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No Photo!

There are gogo dancers holding placards out front a few bars at Soi Cowboy & Patpong. At Nana Plaza they’re standing just inside the entrance. Now you would think that any approaching tourist who lifts his mobile phone to take a quick snap that this would be a positive. He will go back to his homeland and show his mates a few holiday snaps. Some of his friends may even think ‘sh.t … I want to go there’. What our friendly tourists get is either someone yelling ‘No photo!, No photo!’ mainly at Patpong or they will lift the placard to cover their face… What's the problem? The main reasoning I’ve heard is the gogo dancers don't want people to know what they are doing via Social Media.

I do think bar managers should only send out women that are okay having their picture taken. It’s a win win for the bar as the bars future customer will be upbeat entering the bar if they do choose to take a quick picture. If they get the negative ‘No photo’ then really why bother even going in? Sure they might end up on someone's timeline on Twitter or Facebook but so what! The gogo dancers pictures are more than likely already on the bars Facebook timeline!!! This is why this reasoning is …Flawed!

Rawhide Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

This is no reflection on how good a bar is inside. It’s all about the customers first impression. There are more than a few gogo dancers or bargirls out there that are quite happy to have their picture taken. These are the ones you send out with your advertising boards.

At Patpong Soi 1 the ‘No photo!, No photo!’ is full on. The Night Market stall sellers have it in-built into their brain. I’m sure they wake up in the middle of the night calling out ‘No photo!’. If you go into one of the gogo bars then you will find a few dancers that will let you take a picture out front after a few drinks … As long as you're not too creepy.

Within Patpong Soi 2 this is where a few bars are heavily into having pictures of their dancers on Social Media. These are the bars that should be allowing tourist to take a quick snap of their dancers who are outside. I have witnessed a group of tourists walking towards one of these bars and up pops a phone to take a photo … Only to get the ‘No photo!’ hurled in their direction. These guys just kept on walking. If the women had let them crack off a couple of pic's then I’m sure they would have headed inside for a drink or two. Three males late 20’s is good for any gogo bar!

Another time I just happened to be near the entrance to another bar within Patpong Soi 2 when a couple of tourists walked up to the three gogo dancers standing out front.  One guy actually asked ‘Can I take your photo?’ The answer was … ‘No!’ Both guy’s looked at each other and didn’t enter. I’m sure most people don’t even think about taking a photo but for the ones that do it does put a bad taste in their mouth before entering … Mmmm … If they enter at all. Don’t forget these dancers are already Social Media Stars.

With the gogo bars that do have dancers holding placards it’s usually a 50/50 chance of getting a good picture. If you take too long they’ll defiantly covering their face which doesn’t give you the same negative feel as at Patpong. I walked into Nana Plaza tourist style this week with my phone ready for a snap. From a distance no problem … When I walked up closer they did become a bit shy and up went their sign to cover their face. I walked up to the London Calling dancers who I must say looked … Sh.t Hot! One of them wanted to take me straight to the bar … HA HA but I asked ‘Can I take your photo?’ The answer was ‘No’. Therefore I didn’t go into London Calling.

My biggest surprise was walking up the stairs next to Suckers and looked straight down the barrel at two Chili Bar ladyboys! Up popped my mobile phone and for the first time ever at Nana Plaza I heard the sound of ‘No photo!’… WTF? It came from my LHS from a guy sitting near Straps Gogo Bar. What a negative feel for any tourist who wanted to take a snap. He should just be looking after his own ladyboys at Straps.

Soi Cowboy is easier for tourists to take pictures since the amount of people within the Soi is considerable at times. If the gogo dancers or bargirls aren’t into getting their picture taken then they will just turn their head. When I check my pictures later I sometimes see where some guy way off to the side of the picture is holding their hand up… the cameras not even pointed in their direction. With the amount of people taking snaps within Soi Cowboy you’d think it would be a smart move to sit inside a bar and not outside! Especially if you don't want to end up in someone’s holiday snaps.

With the picture above I blatantly stood their alone within Soi Cowboy so all the gogo dancers could see that I was about to take a picture. Its like a ‘Where's Wally Comic Strip’ looking to see who cares. And the winner is the ladyboy covering their face at Crazy Cat. No one else cares! The chick on the right from Penny Black came over to check her picture and just said ‘Dee Dee’ in Thai this means ‘Good Good’. When she was in close I looked down at that cleavage and was thinking ‘Yes Good Good’ HA HA. … yes really! ... Great tits!

I was at Nana Plaza early this week and it was good to see the last remaining Playskool sign has been removed … Welcome Easy Lick Gogo Bar. I will head on in soon and hopefully find a good addition to Nana Plaza. Easy Lick does look like a cool spot to have a game of pool in their outside bar.

Last week I mentioned that I didn't see a bin on the top floor of Nana Plaza. It turns out they have a sh.t load! To my defense there were a couple of Billboard gogo dancers out front and my eyes were pre-occupied when they were supposed to be looking for a bin… Hence I didn’t see one!

Diamonds Bangkok has been getting busy lately. With the amount of empty drink bottles and food cartons that are on the railing I’d say most of the gogo dancers and the handful of ladyboys they have will be half charged early on in the night. Since there are so many bins at Nana Plaza people should put them to use. It will give the whole middle floor and top floor railings a better look. The people I am talking about are the gogo dancers! No wonder I didn’t realize there were bins at Nana Plaza since everything that is supposed to be in a bin usually sits on the railing.

I’ve been surprised of late with the amount of gogo dancers standing out front of the Enter Bar on the top floor of Nana Plaza. You can see a picture on their review page which was taken last Friday night.

Soy Cowboy Bangkok

Two Spice Girl Gogo Dancers

I don’t know why but when the Spice Girls spot me they have been trying hard to get me inside for the past few weeks. I have been trying hard to resist them… Up close they look so good! Another bar that has dancers that put their hands all over me when I stop are from the Cactus Bar … Thanks!

One bar at Soi Cowboy that really took me by surprise this week was the Corner Bar. The bar was busy and no wonder as the band really was on form. The band has improved over the last 12 months or they might have just got new speakers… Either way they sound good!! There are a few bargirls at the Corner Bar that give of a bit of an aura that they would be worth barfining early. For tourist who don't know Bangkok choose correctly as there are a lot of bargirls that make excellent tour guides. Don't forget the bonus that you get to bang them at the end of the night.

The outside bars of Jungle Jim’s and the Moonshine Joint were both busy this Thursday night. So busy that it would have been useless to even attempt to go inside since all the gogo dancers would already be pre-occupied. I got stuck out front Crazy House Bangkok. Just like out front Spanky’s last week people can’t make up their mind or are to scared to go inside … F… it!… Just walk in. A couple of gogo dancers came outside in robes. You could tell they were naked underneath as their nipples were very visible and quite erect. Those guys should have entered straight away when they witnessed those nipples exiting.