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Mixed Bars | Part 7

Another mixed bar within Nana Plaza is Diamonds Bangkok Gogo Bar. Just head up the escalator and turn left and you are there. You’d better walk straight in since if you don't you will more than likely get hit by a piece of tubing. I take a seat at the far end of the bar and order a drink. Mmm bad spot as the gogo dancers who are a bit out of shape are at this end. A couple have bumps on bumps. One has a bloated stomach that only after having a couple of kids and her body has never come back into shape has. I didn’t want to be rude so I looked away. It’s okay to stare at gogo dancers but not in this case. I spot five Japanese customers joking around with a couple of ladyboys seated near the entrance. There are another two ladyboys standing and joining in with the laughter. All tame stuff … No one is going to get out of control in this group. Although tonight they have given the bar a good atmosphere.

Diamonds Bangkok Nana Plaza

Diamonds Bangkok Nana Plaza

I look over to my left and spot two guys with a gogo dancer each on their laps who just happened to be topless. Both women were 30-35 yrs and looked good. These guys were in full animal mode and the women loved it. Talk about letting loose! Once my drink arrived I moved to a seat closer to the entrance so I didn’t have to look at the dancers trying to stay away from the hot chicks at the start of the dance floor.

Man… the action that’s going on behind me is really heating up. Even the dancers on a break are looking over. When I arrived this guy had his face buried in her tits but now she is standing his face is buried in her ass. I could never identify this guy in a line-up since I have never seen his face. This woman looked so good topless and with the way her back was arched I’m sure he has reached the mother load … Snatch!!

In walks a guy who is pissed to the max but is holding it together. He takes a seat nearby and one of the ladyboys does a slow walk past then turns and looks at him. The waitresses are enjoying this show. He calls her over and orders a couple of drinks. I can tell he has no idea he’s smitten with a ladyboy. I don’t care what anyone says … no matter how pissed you are the penny will drop eventually. After about 10 min’s the ladyboy stormed off and he’s calling out to her/him ‘sorry I didn’t mean it’ then laughed.

I usually feel sorry for any dancers or bargirls that end up with any guy totally pissed. I can see now it’s easy money! The dancers that were on a break definitely enjoyed the show. There was one in particular that I thought looked the youngest and least experienced. Her whole demeanor changed in an instant she saw the ladyboy storm off. It was that now of strength since she has spotted an easy target.. He’ll empty his wallet to her.

One of the ladyboys that had been walking around in a dress who I thought it was interesting that she had such full figured hips. It is always good to learn something everyday and today here it is… She pulled up her skirt and started dancing close to a couple of guys who had just entered Diamonds Bangkok. You could see an implant on each hip at least 25 cm long, 15 cm wide and under 5 cm thick. It wasn’t a pretty sight but at least I learnt something new.

On the dance floor there are four gogo dancers mid 20’s that stay near the front of the dance floor. There is a ladyboy on stage but they’re more interested in what is going on with the Japanese customers. Suddenly it was shift change time and to my surprise there were another three dancers that couldn’t get to the other end of the dance floor quick enough. That was the last time I looked in their direction. There are three gogo dancers in their early 20’s that really do light up the dance floor. No wonder the older dancers hide at the end of the dance floor.

Not even the younger gogo dancers can compete with the dancer that suddenly appears! Now usually it’s all about the dancing when you have a group of attractive dancers on stage. Yeah she can move all that crap. I’m not going to sugar coat this but my first thought was … ‘What a great!!’

Mid 20’s plus she didn’t look like to have been around that long. She wasn't any prettier than the other dancers but It was her whole body language and it was natural. You would think now is the perfect time to get her down for a drink and hopefully on my lap… Wrong!!! … When I spot this rarity on my travels it’s… Barfine Time!!!

Twister Bar Nana Plaza

Twister Bar Songkran 2017

Last week was Songkran time which usually means my time outside is limited. Songkran was fun for the first couple of years but now it just bores me. I headed to Soi Cowboy on the first day of Songkran and it was dead. Most people are catching on that more than a few of the best gogo dancers don't work during this period. The Coyotes will but as I said ‘the best aren’t’ … The Regular Gogo Dancers!!!

One bar that has been busy of late is the Shadow Bar and with the cheapest drinks within Soi Cowboy then why not. The Shadow Bar is fortunate in the fact that they’re surrounded by gogo bars that have plenty of eye candy on display indirectly for the Shadow Bars customers.

The Corner Bar live band keeps on rocking of late especially with the band in the image that's on their review page. I mentioned them a few weeks ago and they definitely are deserving of another mention.

One place I stay away from during Songkran is Patpong due the party they have along Silom Road which makes for an uncomfortable experience all round.

At Nana Plaza and Soi 4 I found there to be more of an atmosphere during Songkran. The Twister Bar gogo dancers had a bit of a theme going on. I don’t know if hanging onto a mobile phone was part of the theme though?

I really was taken aback walking into Billboard Agogo Bar … the atmosphere was electric! This is what you want when you go to a gogo bar. The women on the carousel were in fine form … party mode! Normally I get drawn to the Jacuzzi but not tonight. After being at Billboard any gogo bar has a hard act to follow but Butterflies did a good job. Issan music was belting out of the speakers and the gogo dancers were going mental making for a good night out at Butterflies.

I then headed down to the middle floor where I was taken aback again. This time for the wrong reasons. The Mandarin Tabletop Dancing Bar had an atmosphere that just didn’t feel right. I sensed it as soon as I set foot on the middle floor. Therefore I just kept on walking until I arrived at the Twister Bar, and got a couple of those chicks off their mobile phones … good times!