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Security Nana Plaza

Security is high on the list for anyone planing a trip these days. Tourists do need to feel safe and here at one of Bangkok’s busiest Adult Entertainment locations namely Nana Plaza who do a decent job in that regard. At Nana Plaza you will see several Security Guards at the entrance/exit to Nana Plaza. They really do jump into action with any sign of a briefcase or a backpack which does add to a bit of congestion at times but who can complain? Strip search the f.ckers if they look too suspicious!

I was amazed just recently at the amount of briefcases/laptop bags that people carry into Nana Plaza. I entered behind a group of eight Japanese males and six had laptop bags. All the Security sprung to life and checked every bag. Being nosey plus stuck behind these guys I made sure I had a good look into a couple of bags and to my surprise they were both empty! Don’t tell me they’re trying to impress gogo dancers in some strange way or it’s a new fashion statement. All in all for me it’s a bit weird.

As you walk around Nana Plaza you will notice Security Guards seated at various locations. Most occasions I wont even notice they are there since I’m numb to their presence. To be honest I only try to look in the direction of females. Tourists can rest assured that Nana Plaza has security covered giving people piece of mind to go and enjoy themselves with a few gogo dancers.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Entrance/Exit

The gogo bars have their own security with Billboard appearing to have the most on hand at any time. This makes sense since they are the busiest bar. At Billboard the security are visibly where at some other bars they are invisible. I do prefer the invisible type where you won’t see them inside the bar but you may be aware of their presence out front of the bar.

I have heard of incidents at Nana Plaza but have never witnessed anything where security had to be called within Nana Plaza. The closest I ever saw was at the outside bar of Bangkok Bunnies. A short muscle bound guy had a problem with another guy inside the gogo area who just happened to be bigger than him in every way. Just gay sh.t! He ranted for about 5 min's until his aggression level went through the roof. So much so that you thought only security could get rid of this guy. When his aggression finally peaked he just stormed off in the huff. All in all no one gives a sh.t about anyone else inside a bar so leave all your bullshit at home.

One night at the Morning Night Bar near the entrance to Soi 4 at closing time security converged within the bar as again a couple of males had problems with each other. One guy wanted to leave with one of the bargirls but his mate and now former best friend (hopefully) wanted none of it … HA HA. It was like No, No you’re not coming to Bangkok and banging a woman on my watch! Some people would rather just hang with their mates than bang women. I just dont get it and truth be known I don’t want to get it! There has to be some gay genes in this guys genome.

You will notice small security cameras located on each floor which is always a good thing incase anything untoward ever happened. All in all Nana Plaza is a stress free location for tourists in regard to feeling safe.

Staying with Nana Plaza, this week I was there on Tuesday and Thursday Night. Tuesday was very subdued although there was still plenty of activity at the few bars I had a look inside. Rainbow 3 has several dancers that would put a smile on anyone's face if the decided to go down the barfine route. Rainbow 3 is starting to light up and is well worth a look especially on a Saturday Night.

Rainbow 1 was lively with just ten customers inside. These guys were in party mode and the dancers weren’t holding back. There was a real atmosphere within the bar tonight. You can walk up to a bar with that many people inside and walk straight back out. Normally everyone is just sitting around like a statue looking at the gogo dancers. Live a little and get those chicks off the stage. Then you’ll have an atmosphere.

The ladyboys have every path covered as you try to go to the middle floor at Nana Plaza now that the Mercury Bar have a heard out front. No matter which path you take you will run into a ladyboy! There are only a couple of spots where I do get stopped by ladyboys and that is at Temptations Ladyboy Bar and Casanova. The Chili Bar ladyboys is by choice since I do take a few pictures of them. Therefore it’s best to stop and have a brief chat.

Thursday Night was more lively at Nana Plaza. You can now have a game of pool at Bangkok Bunnies again. This is well worth it if you get one of the gogo dancers over for a game. You will imprint that image in your brain for a long time. Women in a bikini look so good bent over a pool table.

If you like watching dancers with full back tattoos or going doggie with a woman with a full back tattoo then head on into the Twister Bar. The doggie part is only a barfine away. Butterflies has plenty of cool dancers inside that are worth barfining. That’s what it’s all about … Isn’t it?!

Within Soi 4 Melodies UK had more than a few horrors inside which made keep on walking the best option. I’m guessing all the hot women that I have been seeing of late had already been barfined or a few have their period at the same time. It’s normal … women have periods!

Suzie Wong Bangkok

Suzie Wong Soi Cowboy

Now to Soi Cowboy late on Thursday Night (pic). Suzie Wong is firmly on my radar now that they have the dancers spill out into the Soi Cowboy. Now people can sit opposite at The Dollhouse taking in the view before heading inside The Dollhouse for some one on one fun … And yes The Dollhouse really delivers when it comes to hanging with chicks!

One bar for me that needs a change in direction is the Lighthouse. I’ve seen it all before when expats are hanging around a gogo bar. The bar just stagnates! This format is doomed to fail especially if you are after making a mark within Soi Cowboy. Who wants to see guys having a chat with guys? That’s what Hooters is for. It doesn’t generate an atmosphere for tourists who want to have a wild night with a dancer. You just don’t feel like you can let loose at the Lighthouse.

You can get a BJ next door at the Afterskool Bar or head on over to the Toy Bar and get a tag team hand job. Then there is one of Soi Cowboys best gogo bars Cowboy 2 located opposite. Throw in the Kiss Bar also next door on Friday or Saturday Night where you will want to drop a load in someone after watching their dancers when they decide to let loose. I’m still talking about that night at the Kiss Bar … I’ll have to go back soon as that was one sh.t hot night out. It was so good that I don't think it can be repeated.

The only bar (not a gogo bar) that the expat migration works is at the Shadow Bar who just happen to have the cheapest drinks within Soi Cowboy. What does that tell you? Most expats aren’t cashed up! A tourist is and more often than not will barfine a dancer at the drop of a hat. The Shadow Bar just has a sprinkling of bargirls inside that no one is interested in.

It’s normal to have a group of guys cruising the bars and hanging out with the bargirls/gogo dancer. That can be a lot of fun and what you would expect to see within Bangkok’s Red Light District. If you asked a gogo bar owner who they would choose? Ten regular tourists or ten regular expats to walk in through their door. I bet all the gogo dancers would choose the tourists as would the bar owner. The Lighthouse need something special that will attract tourists if they expect to succeed.

I dropped into Patpong at some stage on Thursday night and Kings Corner was the standout gogo bar. More than a few of their gogo dancers are up for an all nighter. I’ve mentioned this recently but this time I’ll add a bit more detail. Don’t even consider banging one of these women short time or you will be missing out big time! Have your fun between the sheets then head on out for a bite to eat. Once recharged it’s back to your Hotel where you can bang her until daybreak then it is time for some sleep. You might as well knock her off when you wake. Now comes the hard part. Do you want her to hang around for the rest of the day? If you have met someone that you genuinely like and more importantly have treated her nice then now you have a Tour Guide!