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Mixed Bars | Part 4

Nestled in amongst the Patpong Night Market is the Kings Corner GoGo Bar. Here we have a mixed bar that oozes sex appeal from the gogo dancers to the ladyboys with only onething on their agenda tonight and that is … Barfine me Now!! There is a good selection of ladyboys ranging from the tall to the petite making this such a good bar for tourists who wish to experience ladyboys in all their glory. When you enter the Kings Corner bar especially if you follow several Japanese tourists inside like I did then the swarm of ladyboys will be immediate. Really there is no pressure once you know how to deal with their advances. If you have never experienced a group of ladyboys in full swing then the pressure might feel immense… Just stare up at the gogo dancers and they will get the message then you will be left alone.

Patpong Night Market

Ladyboy seated out front Kings Corner GoGo Bar

There are more than a few extremely sexy gogo dancers at Kings Corner and I am not talking ‘oh yeah she looks good’. It’s look at me ‘ me I’m horny’ … as she hangs off a chrome pole. At around 23 yrs wearing a bikini which doesn’t leave much room for your imagination… You get the picture? This is what I was staring at when the ladyboys were after a drink …. No Chance!

This really is rare in a gogo bar but when you do see it then it’s a show stopper! Even with the dancers on a break you just want to barfine them. Why waste time having a few drinks? At other bars I don’t mind having a bit of fun within the bar which you could do here. You can just tell that so many of the gogo dancers within Kings Corner would be a lot of fun away from the bar. At 600 Baht for a barfine makes it well worth going down that path. The women are after 3000 Baht and If you choose correctly then I’m sure you will be in for a pretty wild night.

One of the dancers did come over and massage my back for a few minutes HA HA. I’m really not into this but it since she wanted nothing in return. The ladyboys on stage found it a bit amusing and one came over when they had finished their set and had a go… f.. me! Luckily this only lasted for a minute and then she asked ‘who’s better?’ HA HA. The ladyboy was firm where you just know it wasn't a woman. Nothing beats a woman's hands although I replied ‘you are’.

The Japanese tourists behind me partied with a couple of the ladyboys and were not pestered by anyone else wanting a drink. Several Chinese couples came inside the bar. I did notice it was their wife’s that were really keen to see what is going on within a gogo bar. For the husbands it was like they had been dragged inside against their will… I bet if they were alone they wouldn’t be projecting that demeanor.

The guy next to me barfined one of the dancers who he had a couple of drinks with. You could tell she was new to the industry as she wasn’t sure of the process. The mamason had to tell her it’s now time for her to go get changed. Whilst she was gone we had a brief talk and he said that is why he picked her. One of the fears when you do barfine someone is when they come back in their street clothes that you hope her clothes will look appropriate for walking outside. I did cringe when I saw her return wearing a jump suit HA HA… I just don't like that look.

At Kings Corner there is no problem with the bills as when your drink arrives they get you to check the bill then sign it. I have found all the Kings Bars within Patpong to be tourist friendly which makes for a stress free night out.

If you’re planning on having a wild night out (barfine) at one of the Mixed Bars then the Kings Corner GoGo Bar is a good choice. No matter which side of the fence you swing these dancers want nothing more than to please.

Easy Lick Sign Nana PlazaNana Plaza was busy this week. It was good to see that the stupid Playskool signs are in the process of being removed. The new name is ‘Easy Lick’ oh yeah that’ll do. The outside bar already looks busier and you can now have a game of pool. Hopefully that’s new as I used to ovoid Playskool like the plague.

Angelwitch appeared very lively when I walked-by as did Sexy Night who did have a few newer dancers inside which is refreshing. Bargirls go a bit stale overtime and at Sexy Night they do seem to hang in there as long as possible.

Diamonds Bangkok is starting to get a crowd and with the women I saw on Thursday Night it’s no wonder why. I still think the Twister Bar is the pick of the middle floor bars within Nana Plaza.

Rainbow 3 is a bar that is just dying a slow death. Their location right now is a shocker being stuck within such a heavy ladyboy section of Nana Plaza.

Soi 4 Nana has a good atmosphere this time of the year and the Freelancers really do add to the whole experience. I had a brief talk with some of the African women present and was surprised to here that they were from Uganda. They were pleasant enough and weren't pushy which can’t be said about the Russian women present…. It’s all business for them.

Friday night and Soi Cowboy was busy. Not just busy… I mean really busy. Bar owners will know now how their bar is performing tonight… If the bar Is quiet then they have a problem. The Cactus Bar which I mentioned last week feels like Soi Cowboy has a new bar. Before you wouldn’t even look in their direction but now I look just to see the women standing out front.

The Spice Girls, DeJavu, Kiss Bar & the Rio Club dancers all looked sh.t hot standing with Soi Cowboy. .. This stuff never gets old. I don't know why but one of the Spice Girls dancers was rubbing my back as I was gawking at the Dollhouse dancer dancing out front. Then when I was out front the Rio Club I had one dancer with her hand up the front of my t-shirt … I’m trying to have an early night!

Within Patpong Soi 2 Glamour GoGo Bar is open for business. If you’re into tattoos then you will find a few gogo dancers with impressive full back tattoos. Throw in good personality's and the right attitude makes these women a lot of fun to hang out with. If you’re into party mode then Glamour would be a cool bar to let loose.

Glamour gogo bar Patpong

Glamour Gogo Dancers Patpong Soi 2

Within Patpong 2 there are now four gogo bars that are all worth spending some time inside and they are: Bada Bing, Glamour, Pink Panther & Club Electric Blue.

Patpong 1 is where you can turn back the clock since most of the bars haven’t been modernized of late which does add to their charm. King Castle 2 is ruling the roost as they’re really on top of their game just now. Patpong is well worth a night out these days… Stick to the bars above and throw in the Thigh Bar, Superstars (when busy), Kings Corner & of course Kings Castle 1.

If you are into ladyboys then Kings Corner 2 will blow your mind!… Full on pressure!... Take no prisoners!… until you buy someone a lady drink. Then and only then will you be left alone.