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Mixed Bars | Part 5

Well positioned within Soi Cowboy is the Kiss Gogo Bar. Take a seat at either the Dundee Bar or Cowboy 2 then keep an eye on the Kiss gogo dancers and the ladyboys in black dresses. If anyone catches your eye then head on in and have some fun. The dancer in the picture below definitely has an itch that she needs scratching… any takers? I had to give Kiss a couple of goes before I could take a seat. My first attempt was on a Wednesday night at around 10 pm. In I went but there were no customers inside therefore it was back out into the Soi for me. I hung around for about 20 min’s and although I did see people go inside they came straight back out. The gogo dancers inside looked good but they weren’t dancing. That’s probably why people weren’t staying for a drink. It’s a good idea to keep the dancers dancing even without any customers inside since that is what they are paid to do. I must admit I would have found it hard to leave if the dancers were in full swing on the dance floor.

Kiss Soi Cowboy

Kiss Gogo Dancers (B-team) Soi Cowboy.

Now to a Friday night for attempt number two and Bang!… What a contrast to Wednesday night. This was one of those surreal nights at any gogo bar. The last time I felt this was at Crazy House Bangkok. Hey am I on a movie set? Kiss Gogo Bar may never be able to pull this off again. The worst part is I’m just a spectator tonight as there was just too much going on.

Everything has to be in place to hit these heights and tonight it was. I take a seat and stare up at six gogo dancers on stage who are all dancing at an above average level compared to most other gogo bars. I look through the legs of the gogo dancers to watch two Japanese guy’s (mid 20’s) partying with a ladyboy each. They were both keen to have a feel of what a post-op ladyboy felt like down below. After a few minutes they both knew. Another Japanese guy arrived and sat in between them both with one of the the gogo dancers. She was straight on his lap grinding him stupid… F..mee I was thinking ‘is that what I look like?’ No wonder people stare… Cool this guys a winner.

Now not to be outdone one of the ladyboys jumps on the lap of her man and does a decent enough job. You can tell when they’re next to a real woman that a woman wins out. The gogo dancers on stage think I’m starring right into their groins therefore they’re really putting in now. F..mee the action’s too good behind them just now. I take a brief look over my left shoulder and there is a guy with one of the hottest woman that you will see anywhere. I’d say around 24 yrs with Angel Wings tattooed on her back. She's straddled him and they both appear to be locked in a long embrace. Now I find myself still starring through the legs of the gogo dancers at the guys opposite but also in the mirror so I can see what is going on behind me… They can’t be banging could they?

The woman opposite gets off that guys lap and pulls her bikini bottom down exposing her butt then sat on his lap facing away from him… Sh.t yeah. I don’t know where his hands were but they weren’t by his side. Not to be outdone again the same ladyboy jumps up and lifts up her dress. I had a perfect view to confirm… Yes the operation was a success!

The second guy with his ladyboy was in cuddle mode but she had one hand on his groin that was moving continuously. At times at speed where you’d think he might have dropped a load. I didn’t stare continuously as I had to take my eyes of the dancers in front of me to watch one of the other dancers who was wearing skin tight white pants… Talk about perfect bone structure and I’m not talking about her face. An English guy next to me has bought her a drink therefore her groin is pointing in our direction. he knows how to pick them. He’s really raking up a decent bill as he has another dancer seated with him and is also buying two waitresses drinks. When the drinks arrive he is checking the total therefore he wont have any surprises later.

In walked four Western guys late 20’s who were in a bit of a party mode. They sat on my LHS. I didn’t know they still existed until I looked back over 20 min’s later to see four guys holding a beer each. All four are totally oblivious to their surroundings and are just starring at what is transpiring on the dance floor. No talking nothing!

Here's why… One point I need to make is the Kiss Gogo Bar definitely have an A-team and up they get on stage. Six gogo dancers and four of them can really dance. What I’m seeing is mind blowingly good. Screw the guys opposite with the ladyboys nothing can beat this… Let the party begin. The dancer with the Angel Wings just happens to be one of them. The dancing is top class but it is our new friend with the tattoo that takes it all to the next level… Erotic! She was doing all this for the guy behind me. Four of the dancers are straight out of a K-Pop video… this is hot pushed to the Max!

