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Mixed Bars | Part 1

How tempting is the Midnite Gogo Bar as I sit opposite within the Moonshine Joint’s outside bar? Soi Cowboy has a handful of mixed bars but for me at the moment the Midnite Bar looks like they have a good mix. In the picture below there are two ladyboys both standing one on the far left and the other on the far right. The ladyboys look petite compared to their counterparts at the Cockatoo bar. The gogo dancers in their skimpy uniforms look hot. Most are carrying a few extra kg’s which for some reason just now I think is a better look than the too skinny gogo dancer that you will find dancing at more than a few bars. The guy in the picture has no chance if he’s a sucker for affection. I’m sure she’s going to be on his lap in no time. Think of it if she straddles him FFS. Where to put your hands might be his biggest dilemma… Easy choice…. Her Ass!

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