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No Photo!

There are gogo dancers holding placards out front a few bars at Soi Cowboy & Patpong. At Nana Plaza they’re standing just inside the entrance. Now you would think that any approaching tourist who lifts his mobile phone to take a quick snap that this would be a positive. He will go back to his homeland and show his mates a few holiday snaps. Some of his friends may even think ‘sh.t … I want to go there’. What our friendly tourists get is either someone yelling ‘No photo!, No photo!’ mainly at Patpong or they will lift the placard to cover their face… What's the problem? The main reasoning I’ve heard is the gogo dancers don't want people to know what they are doing via Social Media.

I do think bar managers should only send out women that are okay having their picture taken. It’s a win win for the bar as the bars future customer will be upbeat entering the bar if they do choose to take a quick picture. If they get the negative ‘No photo’ then really why bother even going in? Sure they might end up on someone's timeline on Twitter or Facebook but so what! The gogo dancers pictures are more than likely already on the bars Facebook timeline!!! This is why this reasoning is … Flawed! …..

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