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There are many things that I am a fan of when it comes to Thai women and tattoos are near the top of the list. The gogo dancer below just landed right in front of me at Bangkok Bunnies. F.. me that’s what you want to be looking at when you’re banging from behind. Olive skin with nice round firm buttocks … yeah I’m there, she’s only a barfine away. If you're in the mood then get her out of there quick. You don’t want to spoil the moment with idle chit chat. With leg tattoos like you can see on the woman in the Jacuzzi. Some are real yet some are not (Her’s are real) although nowadays I’d say most are real. About a year ago one dancer that caught my eye at Nana Plaza looked awesome with a couple of leg tattoos. It was about a month later the next time that we crossed paths that I noticed her leg tattoos had disappeared. Now that I know what’s going on it’s fairly easy to spot which tattoos are real and what’re not. I’ve noticed overtime more and more of the leg tattoos becoming the norm for women who are into ink!

Bangkok Bunnies Nana Plaza

Bangkok Bunnies | Nana Plaza

For those into full body tattoos which I must say if you are, then these chick’s are mind blowingly good to bang. Dim those lights and just hope that she digs you then wait for it, as you’re mind will be blown! Take a look at the gogo dancer (image below) at the Playskool Gogo Bar on the ground floor of Nana Plaza. For me she’s friggin hot, for some maybe not … These are the people that more than likely don’t have a pulse or their days of a good romp have passed them. Luckily she was up for having her photo taken. Then it was time to hit the dance floor with the camera rolling … Thanks to both dancers! You can see the footage here … Playskool Gogo Bar.

Playskool Gogo Bar Bangkok

Playskool Bar | Nana Plaza

Since I’m out of Thailand for a few weeks I wont be commenting about the bar scene until I get back. How can anyone unless you are actually there seeing what is going on for yourself … Risky with all the BS that can fly around. It was good to see an update by “Stick” on the Stickman Website a couple of weeks ago.  He gives a bit of an insight into doing a Weekly Column. You can read it here … Stickman. Although most the people that I deal with I do genuinely like. The last part of the paragraph (below) in the Stickman Article rings so clear. It’s best just to fade the rest.

I’m not going to list the many bar industry people who have passed away in recent years, but as old friends & characters leave the industry and others pass away, they’re replaced by a new breed who I so often find I just don’t click with. To do a weekly column well and to stay on top of things and be accurate in reporting, you need to be in regular contact with many of these people. You need to have a relationship with them – and I just don’t have it in me to maintain relationships with people I really do not like.

There are some where the irk meter is so high even just laying eyes on them. You just got to shrug that off as it’s all about the women. Not about beer and other guys … FFS!