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Bangkok GoGo Dancers


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Short Time Hotel

Hotel Motel tell me what you mean, take it with the hard stuff lets you live your dream.

Now on the top floor of Nana Plaza next to Butterflies Gogo Bar you can go and live your wildest fantasy in a bit of style. Here you will find a Short Time Hotel that has been fully refurbished to give you Hotel quality rooms. You can get a room with a single or a double bed (same price). All the rooms are cleaned to a high standard and the sheets are clean and crisp. There is a en-suite with a walk in shower which in turn can lead to a lot of fun. You might just want to get away from it all for an hour or two … Who am I kidding? Just get a room and  have a bit of a private party with 1 or 2 of your new companions.

Short Time Hotel @ Nana Plaza

Short Time Hotel Reception | Top floor of Nana Plaza

The above image is of gogo dancers from the Billboard & Butterflies gogo bars who have arrived at reception to have their photos taken within the rooms. When you arrive the lady will have her id scanned for added security. Here you can book a room for one hour at a cost of 350 Baht and there is no extra charge for up to two guest. You can also buy drinks: water, beer soft drink etc …  A bottle of Tiger Light costs 100 Baht.

The image below shows one of the single bed rooms. Your imagination can run wild with this sort of sh.t. Just dim the lights as you could have one of the best nights of your life. How can I get a story this week here? Maybe hit a room and go mental with a couple of women. Sounds good but I’ll hold back for now.

The following night which just happens to be a Saturday I headed back up to the top floor of Nana Plaza actually thinking what am I going to write about this Short Time Hotel. Well me stupid as a story just lands in my lap. Here I am walking slowly past the Charades Ladyboy Bar just starring at the entrance to the Hotel. As luck would have it out walks a ladyboy who looks like they have just hit the gym. Their arm muscles have just had a mighty workout. I would guess from holding themselves up as they had just banged someone stupid. Not just anyone … Here's a tip don’t just lye on a chick like a sack of potatoes. Lift yourself and watch her squirm. Knock out 5 to 10 min's of this sh.t … she will love it! Then it’s doggie time!

Hotel @ Nana Plaza

Short Time Hotel Room | Top floor of Nana Plaza

There isn’t much that can spin me out these days but this did. The person that followed the ladyboy was a WOMAN! … A hot Western woman early 30’s and she wasn’t walking normal … She was weak at the knees! What made this even better was she was still trying to get dressed. She had light khaki pants that you could see through to what appeared to be a tight snatch … this chick’s fit!

The ladyboy had f.cked her stupid for all to see as she was still in … “I just had multiple orgasms mode”. She chatted with the ladyboy for a few minutes out front of Charades before departing slowly past the Butterflies Gogo Bar. She looked like she needed a lie down as basically she was f.cked from getting f.cked!

Anything else I write after that is meaningless. Therefore … That’s It!

Butterflies Nana Plaza