You’re F.cked!

Who gives a sh.t about anyone hooking up with a Thai chick for six months of banging and getting to know each other? Good times then it all falls apart … In the end it was all worth it. Go back to where ever you came from with stories that you will be telling people for years to come. No harm done you gave it a go. Why do so many guys come here and themselves so far up the arse financially? When you meet someone new don’t go into it blindly thinking you have to pay for her Kids! HA HA … Their biological father can do that. He will still be around. He’s the guy you think is her cousin … FFS!

At the start of every relationship rules and boundaries are laid out. So when the topic comes up early on in the relationship, stay focused as you might be a bit c.nt struck. Not enough to pick up the tab for someone else's kids. Now’s the time to say ‘NO!’ Just move on to your next relationship. At least you’re still financially stable …..

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