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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Weekly Column

Bangkok's Best Bars

What are Bangkok's best bars right now not 6 months ago? Things can change quickly in any bar if management take their eye of the ball some bars will rise and some will fall but the best bars know when they’re on a winner therefore if it ain’t broke then leave it alone. A few gogo bars that advertise on this site are on the lists but that's just the way it is, no bias either way. So if you’re heading out for some fun at a gogo bar then in my opinion here are the best bars at Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong.

Nana Plaza

The number 1 bar at Nana Plaza is Billboard Agogo Bar they have it all right now, a Jacuzzi filled with some gorgeous women who aren't shy coming forward and really are a happy bunch, just sit around the Jacuzzi and enjoy yourself. One thing I really like is between the Jacuzzi and the rotating dance floor which is packed full of attractive women is you can stand like in a night club and just talk with your friends whilst taking in all the eye candy. Over the last month I have been going in after 10 pm and it has been packed which really adds to the atmosphere.

Ok who wants to be number 2 well that goes to Spankys GoGo Bar like Billboards they they have a friendly group of dancers who genuinely appear to get on well plus who can complain about get hit by a piece of foam tubing. Every time I go inside there is a good crowd where you can just tell people are having a good time.

Since there are several ladyboy bars within Nana Plaza for number 3 I will throw in the best ladyboy bar right now and they’re located on the top floor, Charades who have a very good group of ladyboys from the okay I know that's a ladyboy to the nah that's a chick therefore if you are here on a holiday and just want to see some ladyboys in action then at Charades they have it all.

Billboard - Nana Plaza

Billboard Jacuzzi Girls

Soi Cowboy

I’m dragging the number 1 bar into Soi Cowboy from Sukhumvit Soi 23 as it’s just a 20 meter walk, Crazy House Bangkok what a mind blowing surreal bar just head in there semi pissed and get a seat around the dance floor and enjoy the trip. Here is a bar that sticks to the theory if it ain’t broke don't fix it.

Number 2 is easy, Suzie Wongs GoGo Bar their 10 pm show is a must see and to anyone who hasn't been in for a look then you’re missing out big time. Suzie Wongs is a good spot for female tourists or guys to take their wife's / girlfriends to see a show, you will talk about it for a long time.

Number 3 is tough do we want to hit the gutter and have some fun with the ladies? Nah since you should have had your fill at Crazy House so we will stick with the must see bars and if its around midnight and you want to see some good gogo dancers in action then hit the Tilac Bar as the coyote dancers should be in full swing by then, I have been stuck in there recently watching them dance.


If you want to have some real fun then number 1 is the Kings Castle 1 Go Go Bar you can just sit back and watch the gogo dancers or have one of the hottest chicks in Patpong sitting on your lap. Decide what you’re up for on the night and go for it.

Now if its just women dancing you are after then the Pink Panther GoGo Bar is the spot you will see several dancers that really know how to dance in a way that is very sexual and if the beat is right then you wont be able to take your eyes of them, you wont be looking at their face.

Now number 3 is really tough, most people that have been to Patpong will be saying its got to be Bada Bing well if its just hot chicks dancing your after then maybe but I have never seen anyone being grinded stupid by a dancer at Bada Bing like I have at the Thigh Bar and she looked just as good as any dancer at Bada Bing, draught beer is only 60฿ in a large glass and a bonus is they have a room upstairs if you want go all the way. There have been a lot of changes at the Thigh Bar over the last month and it’s all good just don't sit there like a crossed eyed statue, get a chick over that turns you on and have some fun.

Bangkok Bunnies - Nana Plaza

Bangkok Bunnies Dancer

I spent Wednesday night at Nana Plaza and have spotted a disturbing theme change in some gogo bars. I talked about Candy Land 2 last week with the one ladyboy who dominates the dance floor and locking onto customers trying to get a drink now the worst part of this is when you ask the drink staff they swear blind they are not a ladyboy.

First up is one of my favorite smaller bars in the Chili Bar which was busy tonight and after watching the women up dancing for a few songs it was shift change and up popped 2 ladyboys on the dance floor with 6 women, shock set in for a few minutes and I'm thinking why? The ladyboys tried for every customer who didn't have company but the difference here is they backed off and left you alone pretty quickly when they could see that you weren’t interested.

After spending an hour inside I headed to their sister bar Erotica and they have the same setup with 2 ladyboys inside the problem here is they both headed to the top of the dance floor so when anyone wanted to come inside, bang they’re right on them. I did notice several customers walk in see the ladyboys then walk out. At least at these 2 bars it was obvious to every man and his dog that they were ladyboys.

At Hooters in Soi 4 the Bull Ride is a big hit I have witnessed one of the Hooters girls last until the end but with the customers it’s like okay when are you going to get thrown off? I do like Hooters and find it a good spot to start your night out before hitting Nana Plaza.

So it’s after midnight and I’m have a drink at Bangkok Bunnies outside bar where you can now get a pizza when out pops a dancer on a break with such a cool tattoo on her back she stopped for a quick picture (above) then headed over and orders some food.

I walked through Soi Cowboy on Wednesday night at 1:20 am and it was lights out the food carts where in the Soi and most bars had the dancers sitting out front eating Noodle Soup. A couple of bars still had the music blaring away with dancers still on stage notably The Lighthouse and the Midnite gogo bar and of coarse just around the corner Crazy House was still going strong.

At Patpong both Kings Castle 1 & 2 where busy and with plenty of dancers to choose from, I can see why. The Strip appeared to have a few new dancers and coincidently there where more customers inside than I have seen in months. I dropped into Kings Castle 2 just on a hit and run mission and with the standard of some of the dancers present makes Kings Castle 2 a hard place to leave.

At Bada Bing this Friday night the dancers had their sailors uniforms again , I will wait for a costume change before I go in again, I have seen this get-up a bit too often.