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Thai Food

I have spent the past 4 weeks out of Thailand. What did I miss? Thai food!! Once you live here for a while and are accustomed to eating many different Thai dishes then you can’t believe how bland so much of the food is in the West. I still enjoy most of what I have been brought up eating but now I do notice there seems to be ….. this!! Screw the food. It’s women!!!

Unless you’re in your 20’s then the pickings are slim in the West. Lets really narrow this down… the UK. Once you live in Thailand for the majority of year then the last thing you want to do is bang a heffer. Sure she’s knocked out three kids to her ex-husband, hasn’t done a sit-up in a decade, her breasts are her balls… the bigger they are then the more power she thinks she has. Okay all a bit too harsh but you do become accustomed to a Thai woman's figure, even after they’ve had a few kids. Sure there are more than a few that have let themselves go but at least they know they’re out of the game.

We can flip it on the guys here. Do they really deserve some hot Thai chick if they haven’t looked after themselves? It’s ok to put on a few kg's as people have to enjoy themselves every now and then. But not 30 kg's extra!!

Patpong Bar

Patpong Bangkok

You can walk around Bangkok and go… I’d do that!.. I’d do that!.. I’d do that!.. I’d do that!.. I’d do that!.. I’d do that!… I’d do that!.. Not that! I’d do that! Here's a typical walk in the UK.. I wouldn’t do that!.. I wouldn’t do that!.. I wouldn’t do that!.. I wouldn’t do that!.. Okay f… It I’d do that.. I wouldn’t do that!.. I wouldn’t do that!…… you get the drift. Don’t worry the UK women are more than likely look at me and think “I wouldn’t do that.” It is so wrong that they call me “that”.

Now the conundrum here is: it’s like an upside down world. You have a greater chance getting a firm Thai woman than a pair of walking breasts in the UK. In the UK the food for me is worse than in Thailand but food takes priority over women. In Thailand the food choices are better but it’s the women that take priority over food. Once you’ve dropped a load then you can eat.

There are many attractive women in the UK in the over 35 bracket but mostly they are married or in a relationship therefore they’re completely of the radar. These guys aren't stupid… they’re keepers.

I left London on Monday and sat next to a couple of males who had just recently divorced their now ex-wife’s. The venom they had for them was surprising. They both had come out badly with regard to their property settlements but that wasn’t why they had so much hatred. It was whilst the divorce was being dragged through the courts that they were being denied access to their children by their ex-wife out of spite. There are two sides to every situation but that’s a prick of a thing to do to anyone. I’ve heard 3 story’s now of males getting divorced in the UK and all appear heavily weighted towards the female in regard to the dividing up of the assets. In Australia the system appears so much fairer than in the UK.

It wasn’t until I took the Airport Rail Link train heading back into the city that I had time to kill. Since I hadn’t laid eyes on a Thai woman in 4 weeks. I noticed how hot Thai chicks really are. With little effort so many just look naturally cool.

I hit a few bars on Thursday night and was surprise that both Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy weren't packed for this time of year. The beer bars along Nana Soi 4 were doing decent trade and I did get the impression that people must have had a big Wednesday night.

Bangkok Bunnies management had made the bold move of having a major clear out of staff and more importantly Agency/Coyote Dancers whilst I was away. I thought Bangkok Bunnies was good before the clear out but now with just their own dancers inside you can see a distinct difference in the dancers for the better. For people who don't know Non-Coyote Dancers have a personality!!!!! I couldn't believe how many hot women were on stage. Normally in a bar there would be 2-3 dancers I’d think would be ok to barfine but here at Bangkok Bunnies on Thursday night with 25 on the dance floor, f…me I’d do 20 of them. If you are into tattoos then there are more than a few women with tattoos that would make you drop a load so quick, doggie would be a nightmare. Talk about cool!! I’d strongly recommend anyone who is after a bit of hands-on fun to hang out with the dancers within the Jacuzzi… You will enjoy yourself!

Most bars would dream of a situation not having to use dancers from an Agency. I just hope other bars follow Bangkok Bunnies. Although there will be some pain initially getting the numbers back up of gogo dancers… It’s the way forward.

