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I have been out of Thailand for most of this week therefore this will be brief. I hit Patpong on Thursday Night to see if the Glamour Gogo Bar was busy since I had put up a video on YouTube of inside the bar. And yes they were busy! This is one cool gogo bar. From there I headed to the night market and found the beer bars with live music to be nearly full. I got stuck at the Kings Corner outside bar as there was a guy being filmed break dancing. Normally I would just ignore something like this but … This was way too good to be true. Of course I filmed it so here’s another YouTube video to watch … Patpong Break Dancing. F.ckkk … A YouTube landing page here we come.

Glamour | Patpong 2

Once I had finished videoing I started to walk away when I got stopped in mid stride by an owner/manager from a Bangkok Bar who asked if I wanted to come to his bar and take some photo’s. I just continued walking as I said “No!” I didn’t even spend one second thinking about it. I was still blown away seeing the acrobatics that that break dancer had just performed. Next morning though I did think about It. I wont say which bar but I have over the years asked if could take some pic's for this website and always got a “No!” People will be surprised which bar I said “No” to. In the end it is the right decision. When I needed it I didn’t get it. Now they need it I don’t need it … So Fuck It!

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Friday Night I headed to Nana Plaza and to my surprise the roof is on. The joins still need to be sealed but all in all the roof looks good. As I walked into Sukhumvit Soi 4 the Morning Night Bar was the bar to be at. The Rolling Stones were belting out “Brown Sugar.” They couldn’t have had it any louder or they might have blown a speaker. Since it was still dusk I had a quick check of the Golden Beer Bar and yeah they had a couple of very barfinable women inside. Getting in early is a good idea if you’re after a hot bargirl.

Butterfies Nana Plaza

Butterflies Gogo Bar | Nana Plaza

Now into the bowels of Nana Plaza. Not really since there are barricades around where the Nana Beer Garden was. The roofs up therefore lets get the guts fixed since it’s a bit rough for the bars on the ground floor. The Rainbow Bar renovations are almost complete. As you can see by the image below the sign is on its way. At least the “R” is up on the wall. From there it was off to Butterflies where along with dancers from Billboard it was time to have some fun with the camera.

Rainbow Bar Bangkok

Rainbow Bar | Nana Plaza (pre-opening)

I walked to Soi Cowboy which in the end was the wrong decision as Bangkok was so humid on Friday Night. Tonight when the Rawhide dancers spotted me they were over like a fly on shit. “Take my picture, Take my picture.” Now you’d think it’s easy as just flicking a switch but … No! I have the camera set for video therefore I need make a few changes as I’m talking to these women. They have really caked on the makeup tonight. I’ve said this before that I’m not into taking portrait photos. The women look so much better when being natural. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to women.  I’d do the one in the middle and the tall one … No Problem!

Rawhide Soi Cowboy

Rawhide Soi Cowboy

Luckily the Spice Girls and the Kiss Dancers were all inside their respective gogo bars as I made my way along Soi Cowboy. Really this was just meant to be a walk through but then I spotted a dancer from The Dollhouse out front. me she is too good just to walk by. No taking pictures of her its all about the video … Tall, Great Ass need I say more? You’ll see her in the next Soi Cowboy video on YouTube.

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