herd of women opposite Nana Plaza standing out front the Nana Hotel car park then with the completion of Hooters they really swelled sitting casually on their motorbikes obviously trying to catch the eye of the customers inside Hooters and anyone that passes by.

Freelancers near Hooters

Freelancers Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana

Early this week I noticed security around Hooters doing a walk through and this has thinned the freelancers out front but just keep on walking and you will be surprised how far up Soi 4 you can go running into a freelancer. I decided to have a chat with one of the women who did appear a bit shy and once I started talking prices her friend jumped in when I mentioned 1000฿ for a romp in the hay, which she was ok with her buddy tried to up it to 1250฿, luckily I was only playing around if not her silly friend would have pissed me right off. So lets put it out there don't pay more than 1000฿ for a freelancer.

For some reason also I have found the ladyboy freelancers at the entrance to Soi 4 getting a bit touchy actually grabbing my arm so automatically I have full peripheral vision now on the look out for any pick pockets when I’m being distracted I also make sure I can feel my wallet and phone in my pockets although it appears innocent stuff it’s best to be on alert.

Further up the Soi I have found the ladyboys to be more laid back and wait for someone to come to them and with the chicks the price gets cheaper you can get a few loners at least they will be close to your hotel. These ladyboys below didn't hassle people as they passed and I will be honest the one with the big tits I couldn't tell if it was a guy or a chick and I hadn't had a drink yet.

Ladyboys Soi 4

Ladyboys Soi 4 Nana

I wonder how many guys will be heading up to ‘Charlie's Kitchen’? ‘I'm not gay they say, they are women’. Okay I will leave that one alone.

At Nana Plaza I did see some of those stupid boards games around. I really can’t believe people come here on a holiday and get sucked into play board games with an older bargirl, why? Shouldn't you be cruising the bars and find some company before you head back to where ever you came from and enter into a 9 month dry spell? It just seems a long way to come and play board games.

I mentioned Mercury Bar last week a bit negatively so went in for a look early just after 8 pm and the dancers were okay but over the next 30 mins there was a steady stream of dancers arriving and quite a few attractive chicks amongst them, one in particular was stunning and the guy next to me must have thought the same since he got her over for a drink quick and was already talking about barfine. This guy is smart get in early and barfine a dancer or bargirl that really turns you on and get her out of there.

Bangkok Bunnies had the Jacuzzi in operation I spent about 5 minutes enjoying the view as the women in the tub were good but unfortunately more than a few of the guys watching were heavy smokers since not being a smoker I moved and watched the girls on the dance floor there are plenty of cool looking dancers that are easy on the eye, one was really having some fun and was hanging upside down of a pole for more than a few seconds which was well worth seeing.

As I've walked past Erotica GoGo Bar lately it might only be coincidence but there always seems to be a guy leaving with one of the girls so it appears they must have a good bunch of dancers to be noticing this regularly.

At Charades on the top floor of Nana Plaza have a show which starts around 11 pm that is worth seeing. It’s more like a cabaret and I found it quite funny although in Thai but the performers have obviously been in the business for a while which made it look professional and for those who don't know Charades is a ladyboy bar.

The Balcony Bar is a spot people go for the cheapest drinks in Nana Plaza at 79฿ but you need to know its not all that as it seems, luckily the waitress let me know whilst I ordered a whiskey …  here it is Johnny Walker Red is 79฿ but Black is 129฿ so take care when ordering as they have several drinks in the more expensive bracket.

Soi Cowboy was again a bit down and it doesn’t help when the Rio Club is in darkness on certain nights. The Dollhouse now have a few woman out front holding signs stating they have 20 dancers inside. I still wont be going in until they have a dancer hanging onto that chrome pole they have out front, then we will get a sense that things are getting back to normality.

Talking with one of the mamasan's at Soi Cowboy even she has heard that Nana Plaza is doing better than Soi Cowboy compared to a year ago but with the resurgence of a couple of bars and the inclusion of some new bars has given Nana Plaza a new lease of life also with the new Hooters just opposite has added something cool to Soi 4 Nana.

Patpong this week seamed to be doing okay one of the smaller bars French Kiss in Patpong 2 has been busy ever time I have walked past this week I wonder what the attraction is there? I had a drink at Club Electric Blue this week and wasn't annoyed by cigarette smoke this time so it would appears they have had their venation fixed and I must say they do have a good group of dancers inside. I was lucky enough to take a few pics inside Black Pagoda this week and heard of some of the plans for the venue, all I'm saying is once up and running fully then Black Pagoda will be a must see bar on any trip to Patpong.

Black Pagoda Patpong Soi 2

Black Pagoda GoGo Bar

There have been a few rumors flying around that a few bars like Goldfinger’s will close in Patpong Soi 1 they might be true but until it actually happens then I will believe it. The Thigh Bar still has a good group of dancers inside who are up for a bit of fun so if you’re in Patpong Soi 1 check them out.

Weekly Column Jan 17, 2016

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