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Why start a weekly column here similar to the Stickman Weekly Column which I do read but now its for different reasons from when I lived in the West. Since Mr Stickman has moved back to New Zealand I have found on more than one occasion reading a few columns on what is happening in relation to bars a bit out of date that anyone who had visited those bars would know how out dated they really were but hey its a bit hard relying on second hand information from so far away.

 Butterflies | Nana Plaza

Obviously I don't know about every bar at any given time but when there is anything written about a bar I do frequent then I read what is said with interest. I will only write about what I physically see or know to be fact plus it will give a different perspective from another set of eyes from some one who actually lives in Bangkok and is out amongst the bars at least three nights a week.

If you are planning a holiday to Bangkok in the near future then read through multiple articles. This will give you a sense of what to expect on a night out in Bangkok. Here you will know which bars are hot which are not at any given time then hopefully you will have an enjoyable night out at one of Bangkok's most popular nightlife destinations namely Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or Patpong.

Anyone wishing to advertise within this website needs to ensure that their bar is tourist friendly before making contact.

If any readers have been to a bar that they would like to see in the column for good or bad reasons then make contact via email and I will go and check them out. Under normal circumstances if there is no Weekly Column then it just means that I am out of Bangkok for that period of time … nothing else!

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