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What a Wank!

Grab a big bottle of beer from 7/11 and cruise on into Sukhumvit Soi 4 like you’re so cool. Here they’re four Western guys mid 20’s all carrying their cheap arsed beer cruising up to Nana Plaza. I got stuck behind them for a couple of strides before I crossed the road. The last thing I wanted was to be anyway associated with these guys. The customers at the beer bars will surely look over at them and think “look at these losers.” How much of a loser do they want to look like. Lets take it to another level and try and walk into Nana Plaza carrying bottles of beer. They all looked sheepish taking little sips of beer as if it was going to last all night. These are the sort of people that’ll get onto Facebook and post to their friends about how cool they are out partying in Soi 4 Nana … Fake F.cks!

Dollhouse Gogo Dancers Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse | Soi Cowboy

I’ve noticed it a few times within Soi Cowboy a group of 5 or 6 males and females hanging inside Soi Cowboy. Again they have the same look to them as if they know what they are doing just isn’t right. It’s so wrong for the bars to stand out front sipping a beer whilst looking at the talent nearby. They may want to feel the atmosphere on the cheap albeit they can’t let loose and enjoy themselves. FFS just spend an extra 80 Baht each and take a seat at one of the outside bars and have a bit of real fun. Not the BS they tell people on Facebook. If anybody can’t afford that then just go away as you’re most likely blocking the view of patrons who support the bars. Do everyone a favor and stick to Khao San Road or better yet just stay home.

You’ll spot them at most places that are semi-cool. When I lived in Melbourne one of my irks was when standing in line to register for a game of poker at Crown Casino in Melbourne. A Saturday Night was the worst listening to the losers on their mobile phones telling whoever wanted to listen … “Yeah I’m at the Casa!” …  What a Wank! Travel to Chapel Street in South Yarra and the Coffee Shops will be overflowing with the fakes. Their thing is to turn up to work on Monday and let everyone know that they hit Chapel St. Here’s a tip … Just do what you want to do, go where you want to go and enjoy it. The fakers will say “but I wanted to have a coffee in Chapel St.” If that were true then you wouldn’t wank over it!

I had a strange week last week being out and about early for a few days. The Dollhouse looked good as most the dancers hit the stage at around 9 pm. I think this would be the ideal time to head on into The Dollhouse, especially if you’re planning on taking one of the dancers from the bar. It can be a bit daunting for some on their first trip to a gogo bar. Once you get over whatever fear you have then you should have a blast of a time. It’s something that you wont regret whenever visiting Bangkok.

Country Road Bar Soi Cowboy Constuction

Country Road Bar | Soi Cowboy

The Country Road Bar has been taking shape over the past week. I’m not a fan of the font they have used for their sign ... It might grow on me though overtime. The old sign had a unique look that added to the overall appearance of Soi Cowboy. I was hoping to be in Bangkok for the opening but unfortunately I’ll be out of Thailand for a few weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. Since being one of only two live music venues within Soi Cowboy here's hoping the Country Road Bar is good. Since I will be out of Thailand for a few weeks. Here's a list of the best gogo bars within Bangkok for June/July. (In no particular order).

Patpong: Glamour, Kings Corner, Bada Bing, Kings Castle 1 & 2, Kiss Bar, Superstar (If Busy), Thigh Bar and Pink Panther.

Nana Plaza: Billboard, Enter Bar, Diamonds Bangkok, Twister Bar, Rainbow Bar, Butterflies, Bangkok Bunnies, Rainbow 4 (5), Spanky’s, Angelwitch and Lollipop.

Soi Cowboy: Lucky Star, Tilac, Midnite, Kiss, The Dollhouse, Baccara. For the budget conscious who are after a bit of action then have a look at … The Moonshine Joint, Jungle Jim’s and the Toy Bar.

That’ll do since I have a plane to catch. Stick to these bars then you should have an enjoyable time. Be smart and only buy lady drinks for whoever you plan on partying with later. A more appropriate word would be … Banging!