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White Light White Heat

If you get offended by the revaluation that women also want to get laid then skip to the second image … Here's something off the wall. I wrote this over 3 years ago after an all night bang session with one mighty fine gogo dancer. She worked at a bar where you can’t barfine the dancers within Soi Cowboy. We used to talk most nights when I walked through Soi Cowboy which at that time was at least 5 times a week. Out of the blue one night nearing closing she asked ‘do you have a room?’ Sh.t Yeah! She was horny and since we had a connection therefore to me it didn’t feel weird. I would meet her away from Soi Cowboy after closing … Good times. We hit the sheets 2 or 3 times a month for 3 months. She would just give me a nod when she was primed!

I found and read this recently and just thought WTF. I had been listening to a bit of Lou Reed at the time. Throw in a few too many drinks and this is the result. The cleaned up version anyway. The picture is recent from The Dollhouse Agogo Bangkok.

Here we go …

Get fully charged with whatever is your poison. Then hit the right gogo bar where you can reach heights that most people will never cum close to. You’re going to tonight none of this short time sh.t. You’ve just gotta find a chick that is also charged and wants to screw all night long. Stay focused … White Light!

’White light, White light going messing up my mind

White light, and don’t you know it’s going to make me go blind’

The Dollhouse Bangkok

‘White Light White Heat!’

Nearer to closing time she will be found you’ve gotta keep it together don’t blow it. Look up at that ass and hope she’s primed. If you know what you’re looking for then these women will be hanging off a cliff. They will have been rubbed, stroked for hours without getting poked. They’re on the edge. Lets … White Heat!

’White heat, Aww white heat it tickle me down to my toes

 White light, Ooo have mercy while I'll have it goodness knows’

Soi Cowboy or Soi 23 is where most the action is. It helps if you already know your partner for the night. I’ve banged for free since they are so horny. Some when you mention money just say ‘Up to you’. Who says you can’t bang a Spice Girl? I’ve said you can’t barfine them. One gogo dancer was so wet after a long session that I was sure she had pissed the bed. I knocked her off again 2 days later and she just exploded … White Light!

’White light, White light goin' messin' up my brain

 Aww White light its gonna drive me insane

 White light, Aww White light it lighten up my eyes

 Hmm hmm, White Light

 Watch that speed freak, watch that speed freak everybody gonna go and make it every week

 Hmm hmm, White Heat!’

You’ve got to be someone that can bang … White Light!

If you drop a load too quick then well ‘You can’t’ She don’t want you … White Light!

Tonight's her time so you’d better be fine … White Heat!

’White light, White light going messing up my mind

 White light, and don’t you know it’s going to make me go blind’


If it is relevant or not who gives a sh.t … It’s a memory! The woman I mentioned disappeared after 3 months and has never been seen within Soi Cowboy since. I knew she was in contact with some guy in the West. I can only presume that he flew in and snapped her up.

This week I headed to Crazy House Bangkok just to get back on track after the crap of last week. I could have hit anyone of my favorite bars but Crazy House won out and didn't disappoint. What I have learnt at Crazy House over the years is that women come in all sizes. When you sit around the dance floor where else do you look? The biggest clitoris protrusion I have seen was at least an inch. If that knob was sensitive then I’m sure she would’ve gone off like a rocket. She was very popular when it came to being barfined. I’d say people were impressed.

Crazy House Bangkok Gogo Bar

Crazy House Bangkok 6:53 pm

Walking through Soi Cowboy the Rio Club Gogo Dancers look good of late. If you’re after a bargirl then the Shark Bar has plenty on hand when you hit Soi Cowboy early on. I’m sure a few get barfined during this period. The busiest bar at around 7 pm is the Shadow Bar were you will see a bunch of expats having a drink … I’m guessing after work for most since they aren’t interested in any women.

Looking over at the Toy Bar I noticed a bargirl/dancer I use to have a bit of drunken fun with. It will have been at least 4 years ago now. Although her body still looks good she looked rat-sh.t standing next to the younger dancers. Four years for a bargirl is a long, long, long time. Some do stand the test of time though as I have been surprised how good they look a few years on. They know how to play the game … Don’t get pissed!

Tuesday night I headed to Nana Plaza as Butterflies Gogo Bar was back open for business. There was plenty of new faces when it came to the gogo dancers. This is one bar that if you plan early on to have some company then you should head on in. Their sister bar Billboard was packed which just goes to show you how good this bar is. Head on up to the top floor of Nana Plaza and do a bit of bar hopping. You’ll surely have a good night out.

The Twister Bar on the middle floor was another bar busy. I've mentioned it before but the Twister Bar feels RAW which is something that appeals to me when I hit a gogo bar. Rainbow 5 was quieter than usual only being about half full. Bangkok Bunnies outside bar was lively where at least you can sit in comfort. It sure does beat sitting at the Nana Beer Garden. If you head up the escalator to the middle floor (usually not working) you hit a road block with the Mandarin Gogo Dancers trying to direct everyone into their bar. I got cuddled by one woman who wasn’t going to let go. Dread set in for a split second as I pulled back to make sure it was a woman and not one of the ladyboys from the Mercury Bar.

I ventured into Soi 4 and me Stubble Inn had some horrors inside. It was approaching 11 pm therefore I would guess that the most attractive women had already been barfined. It really is beyond belief how some bars keep aging staff on. Don’t they want to make (more) money? I understand show a bit of loyalty but me. It’s time to move onto Sukhumvit Soi 6 for some. They should take the lead from the Hillary Bars … I don’t see any horrors working inside.

Soi 4 Nana Bangkok

Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana 6:20 pm

I couldn’t believe what I saw when I arrived at Melodies UK. Not one but three bargirls sitting on stools that I would barfine in a second. I actually stopped and just stared for a bit too long and said ‘Wow’. I bet next time I go by they will be nowhere to be seen. What an erratic bar when it comes to bargirls, horror, horror horror then bang stunners!

In the image above all the bargirls look good. I would spend a bit of time with the one on the left … She’s got that look. I went past her bar ‘You Again’ located near Hillary 1 a couple of hours later and of course she wasn’t there. Mmm some pricks doing what I wanted to do.

This week in Patpong I landed inside Kings Castle 2 and that’s where I stayed. There was no need to go anywhere else as several dancers where already half charged therefore it was party time. Game On!