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Back Tattoos

Some people hate them some people love them. I am a big fan of back tattoos on a gogo dancer not just a few in random spots but the full artwork on the back where you just know would have taken a few years to have finished. There are a handful of really impressive pieces of work that are either finished or close to it just head into Crazy House and you will see a lean mean tattooed machine up on the dance floor. Jungle Jim's had had a dancer with a really impressive back tattoo but sadly she hasn't been around for the last six months I can only guess that she could have hit the jackpot and some guy has snapped her up and of course Bangkok Bunnies where I was lucky enough to get a picture of an impressive tattoo just check out their review page. You will also see an impressive tattoo in the Jacuzzi at Billboards giving you another reason to head on up to the top floor of Nana Plaza.  

I have noticed an increase in large back tattoos that are just in their infancy or nearing completion in the dancers under 23 where they haven't had any previous tattoos it’s just straight into a full back tattoo.

Tattoo Penny Black - Soi Cowboy

Penny Black - Soi Cowboy

You can tell the girls are quite proud of what is happening with the artwork on their back and do get a kick out of it when you compliment their tattoo or ask if you can take a picture of their impending masterpiece. Some tattoos just look like a mish mash of lines which will take a bit of time before you really know what is going on, the tattoo in the picture below has an unfinished fish in there some where I just hope she keeps on working at Soi Cowboy so I get to see the finished product.

Patpong has its fair share of cool tattoos on the dancers but not on the full back like you can find at Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy the more of these tattoos I see the more I like it and one thing I do know is the girls that have them like the attention.

I spent an hour at The Strip in Patpong Soi 2 since I talked with a few tourists last week who said that they had enjoyed their time at The Strip. The first thing I noticed when I entered is they have new dancers which gives The Strip a different vide. I actually felt like I was at a gogo bar that I could sit and have a few beers the follow on to this is they had customers so now you don't feel like you stand out like a sore thumb. It’s early days and they’re moving in the right direction and with their location close to the entrance to Patpong Soi 2 they should really be packing them in.

Tattoo - Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Cowboy 2 - Soi Cowboy

It’s Friday night and around 10:30 pm and there were no dancers out front Bada Bing so I had a quick look inside and in one word, quiet. The Strip had more customers when I left, maybe it was just a lull in proceedings. I headed to Kings Castle 1 which was busy then to Kings Castle 2 next door which was half-full but I’m sure they will fill up later as there were some pretty fit looking chicks up dancing plus if you like the over 30 yrs gogo dancer then this is a good bar to check out.

Goldfingers was doing ok with 4 good look dancers up on stage. Superstars have some hot dancers just now but they looked quiet since they are larger than most the other gogo bars and talking of quiet The Den had several ok looking bargirls out front but compared to all the gogo dancers in the bars above they don't even come close, so no wonder they’re quiet.

Nana Plaza and the Soi 4 Bars looked to be doing ok this Friday night there was a good atmosphere as I walked around. Bangkok Bunnies outside bar is starting to attract more customers and why not as there has been a steady improvement with the bargirls that work out front. The gogo bar area will take care of itself as really no matter your taste you should find someone to your liking at Bangkok Bunnies get in early if you plan on barfining one of the hot dancers or some prick might beat you to it.

What can I say about Billboard gogo bar this Friday night but they were busy the Jacuzzi was full the bar was full what else could you ask for? Oh yeah plenty of cool women. HA HA just head in you wont be sorry. Staying on the top floor Jail Birdz is a large bar and quiet I'm starting to wonder how much longer can they last like this? They do have a good group of dancers and the theme inside looks good it’s just that the area to fill is so big and if they don't have a crowed then Jail Birdz is a hard place to walk into but saying that if your only mission was to barfine a dancer for the night well then you get to have your pick of the best, which is a smart strategy to have.

I’m stuck on the top floor of Nana Plaza here but I did notice a steady stream of couples going inside Charades ladyboy bar one particular couple the girlfriend / wife was up for a trip inside but the guy was reluctant to go inside, after a few minutes of protest he didn't put up a fight once a ladyboy grabbed his hand he walked in peacefully.

 Tattoo Back - Billboard  Nana Plaza

Billboard - Nana Plaza

I hit Soi Cowboy this week on Wednesday night and it looked busy as I headed up to Cowboy 2 GoGo Bar for a drink you do get a good look at so many dancers within the Soi at this location. The Spice Girls were looking? lets think of a simple description, Sh.t Hot, with just black underwear that is see through and they are standing out front of their bar, not shy at all these girls.

The Kiss gogo bar some dancers were in a different costume tonight all white, they looked good although I didn't see anyone go inside not like the Lighthouse from where I was sitting looked busy as is Cowboy 2 with so many dancers they really do fill the Soi making it a bit difficult on occasions to walk walk past.

Now appearances can be deceiving, as you get through the traffic jam around Cowboy 2 you notice a distinct drop in traffic as you head up towards The Dollhouse which didn't have a dancer out front and as you look further up the Soi you spot the shell of the Rio Club and the vacant space next to the Cockatoo Bar it all appeared more quiet but again deceiving as The Dollhouse was doing ok inside and I would guess it’s just numbers are down on dancers when late on with the inevitable barfines making it harder to spare a dancer to go out front, once they build their ranks hopefully there will be a hot chick hanging off that pole.

Suzie Wongs was busy inside for obvious reasons with the best show in Soi Cowboy as was Jungle Jim’s.