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Mixed Bars | Part 2

Another Soi Cowboy mixed bar is the Five Star Bar. At least here you can take a seat behind the ladyboys and get a good view of the gogo dancers from Rawhide opposite & DeJavu next door. All is not what it seems once you spend a bit of time inside. My first couple of walk by's the band wasn’t in action therefore I kept on walking …. F..mee I didn’t want to go in. I could spot a couple of dancers on stage and rough is not a strong enough word to describe what I saw… I’m sure there was a granny on stage. I’ll give it to the ladyboys that sit out front at the Five Star Bar, they do look good.

Finally I notice the band is warming up so in I go. Just my luck there are two customers inside and they both leave just as I order a drink. I look around at the bargirls inside granny, granny, granny …. Owe an aunty!! of course I stare for a few seconds too long after looking at the grandmas and she’s over like a shot. I try the I’m just having one drink and go routine which didn't work. I take a closer look at her and she looked good and would be around the 35 yr mark. She came across as someone you’d want to hang out with personality wise. It took around a minute and she had her hand in my lap but I still wasn’t interested. Now don't forget I said ‘all is not what it seems’ …..

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