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Skint / Broke whatever you want call it there is nothing worse than heading towards Sukhumvit Soi 4 and Nana Plaza with nothing in your wallet (unless your crossed eyed of course) what are you going to get? F… all, that's how I found myself on Tuesday night. Luckily I'm not the poor prick broke here so I head to the ATM my electronic wallet and find that an attractive Thai woman in her late 20’s had just beat me to the machine. I'm thinking a regular girl here as it’s best not to assume that everyone out after 9 pm is a working girl, that thinking stayed with me until I saw her pin number …. 6969 and I thought bargirl, she checked her balance 47฿ so now I have her labeled as a broke-bargirl, she heads of towards Soi 4 therefore out of sight so out of mind.

Now cashed up I turn into Nana Soi 4 and haven't even walked 20 meters when I spot the woman from the ATM and realize how wrong it’s to label someone just on their pin number. So lets get it right she's a broke-freelancer standing out front the Nana Hotel Carpark with around 10 other freelancers this is going to be interesting just to see how low she will go since I have the upper hand in knowing that for tonight anyway she’s broke.

I like to let these chicks know how good they look not just be some cold prick and go how much? After a bit of chit-chat like yeah your hot but I’m a bit broke tonight … FFS I nearly lost it at this point but was able to hold it together. She wanted 1000฿ which is the norm for this time of night but I explained I want to go to one of the short time hotels located inside Nana Plaza and that's going to set me back around 350฿ so I can only pay 500฿ she’s thinking the cogs are turning then she says ‘why we not go your Hotel?’. Now my cogs are turning I’ve got to close this deal and just said listen we cant go to my hotel all I've got is 1000฿ and need pay for the room so I will give 500฿ and if I'm happy I will give you the rest which will knock it up to 650฿ she said ok which wasn't really a surprise since I knew just how broke she was tonight. Did I go through with it?

Here is the procedure if you pick-up a freelancer and intend take her to a short-time hotel within Nana Plaza. She will get stopped at the entrance by the security where they will check her id this is normal then just head to one of the hotels lets pick on the Hollywood Inn located within the Balcony Bar on the middle floor above the Tiki Bar. She will hand over her id and will be asked if she has condoms and if she does then you pay for the room 350฿ for 1 hour or 500฿ for 2 hours. Once you have paid for the room they will tell her which room number and of you go, it can be a bit of an adventure if your room is on the top floor. You will be surprised by the room with a double bed and clean sheets there is a large bathroom with a shower and a bath, one thing you really need be careful with is the tiled floor in the bathroom as when it gets wet it is very slippery.

Now that you have had your fun and you’re dressed and ready to go now is the time you pay her the amount you agreed on a tip is optional then just leave her there, it’s over. She will have a chance to get herself presentable so she can head back out to standing out front the Nana Hotel Carpark. On the way out she will collect her id and I have heard they get a small cut of the fee paid for the room.

Black Pagoda - Bangkok

Black Pagoda Patpong Soi 2

If you are anywhere near Patpong then do yourself a favor and head to the Black Pagoda gogo bar the action is really heating up and girl on girl is right up most males alley, places like this are ones that you really don't want to miss out on if you are here in Bangkok on a holiday.

People just don't know how far you can go so here's the scoop you will notice the curtains hanging around well you can have them closed and party privately with the girls and if you feel the need then for around 3000฿ you can go all the way right there, now that's a memory that you will take back to your boring 9-5 job and day dream about for a long time.

Another good spot to try out if you want memory's is Bar Bar Fetish Club next to The Strip in Patpong Soi 2. There is a 900฿ entrance fee you will get a drink and a private show with two women where you can join in and have some fun with a bit of whipping, you can touch so don't be shy it is a unique experience that a lot of people will be into so if this is your scene or are curious then head on in.

The Dollhouse - Soi CowboyNow to Soi Cowboy where its all about The Dollhouse, talk about a melt down where only a week ago it looked like things were going to return to normal then bang full blown implosion. The Dollhouse motor bike with a side-car is parked out front the staff appear to have done a runner. I took this picture whilst talking with some of the Spice Girls who had one eye on The Dollhouse then everyone just stopped and looked as the western guy inside stuck his head out looked around then disappeared. I looked over at the women at Suzie Wongs and the people there where just starring at the entrance, freaky stuff. I hope they get this sorted in the near future as The Dollhouse is such a good bar when up and running on all cylinders but something is broke needing repair just now. I spent some time at the Tilac Bar which does attract a lot of female tourist at times so I guess if you have lived here in Bangkok for a while and are after a change then the Tilac Bar is as good a spot to start if want give it a go and pickup one of the female tourists. Ok I will spill the beans it is actually quite easy. Soi Cowboy was busier this week Baccara and the Shark Bar both outside bars were doing good trade.

At Nana Plaza the Mercury gogo bar has several new coyote dancers a few are still a bit shy when they come down to the ground floor with a sign to promote their bar, not like the Jail Birdz chicks who are right into it now. I had a quick look inside True Obsession on the ground floor as I didn't notice any ladyboys out front and the reason being is they were busy. Talking of ladyboys I have noticed that both Temptation and Casanova have a few ladyboys that are tall so if you’re after a bigger ladyboy then now you know where to find one.

If you are planning on barfining any of the chicks in the beer bars along Soi 4 late at night then have a look inside the EQ Late Night Club as there is no barfine and if I was a betting man then I would bet that the women are better at EQ and again I will say it NO BARFINE.

EQ Late Night Club - Soi 4 Nana

These EQ dancers will leave with you.

EQ Late Night Club has a totally different vibe to the gogo bars or beer bars and you know its been a good night out when before you realize it it’s 3 am and you think WTF how can it be that time.