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Mixed Bars | Part 3

One of Soi Cowboys best Mixed Bars is the Sahara GoGo Bar where the gogo dancers can go a bit wild if you do decide to go into full party mode. They have all the ingredients for a very good night out albeit expensive. Here I am having a quiet drink at The Moonshine Joint next door when out walk the Sahara gogo dancers looking a million dollars in matching uniforms. I’m sure I’ve got the best seat in Soi Cowboy right now. At least I can stare since it would be odd not to.

As they stand within Soi Cowboy the Sahara gogo dancers really do have the WOW factor tonight. Most tourist look from afar and as they approach to pass they dare not give eye contact. HA HA… don’t be shy! Just before the dancers came out there were five or six ladyboys out front in black dresses doing their best to get customers inside. The ladyboys here at Sahara are all good natured and do leave you alone once they know you are only interested in the women.

Sahara Soi Cowboy

Sahara GoGo Bar Dancers

Now to the dilemma of who to party with tonight? Once I entered the Sahara gogo bar I quickly noticed that I had been followed in by two of the dancer. Before sitting down I let them know that I was only here to watch the dancers on stage… Yeah Right! Not a problem as they made their way back outside. Inside there is one other customer but shortly after the bar became half full.

The Sahara and the Midnite Bar have the same owner therefore the pricing is a clone… A lady drink is 250 Baht …. Beer 200 Baht. The gogo dancers can’t be barfined. Anyone in a black dress can at a cost of 1000 Baht and yes they’re post op ladyboys in the black dresses. A major difference here at Sahara is none of the waitresses asked for a drink.

Tonight no one was interested in the ladyboys therefore they mainly stayed outside. The Japanese customers were hanging out with the younger gogo dancers who appeared to be between 20 - 22 yrs. Most of the dancers here are firm/lean. You will see several dancers with a six pack which is the total opposite to the Midnite Bar where more than a few of the dancers are carrying a couple of extra kg’s around the waist.

The guy next to me had one of the taller dancers over for a drink who I must say looked sh.t hot when she passed. The poor prick wanted to touch her so bad. She appeared to be more than interested to have some fun but this guy is too scared to pull the trigger. She’s sitting next to him on the bench seat and when he did touch her leg she turned and faced him… F..mee when she does that she’s just begging to get on your lap. He pulled his hand away … no really … again F..mee.

Now to make things worse for this winner. There are two tourist nearby who have three dancers over for a drink and the one next to me has a dancer on his lap. Since we are on a long bench seat the whole seat was vibrating at such a disturbing level that you just had to look over to see this chick in action. I wonder what the other guy must have thought when he looked over… ‘that’s what I want!’ HA HA.

I was just about to ask one of the dancers over for a drink when I couldn’t believe what was transpiring in front of me. The dumbness of some people is beyond belief. Again just like what happened at the Midnite Bar the two guys next to me who have just partied with three dancers and in the process bought six lady drinks plus they had 2 beers each… 6 x 250 + 4 x 200 = 2300 Baht. I do keep tabs on how many drinks people are buying dancers/bargirls… usually in disbelief. These pricks argued and only wanted to pay 1000 Baht. This all lasted about 10 minutes and it was entertaining to watch but not for the waitresses or the dancers inside. The music was playing but everyone just stopped what they are doing and just starred! You could see the frustration on the waitresses face. When they decided to just walk out she quickly followed… HA HA bad move by them … All I know is when she came back 30 seconds later she had 3000 Baht in her hand… Losers!

The Sahara and the Midnite Bar are both so transparent with their pricing that it makes you wonder what is going on? Are these so called customers thief's? Or just plain and simple… STUPID!!! People like this really aren’t welcome at Bars-Soi Cowboy-Bangkok-Thailand… Just Off!!! Hopefully back to wherever they came from. Let other people enjoy their night out. Once they left the whole bar went flat. The dancers all looked a bit shocked at what had gone on. I’m just glad I got to see it with my own eyes… Again!!

Before these guys killed the atmosphere I found the Sahara GoGo Bar to be well run and the dancers are up there with the best within Soi Cowboy. Pity the mood had gone and I didn’t get to party with any of them.

