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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

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Mixed Bars | Part 2

Another Soi Cowboy mixed bar is the Five Star Bar. At least here you can take a seat behind the ladyboys and get a good view of the gogo dancers from Rawhide opposite & DeJavu next door. All is not what it seems once you spend a bit of time inside. My first couple of walk by's the band wasn’t in action therefore I kept on walking …. F..mee I didn’t want to go in. I could spot a couple of dancers on stage and rough is not a strong enough word to describe what I saw… I’m sure there was a granny on stage. I’ll give it to the ladyboys that sit out front at the Five Star Bar, they do look good.

Finally I notice the band is warming up so in I go. Just my luck there are two customers inside and they both leave just as I order a drink. I look around at the bargirls inside granny, granny, granny …. Owe an aunty!! of course I stare for a few seconds too long after looking at the grandmas and she’s over like a shot. I try the I’m just having one drink and go routine which didn't work. I take a closer look at her and she looked good and would be around the 35 yr mark. She came across as someone you’d want to hang out with personality wise. It took around a minute and she had her hand in my lap but I still wasn’t interested. Now don't forget I said ‘all is not what it seems’.

Rawhide Soi Cowboy

View from the Five Star Bar

She places my hand on her leg and I’m thinking ‘jeez those legs feel good’… this chicks firm! I take a closer look since she is wearing a large dress that didn’t really show here assets and I asked, do you dance? … ‘Yes’. She stood up and lifted her dress revealing her gogo pants…. what an ASS!!… this is BS as I was thinking she was a dud. I get her a drink and its on. What a machine now I’m getting action like at Kings Castle 2, she’s slow dancing in between my legs encouraging me to run my hands up her thighs to that…. I’ll say it again… what an Ass!!

This chicks horny or a really good actor. She lay back down on the bench seat and looked shit hot. There were about three granny’s just starring at what is transpiring in front of them, which was a bit off putting. Looking back on last week at the Midnite Bar with blondie. I had a good time but never felt out of control but with this chick after just 10 minutes you really do want to pay the barfine and get out of here. Since tonight I’m not here to party I do my best to compose myself.. Thank f… the band has started up.

I must say the trip inside tonight isn’t going to plan. After 10 minutes hanging with her you really do want to drop a load. Tonight the plan was to sit away from the action and observe how the customers are reacting to both the bargirls and the ladyboys. Not become the center of attention.

Since I blanked out for 10 minutes I take a look around the bar and now there are three Japanese customers inside and two are having a drink with a ladyboy each. My new friend has also composed herself so I ask her about the ladyboys. She informs me that they all have had the chop ‘they’re the same as a woman’. HA HA I bet they cant get wet!! Naturally anyway. This chicks a keeper she only sips her drink and is a wealth of information.

Billboard Nana Plaza

In walk six Japanese guys with three ladyboys and they all sit near the band. The Five Star Bar is filling up and not with Westerners. The guy next to me has his second ladyboy over for a drink. I noticed he has a routine first he briefly touches their breast then he puts a hand on their hip. With the first ladyboy he took his hand away… she was slender and they only hung out until their drinks were finished. With the second ladyboy she was bigger and this time he didn't take his hand away from her hip.

The Five Star Bar has more surprises. Now around 11 pm there are some hot gogo dancers arriving back to work after obviously being barfined earlier. That’s why there were mainly granny’s inside when I arrived. The smart guys have been in early and barfined the best dancers for a short time. If you plan on barfining someone then the cost is 900 Baht but if you buy 2 lady drinks then the price drops to 600 Baht. Since a lady drink is 150 Baht it works out well. With the dancer I’m with, for her company the price is 3000 Baht all night or 2000 Baht short time (2 hours) and you can get a room opposite at Penny Black 400 Baht (2 hours). Her price is negotiable and I’m sure she would hang out all night for 2000 Baht since she is so keen. Don't spend more than a minute negotiating the price and keep it all light hearted then you wont come across as a dick.

The ladyboys are a big attraction here at the Five Star Bar and I was more than surprised at how busy they do get inside. I was told that on a Friday & Saturday night that the bar usually fills up with mainly Japanese customers who like to hang out with the ladyboys. The band is still the best within Soi Cowboy and if you get lucky with one of the bargirls / dancers then you will be in for a good night out.

Sukhumvit Road Nana

Kandy Club Dancers Sukhumvit Rd Nana

Walking along Sukhumvit Road footpath out front McDonalds near Soi 5 Nana I spotted a group of Chinese tourists taking pictures of 4 girls holding signs for a new bar the Kandy Club (pic above). It must have been a bit uncomfortable for them as It’s okay standing within Nana Plaza but out front McDonalds they really did look out of place. You will see freelancers but gogo dancers well that’s is a first for me. The chick on the left does have an impressive back tattoo in the making. I had a quick look inside Soi 5 but didn’t spot the 2nd floor Club during a lazy stroll.

At Nana Plaza Playskool has new owners lets see what path they take as this is one bar that has been completely off my radar for a long time. Hopefully they do a name change as the name Playskool erks me for obvious reasons. As you walk past Diamonds Bangkok they’re obviously trying to outdo Spanky’s where you get hit with a bit of foam tubing. Here at Diamonds Bangkok they really do put their shoulder behind it. Just look a bit timid and you’re definitely going to get hit… It’s all done in good nature therefore… cool.

A walk along Nana Soi 4 I checked on Melodies UK and everyone inside did appear to be having a good time. Bar 4 was unchanged with most the customers looking as depressed as I don't get it and I’m not going in to find out what's going on. The Morning Night Bar was lively on Thursday night and an added bonus is no one has been yelling out ‘welcome’ as I walk past. This is one of Soi 4’s best beer bars and they do have a cool group of bargirls inside.

I found both Nana Plaza & Soi Cowboy busy this Thursday night and the latter being the busiest. I have noticed an influx of new faces at some of the older style bars within Soi Cowboy. This is usually a good time to go in and unwind before the older bargirls teach them any bad habits.

I did plan on spending Saturday Night @ Nana Plaza but for a ban on selling alcohol until midnight (public holiday), those plans were then shelved.