Rainbow 3 is still finding it hard to draw a crowd which is a pity as when busy the bar does have a good atmosphere. Rainbow 5 doesn’t have this problem as the Japanese customers do flock there in numbers. The Twister Bar was still rocking although their sound system appeared to be turned down a few decibels since my last visit. They have more than a few cool dancers inside.

Erotica is a bar that doesn’t have the recognition that it deserves. Up against bars like Mercury, Diamonds Bangkok, Sexy Night or even Suckers. I’d choose Erotica over all of them as you will have a more enjoyable night out, especially if you decide to barfine one of the dancers.

If you’re into ladyboys then Temptations Ladyboy Bar looks like the spot to be. It’s amazing how bars cycle… I've noticed Temptations on the improve but after 4 weeks away there is a distinct improvement. Several of the ladyboys appear genuinely nice. To me it’s all about attitude when dealing with ladyboys and the Temptations ladyboys definitely have the right attitude.

At Soi Cowboy the Spice Girls and the DeJavu gogo dancers looked sh.t hot standing in the Soi. I do like how the Spice Girls dancers look like they think they’re above everyone else. I’m a fan!

I had a brief look inside The Dollhouse and liked what I saw. They have some pretty cool dancers who are well worth hanging out with. I took the picture below from out front of The Dollhouse of the Spice Girls gogo dancers.

Spice Girls - GoGo Dancers

Now you wouldn’t think 4 weeks away is too long a time but for a gogo bar it can be. They can either rise or fall off a cliff in regard to performance in a short period of time. The Lighthouse was one bar I thought would have been busy tonight but even the outside bar was dead. Considering that the likes of Jungle Jim’s, Moonshine Joint & the Toy Bar outside bars were all busy then you would think the Lighthouse would have had a crowd. It doesn't help that so many of the dancers have too many layers under their bikini. I did have a walk through Soi Cowboy on Friday night around 11 pm and only saw 1 customer sitting within the outside bar.. WTF?.. There must be a side story to all of this. It was worth the walk through Soi Cowboy as the DeJavu chicks standing in the Soi looked stunning!

The Rawhide girls were hoeing into some noodle soup when I hung out front for a few minutes. I did notice some impressive back tattoos though. Country Road still looks like that’s where the retired expats like to hang out. At least you can have a game of pool. The Corner Bar does appear less rough than a year or even 3 months ago. The Five Star Bar for me still has the best band within Soi Cowboy.

Normality has been restored at the Midnite and the Sahara gogo bars with the ladyboys in their black dresses and the women in their gogo uniforms when standing within Soi Cowboy. It was a bit difficult when the whole crew were in black dresses… It was hard to tell who was who (he or she).

Patpong on Friday night was busy. Firstly to the bars that have been closed for a while who have now re-opened within Patpong 1. The Kiss Bar is up and running again. This is one bar I have never been inside but walking by it looked identical to the now closed Goldfinger’s. They were quiet with only a couple of customers inside, hence that’s why I didn’t go in for a drink. Radio City is open again minus the Shark in the fish tank. I went in briefly just to have a look inside. There was more than a handful of customers inside not just sitting around but playing pool with a few of the bargirls.

Within Patpong 2 the Pink Panther is a cool bar to hang out in if you just want to chill. You can sit back and watch some pretty decent dancing without being pestered by anyone. Bada Bing was the busiest bar this Friday night within Patpong 2. The Japanese customers do like Bada Bing. Club Electric Blue has more than a few hot gogo dancers just now and since they were busy these chicks do know how to put on a show. I think they like the attention.

Kings Castle 2 was the busiest bar within Patpong 1 followed by Kings Castle 1… it’s a familiar theme this but both these bars are at the top of their game just now… Being so tourist friendly is a bonus. One bar I totally missed was Kings Corner since I got stuck watching a live band play. The Thigh Bar is so worth a look inside if you want to have some fun with the dancers. Don't be put off if you have a look inside and they’re a bit quiet … people are shy …. F..mee just head on in, find a seat and take a bit of time making a choice on who you want to have a drink with. If you’re in the mood then she will grind you stupid…. who needs a crowd?