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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

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Get Your Rocks Off!

You want it? Then you’ve got it! These chicks are just oozing sex appeal. Spend and hour looking up at this and you’ve just gotta drop a load sooner rather than later. it where am I? … Soi Cowboy @ The Dollhouse that's where! Here we have a bar that has a group of gogo dancers that can pull off a night to remember. There was so much happening on the dance floor that I didn't know where to look or should I say point the camera … snap, snap, snap … Faackk she ripped her skirt off!

The Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse Gogo Dancers

When I arrived at The Dollhouse I headed upstairs to the Tabletop Dancing and my first thought was ‘How good do these chicks look’. Those short yellow skirts really do the trick of pushing the hotness meter through the roof. From your seat just look up and follow those long legs all the way to … and just stare! HA HA. If the dancer is facing away when I first sit down then I am usually convinced they are wearing nothing under that skirt. It’s not until they turn that I know they’re wearing a g-string … it’s a good look!

The Dollhouse Tabletop Dancing

Tabletop Dancing @ The Dollhouse

Once you head downstairs the decision has to be made where to sit. Sit back and enjoy the view or go for glory and sit around the dance floor. Tourists will love this sh.t! … Sit around the dance floor if you’re game and enjoy the show. I spotted one guy where a dancer wearing stilettos is squatted down with her legs wide open in front of him. He was just chatting away … How he could hold eye contact is beyond me. You can see this picture on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Just choose your poison.

When 20 Baht notes came showering down from the opening to the top floor the waitresses had the edge. The gogo dancers in their stilettos were at a big disadvantage. A few brave dancers did take a risk and it was lucky no one took a tumble.

The Dollhouse Gogo Dancers

The Waitresses have the Edge!

The gogo dancers on the rotating section of the dance floor had no chance. The waitresses won out big time when the money hit the floor. The Dollhouse already had an atmosphere but whilst all this was happening you clearly felt it. I didn’t realize they had that many waitresses at The Dollhouse since they’re usually scattered around the bar … They appeared from nowhere and you could really tell everyone got a kick out of that.

Okay it’s time for a close up. I’m ready for anything. There it is … A chick is ripping into another dancer doggy style … damn that looks good! Let me enjoy this for a few seconds 1, 2, 3 she lifts a leg to reveal all … Snap! … Sh.t Hot!

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

Cool View @ The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

Most other gogo bars will strive to reach this level but will never be able to pull it off. You need a group of dancers that are educated enough to know when it’s time to perform  … These chicks know! You’re definitely going to have a good time at The Dollhouse especially if there to party. Sit around the dance floor and enjoy the show or sit back and hangout with one of dancers … Get her on your lap and see how your night pans out … It will soon be Barfine Time!