Tuesday night I hit Soi Cowboy again and it was busy. I was tempted at several bars to go inside but it was the Cactus Bar that won out. Since they have gone to the effort of having some attractive dancers out front therefore I couldn’t just pass-by. The Cactus Bar was busy for a small bar and there were six naked dancers on stage. Three of the dancers were well into their 30’s and had bumps on bumps which didn’t matter to some of the customers who were showing them a bit of attention. I kept my eyes on the other three who would have been pushing 30 but looked fit. I came to the conclusion that I would barfine two of them… no problem. The other dancer had the best body but when she turned I noticed her caesarian scar which looked a bit too fresh. This made it more amazing of how good her body looked. I’m sure that scar was less than 12 months old.

Looking around the bar every guy had a dancer over for a drink. There was a bit of minor hands-on action with the guy sitting opposite to me who had two women over for a drink. He really needs learn to get one of them on his lap if he wants to have a good time. It all looked a bit too awkward and unnatural sitting on the bench seat… At least sit on a stool. After about 10 minutes the dancers had a shift change meaning the women who were outside are now on stage. There are now two very attractive dancers on stage in their early 20’s who kept their clothes on. The four other dancers were naked but didn’t stand a chance as all eyes were on the younger fitter dancers.

The Dollhouse Agogo is well and truly back on the map. The chrome pole is occupied out front which makes for a cool spot to stop and have a drink. Inside I noticed more than a few new faces amongst the gogo dancers. The dancers do get in various stages of dress when they’re on the dance floor. Throw in tabletop dancing and you have a must see bar within Soi Cowboy.

Since I haven’t done this in a while here are what I believe to be the best four gogo bars within Soi Cowboy (In no particular order) … Right NOW!! Hit any of these four bars and you should have a decent night out. If not then have your pulse checked.


The Dollhouse


Lucky Star

At Nana Plaza the numbers were down compared to Soi Cowboy. The Middle floor of Nana Plaza was busy though with Japanese tourists who were obviously heading towards  Rainbow 5. Also more than a few were on a mission to check out one of the several ladyboy bars. I just happened to be walking behind a group of Japanese males when they stopped out front the DC 10 Bar. Since I was blocked I stuck my head inside… Only to wish I hadn’t!! At least the guy I saw appeared to have done the right thing on first viewing. He had an attractive woman with large breasts on his lap grinding to the beat whilst he was holding onto her butt!! … Got the picture?? There is only one problem!!… He/she had a p.nis!!! That wasn’t a Pogo Stick I saw! Hence I wish I had never stuck my head inside.

I was shocked as I walked passed Melodies UK within Soi 4. This just shows how any bar can go from good to bad in a short period of time. Where had all the cool women gone? It was like a horror movie! Luckily at Melodies UK the front of the bar is completely open therefore you can see exactly who or what is inside and tonight Melodies UK is a no go zone.

This is what I saw at the Chequers Bar within Soi 4. Seven guys inside three are dressed neater than anyone else within Soi 4. Throw in that there isn’t one woman to be found inside… It’s all starting to add up… Is this a gay bar (half-joking)? From the outside looking in, it all looks a bit weird. If Chequers is a gay bar then it all looks normal.

Patpong on Friday night was hot and humid which made for sitting inside a gogo bar a good idea. Kings Castle 2 is a bar that can grab you by the balls as you try and pass… The dancers are awesome tonight and you can just tell it’s one of those nights where everything gels. I hung around for an hour and could have stayed all night.

Kings Corner again was busy with tourists who do like to come and see the ladyboys but for me the female gogo dancers can be more than enjoyable to spend a bit of time with. Superstars was again in a bit of a party mode as there were several customers standing around having a drink. The gogo dancers at Superstars do like to entertain when they get a crowd.

Club Electric Blue looked like a cool spot to hang out tonight with plenty of attractive fit dancers inside. I noticed one of the dancers when outside was holding a placard ‘Draught Beer Big Glass 110 Baht 475ml/16oz’ although the price has gone up it still represents good value. The Kiss bar looked about half full which is a good night for them. The gogo dancer numbers at the Thigh Bar have increased which can only be a good thing. The Thigh Bar is one of my favorite bars within Patpong if you’re looking to unwind or should I say ‘let loose’…. Hands-On Bar.