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You just never know what other peoples perception is of whatever you do. It can be so far from the truth. This week whilst I was filming in Soi Cowboy I was having a chat with a Mamasan that I have known for 4 years. I don’t use hidden cameras to take video or photos therefore if anyone every asks I tell exactly what I am doing. For me it’s to help drive more tourist to Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong by showing uptodate photos and now videos. Her perception is totally different. She thinks I just take photos of working girls (her words) to put on the Internet … That’s it! So basic not even contemplating that the image might attract more tourists to Soi Cowboy. I wonder if she sees a McDonalds advert and thinks … They just want to show a picture of a hamburger.

Soi Cowboy has hit the media over the last couple of weeks due to the untimely deaths of a couple of women who worked within Soi Cowboy. What I read in the Thai press they called the women waitresses “Angry, jealous husband arrested for murder of Soi Cowboy waitress”. Not so in the West. In one UK newspaper “A second Thai prostitute has been found dead in just a week” … “She worked at one of the venues on the seedy row of strip clubs and bars where hundreds of prostitutes work every day”. Another ran with calling them “Hookers” … “Sleazy Soi Cowboy that is full of Hookers”. me that’s harsh!

Soi Cowboy Friday Night

What is this telling people that have never been to Bangkok? It’s a sleazy shit hole! Which is so far from the truth. Soi Cowboy is a tourist attraction that anyone with a pulse should at least take a walk up then back down Soi Cowboy. The women that do work as a prostitute are a far cry from what the overseas press portray them to be. Watch the video above you will see the tourists walking through Soi Cowboy it looks relaxed and safe. The Dancers are from Spice Girls who only dance or will sit and have a drink with customers. So you have to be a prick labeling them with the same brush as in the UK press article.

What’s disturbing for me in this video is the people that are blocking the view. They have entered Soi Cowboy carrying Leo Beer (cheap) that they would have bought at 7/11. Beer at 7/11 sells at a third of the price of a smaller bottle that you get at the bars. You can’t buy that size within Soi Cowboy that I know of. They just stood there taking in the sights for free whilst having a drink. You don’t need buy a drink … You can just walk through taking in the view or even stop for a chat like so many people do. But to stop and drink like they are … Well that’s just not right.

I have only ever been with a prostitute once in the UK and that was on a 3 months visit when I was 18. To cut a long story short. I went back to her room and as I was about to enter her I looked down and saw a shanker (scabby sore) on her right piss flap. Yeah I still f.cked her with a condom but made sure I didn’t go for full penetration. Thank I didn’t get an STD. My recent trips to the UK I have seen the prostitutes walking certain streets. Most are untouchable … drug addicts or the socially disadvantage. A more appropriate description is … The unf.ckable!

The press ran with their angle of describing the area as a whole. A walk down Soi Cowboy shows it to be more humorous than sleazy. They are perceiving Soi Cowboy to be something that it is not. Judge for yourself if you every end up in Bangkok. Head on out to Soi Cowboy for a quiet drink and sit at one of the outside bars … Hassle Free!

This high season I have noticed that both Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy look quieter earlier in the week compared to previous years. The good bars are still doing well but bars that rely on the masses to spill into their bar aren’t doing as well. Nana Soi 4 and Patpong both are busy. Patpong because the Night Market attracts plenty of tourists which does help the bars, especially in Patpong Soi 1. Nana Soi 4 is alive and you can feel a carnival atmosphere with all of the beer bars doing well.

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

It’s only when you first walk into Nana Plaza that you do feel a slight lull in the atmosphere. You will find bars that really do pack a punch when you go inside. I mentioned those bars last week. Diamonds Bangkok is another bar that is well worth a look of late. Be aware that Diamonds Bangkok is a mixed bar. Which isn’t really a problem since it is easy to tell who is who. Their gogo dancers are up for a party which only means onething … You will have a good night out.

When at Soi Cowboy on a Thursday, Friday or a Saturday Night … Don’t miss out on the 11 pm show at the Dollhouse.

In general I have found Bangkok overall more subdued this year. I noticed on the news that other tourist locations like the Phi Phi Islands are packed with tourists at this point in time. I have felt this about Bangkok for a few weeks now … Quiet!

That’ll do for this week as I have been in Cambodia for a few days. There may be no column over the next couple of weeks as I need do a major cleanup of the website. It’s all behind the scenes stuff therefore you wont see any change.

There will still be new videos uploaded on the YouTube Channel during this period. Subscribe if you want to know when they’re uploaded. All the videos are best watched on a computer monitor or a large TV Screen since most are recorded in Full HD 1920x1080. There are also some older mobile phone videos which were uploaded in January 2015 within Soi Cowboy.