The Dollhouse BangkokThey are all wearing bikinis that leave little to the imaginations. F..mee Angel Wings was on her knees legs open with here back arched rubbing her hands over her firm body. Not just for a few seconds but for minutes. Words cant convey how erotic this chick looked. I was sure I was going to see a wet spot in her bikini since it really did look like she had lost it.

I’ve been to many a bar where I have thought yeah I’ll keep that in the memory banks for a long time but really it’s all just a bit of a show. Not this… It was like watching something very personal between these two. The music being played plays a big part in all of this. It was outstanding in all factors. I have never heard a set-list this good at any gogo bar. The dancers interact perfectly with each other and were clearly conscious to what was going on with Angel Wings.

Now she is on her knees holding onto one of the other dancers licking her slowly from her stomach to her breasts. When she did get back down to the groin area she did have a bit of a bite. I had a quick check on the guys next to me and none of them are blinking. She moved into doggy position and was cracked open like there is no tomorrow. One of the others dancers simulates doing her right their on stage. She proceeded to lye down flat on her stomach and the other chick just kept on banging… F..mee this isn’t a show… its real!

The English guy next to me is oblivious to all of this as he has two dancers and three waitresses keeping him company. At times he’s dancing in the isle with the dancers… Yeah he’s having a great time but could he keep it down since we all might drop a load over here.

I look back up on stage and Angel Wings is involved in a three way doggy fest. She dropped off and layed underneath the other two dancers and rubbed her hand along their groins… Again f..mee. They all get back to dancing but before you knew it she was back on her knees holding onto one of the dancers butt whilst French kissing her belly button. As she stood and kissed her slowly on the neck her right hand rubbed the other dancers groin before putting it in her bikini for a few seconds…. Yeah!

As she pulled away she starred right at the guy buying her drinks and continued dancing. Too good this sh.t. She really has pushed all the right buttons with the guy who has been buying her drinks… He loses it big time!!

Should I just call him loser now? He’s a cool looking guy wearing a baseball cap. 24 yrs and Korean. He went over by the dance floor and wanted to talk to her. I can only presume it was about barfining her… Which he cant! He then pays his bill and is back at the dance floor now with his mobile phone trying to get her phone number. This guys fallen for her big time… We all have!.. It’s just that the rest of us know she’s working.

The four guys next to me are enjoying this show since they now have all snapped back into reality. The Korean guy disappeared to the toilets and was gone a bit too long as now Angel Wings was looking at everyone else within the Kiss Bar. When he did reappear he had his phone out again to give her one last try. This time though he noticed her groin was gyrating in the direction of one of the guys next to me. He swung both arms in the air and began talking to himself as he stormed out. No one batted an eye lid in his direction especially Angel Wings. HA HA … Talk about Cold!

I have held back a tad with what has transpired tonight. Every corner of the bar had a story. It’s just a pity that tonight wasn’t video taped. It was just one of those surreal nights out within a Bangkok Gogo Bar.

At least the Kiss Gogo Bar have the gogo dancers on hand to pool it off. Don't forget about that set-list… So Cool. On Wednesday night I was thinking how am I going to write about this bar? Now all I know is … I’ll be back again soon.

I wasn’t going to write what was happening at Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong this week. I have a bit too much on the go just now but something’s can’t wait. I had walked past Suzie Wong gogo bar in Soi Cowboy early one night. I asked one of the bargirls if they still have the lesbian show on at 10 pm. The answer was… ‘Yes!’. I went back at 10 ready for a bit of girl on girl action… What did I get?  An aging ex-gogo dancer placing a ping-pong ball inside herself then dropping it in a jug! … so this is a ping-pong show? There is nothing sexual or spectacular with what was on show. Quite the opposite… When she laid her egg near me I just thought….So!!!

Next up was body painting on one of the dancers with the lights turned right down since it’s florescent paint. There are two other dancers on stage already painted up. Visually it did look good but I wasn’t here for that. This all lasted about 20 minutes then the dance floor filled with mostly naked gogo dancers and that was it! Nah… Before we got 2 hours of a non-simulated lesbian show for now 20 minutes of boredom!! I didn’t mind paying 180 Baht for a Tiger Beer with the lesbian show. With what is on offer now with the current show then anything over 120 Baht is asking too much!