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Barfine Time

Here you are on your first trip to Bangkok and you haven't touched a decent woman in years you will more than likely hit a beer bar and barfine the first woman that senses your desperation, I bet when you look back on your trip she will be the worst of all your adventures. Another option if you are really hanging out is to have done a bit of homework before you left your homeland and find out where the Massage Shops are close to where you are staying and I'm not talking the 300฿ Thai Massage where someone will tug your rope for an extra 500-1000฿, crazy stuff.

Hit a place like Annie's Soapy Massage near the Rajah Hotel they have a good selection of woman to choose from and you can spend 2 hrs of stress relief and yeah you get the works for 2500฿, you will remember this experience for years to come and for all the right reasons, search the net as there are a few other good spots to get a massage with the works.

Rainbow 3 - Nana Plaza

Rainbow 3 Dancers Nana Plaza take a break.

Now that you have cleaned your pipes your brain will take over and help you spot the bargirls / gogo dancers that aren't worth spending any of your time or money on. Your next hurdle is depending which gogo bar that you go to is the age of the dancer 20-23 they will look pretty good but are they really going to give you that girlfriend experience that most people are after? I don't think so.

The picture above shows a couple of Rainbow 3 Dancers who are in the 24-30 bracket and now you’re talking a bit of fun especially if you take your time and choose correctly, next door is the Chili Bar were your will find some pretty cool women that are perfect to take out on the town, treat them right and when you go back to your hotel you will notice the difference from choosing one of the dancers in the lower age bracket. If in Patpong then the Thigh Bar has a nice group of dancers and some are good for taking out, people wont know you just met her in a bar.

If today is the day that you are going to barfine someone from a beer bar then get in early as if you leave it too late the best bargirls will already be either having a drink with some guy or have already been barfined and are gone, by early I mean around 6-7 pm. I’ve hit Nana Soi 4 bars around 9 pm and noticed most the women who looked interesting to me are already having a drink with someone which is a bit annoying, it’s just like 7/11 being sold out of the drink I want, if they don't have it I just move on.

Before you even consider paying for a barfine at any bar come to an agreement with your new friend of how much you intend pay and stick to it, you pay her at the end of your night together, that way you should have a hassle free encounter.

Below Is my favorite photo of this week which shows a couple of the Jail Birdz Dancers on the ground floor of Nana Plaza. What was this chick thinking? She's forgot her dress, stiletto shoes and heads downstairs with a stunner, really wouldn't she say hold on a few minutes whilst I get all my clothes on!!! She was franticly trying to fix her hair so I think she must have been aware of her appearance before heading down from the third floor.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

View from the Nana Beer Garden

The bars along Soi 4 Nana are continuing to do good trade this week, every time I have entered Soi 4 I have found it to be busy the Hooters factor is real, with a big brand name bar that can be seen by passers by along Sukhumvit Road it has to be dragging people into Soi 4 who otherwise might have kept on walking.

Jail Birdz had an ok crowd inside the night I passed but it’s such a big bar that they really need more than a hand full of customers to have an atmosphere and if it’s an atmosphere you want then Billboard Agogo Bar had it all last weekend with such a good group of dancers on the rotating dance floor, Jacuzzi dancers having a ball and a big crowd inside it made for a special night out. Do yourself a favor and head up to the top floor and check them out.

All reports I have heard of London Callings shower show are positive, I haven't been in when it has been on but I saw some video this week and it looks like a must see, the only problem is that London Calling is the most expensive bar in Nana Plaza.

I have been surprised on a few occasions this week walking past Bangkok Bunnies with some of the dancers that have come out to the outside bar area briefly then head back inside, I just stopped walking and thought wow look at her ……. Nice.

The feeding frenzy continues out front Candy Land 2, really how hungry are these chicks? I don't see anything wrong with any human eating but why not eat before coming to work .. Really who wants to suck face with a chick that has just devoured a Thai Noodle Soup? I do notice this out front a few gogo bars but not to the extent of Candy Land 2.

The short time hotels that are available at Nana Plaza surprisingly do get busy and its not with guys with females. I monitored who where the clientele in one of the Hotels over an hour and here are the results. 10 couples in and every one was a guy with a ladyboy the age demographic was 25-35. I thought about it later and it makes a lot of sense as obviously these guys don't want to be seen walking down Soi 4 with a ladyboy in tow back to their hotel room. The guys over 40 who take ladyboys don't give a stuff and will quite happily leave Nana Plaza with their new buddy … I mean girlfriend in tow.

Soi Cowboy this week has had a steady stream of people cruising along the Soi but I wouldn't call it busy. The Corner Bar and Country Road have been busy on the nights I have walked by. I only went into one bar this week at Soi Cowboy and to be honest that was only for a leak and wished I hadn't as there was only one guy inside and he was lying on his back with four older bargirls surrounding him, one appeared to be tugging on a rope another one was kneeling near his face whilst he did a 3 finger internal exam and she was examining her own breast ….. FFS I thought this woman only collected the empty glasses since she's easily in her 50’s HA HA. This was near the entrance to the toilets so I just thought f… it I'm going in. You maybe wondering what the other two older bargirls were doing well they’re just waiting on their turn to tug on the rope so they can get a tip. The bar is …….. ???? Nah.

I spent a bit of time in the Pink Panther in Patpong Soi 2 which does have the same affect as the Black Pagoda where you just think I’ll only go in for a few drinks and before you know it you want to barfine some chick. There are a few bars in Patpong that I will have to check out soon like the Glamour Agogo Bar which looks like they have spent a bit of cash on the premises but whenever I have walked past you can see some attractive dancers on stage but no customers so if I ever see any sort of crowed inside then I will go in and see for myself what is going on.