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Mixed Bars | Part 6

Most people just don't know who’s who when they take a seat at the Suckers Gogo Bar. Well positioned on the ground floor of Nana Plaza Suckers gets their fair share of customers on any given night. The outside bar is a top spot to sit if you’re into people watching. I went straight into the gogo bar and found eight women dancing on stage. Whilst waiting for my drink I took a look around the gogo bar and can’t spot one ladyboy!! I’m looking hard at these gogo dancers trying to pickup any signs that they weren’t born a female. There is one dancer on stage that is a real standout and she has two retired gents behind me on a string. They call over the waitress and hand over 100 Baht each to give to her. She squats down to get the cash and slowly inserts it in her bra giving us all a bit of a flash.

I had a good look at her, early 20’s, perfect skin, petite figure and can dance. The other gogo dancers were still in idle mode but to their defense the music wasn’t that great at the time. I look over at the other side of the bar and see four Japanese guys being entertained by a couple of women. F..mee no ladyboys which means no story … Have I got Suckers all wrong?

Suckers Nana Plaza Bangkok

A Suckers Ladyboy heads back inside carrying a placard.

The two older guys decide to leave and one of them slipped her another 100 Baht bill. I just sat back to contemplate where to go next and of course watch the gogo dancers. I was surprised by the music at Suckers as it does seem a bit outdated. Just by fixing their song selections I do think would give the whole bar a lift as some of the gogo dancers look like they could let loose with the right beat … HOLD ON THAT AIN'T RIGHT!!!!

The hottest chick on the dance floor who has had those guys on a string has now turned. She hasn’t a blemish on 99% of her skin which looks like it only see’s one hour of sun light a week.

Picture this… she’s wearing a g-string as are the other dancers who’s skin looks smooth as you look at the g-string from behind. Not this chicks! There is a distinct dark coloring heading straight up to the butt hole… Yeah cop that!!! She’s a Ladyboy!!! No wonder she didn’t turn when those guys where here. I had a good look HA HA … At my best guess since she is so hot… She will be barfined regularly and that's just hardening of the skin from all the in/out/in/out/in/out… Latex chaffing … F..mee. I’m sure they sell a cream that would make this area look less distinct.

Now she has a buddy over who is the second best dancer on the stage and yeah she’s a ladyboy as well. These two must see the same surgeon as it was almost impossible to tell from a first look or in my case 20 minutes. The good news is Suckers Gogo Bar is very Tourist Friendly. When I asked the waitress ‘are those two ladyboys?’ the answer was ‘yes”. No beating around the bush or out right denial. Therefore just ask if in doubt.

I headed to the outside bar which is run independently from the gogo bar. After a few minutes out she walks now wearing a short skirt. Still looking sh.t hot so I ask her if I can take her photo. She replied ….. HA HA as soon as she spoke I could tell that I was talking to a ladyboy! She said I could take all the pictures I wanted if I would go with her… eg barfine. No Thanks!

Suckers is a well run bar and all the staff are above average in regard to politeness and their interaction with the customer is first class. Once I did get my bearings with regard to the ladyboys I would say I spotted five. And of course they were in fact ladyboys that I spotted with the four Japanese guys I talked about earlier. What makes it more difficult at Suckers is that the gogo dancers and the ladyboys who are all post-op wear the same uniforms.

This week I didn’t go to Soi Cowboy or Patpong. For those that read multiply pages within the website… If you come across any pages with a black background then these pages are still in draft form.

Thursday night at Nana Plaza felt very balmy with high humidity in the air. The Twister Bar had a good line up of gogo dancers and the dancers on the RHS stage were all topless when I entered. Have a look at the picture on their review page and it will give you a good idea of the gogo dancers that I am dealing with. Ohhh they get so close… Sit on a stool if you’re are into butts. I had to drag myself out of there around midnight or it might have ended up in an all nighter with someone.

Bangkok Bunnies is one bar everyone should be heading into. With no coyote dancers this makes for a more enjoyable experience all round and I’m talking between the sheets as well. Non-coyotes do bang better than coyotes … Fact!!! Bangkok Bunnies outside bar is a cool spot to have a few drinks before venturing out into any gogo bar. Once you enter Bangkok Bunnies you will be surprised at how good most of the gogo dancers are.

Spanky’s was busy and I got stuck just trying to walk-by. For some people it’s like a life or death situation deciding whether to go into a gogo bar. Do us all a favor and stand away from the entrance whilst deciding or just go straight into Spanky’s as you wont be disappointed.

I should have mentioned this last week since I had a bit of fun with the Chequers Bar a few weeks ago. They have had several female waitresses on hand the past couple of times I have looked over. This does give the bar a different look … Less Gay!

I was cruising along the top floor of Nana Plaza carrying a bottle of water and had just taken the last mouthful as I arrived at one of my favorite gogo bars… Billboard Agogo. The security guard out front said I couldn’t take my now empty plastic bottle inside…Bummer!… I looked around and didn’t see a bin anywhere and wasn’t just going to dump the bottle therefore I didn’t go inside. He did the right thing. It’s just a pity there is no bin that I know of on the top floor of Nana Plaza.

I ended up at the Erotica Gogo Bar. I ordered a beer and at the same time the waitress took my empty bottle away… Thanks! At Erotica they have a few gogo dancers that do their name proud. You don’t really get time to relax as there is usually a dancer trying to make eye contact. If you show any sort of interest you may get flashed as a last attempt to come on over for a drink. Most the dancers are usually topless which makes it hard not to look … you’ve got to look! Therefore you might as well have some fun. Get her over for a drink and before you know it her breasts aren’t ten feet away but in your face! … Winner!!!