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Mixed Bars | Part 1

How tempting is the Midnite Gogo Bar as I sit opposite within the Moonshine Joint’s outside bar? Soi Cowboy has a handful of mixed bars but for me at the moment the Midnite Bar looks like they have a good mix. In the picture below there are two ladyboys both standing one on the far left and the other on the far right. The ladyboys look petite compared to their counterparts at the Cockatoo bar. The gogo dancers in their skimpy uniforms look hot. Most are carrying a few extra kg’s which for some reason just now I think is a better look than the too skinny gogo dancer that you will find dancing at more than a few bars. The guy in the picture has no chance if he’s a sucker for affection. I’m sure she’s going to be on his lap in no time. Think of it if she straddles him FFS. Where to put your hands might be his biggest dilemma… Easy choice…. Her Ass!!

Midnite Bar GoGo Dancers Soi CowboyMidnite Bar Soi Cowboy

They run a tight ship here at the Midnite Bar. I will see 4 or 5 ladyboys out front and when they nab a customer at least three of them will head inside and wont be seen again for an extended period. They must be good at what they do. The gogo dancers rotate well out front therefore you can have a drink opposite and enjoy the show or wait until someone catches you eye.

Now don't think I’m going to let that guy have all the fun. I quickly pay my bill and before I know it I’m discovering that blondes do have more fun… for some reason tonight this chicks in a really good mood…. Jackpot!!! A lady drink costs 250฿ and a beer is 200฿ therefore you will need keep tab on how much you plan to spend for the night. The good news is these chicks aren’t shy and will sit on your lap if prompted. The downside here at the Midnite Bar is the gogo dancers can’t be barfined. The waitresses and the women/ladyboys in black dresses can. A barfine will set you back 1000฿. I don’t mind that you can’t barfine any of the dancers since you can have a bit of fun plus they are up front about who you can and can’t barfine, just ask!

The Japanese customers were more than happy hanging out with the post-op ladyboys. It was watching them that I learnt that they had had the chop. Talking with the waitresses they swear blind that they’re all women HA HA. They are all post-op!!!! Still not a woman. I bet if you check their id’s there wont be a Nok, Noi, Toy or Pa amongst them… instead you’ll find Dat, Num or Neng … FFS.

My blonde friend for tonight did put on a good show and was more than happy to get up close and personal. I was surprised at how many people actually do get dragged into the Midnight Bar. Most people just have one of the women sitting next to them wishing they would get on their lap. They don't need stair at my action… With just a little prompt then they can live it!!

Now to the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time. Two guys walk in the Midnite Bar with a dancer each and they just happen to sit nearby. Dumb & dumber proceeded to order drinks for themselves and the two dancers. The waitress clearly showed them the price for lady drinks and asks for a drink for herself and they said yes…. HA HA. Two other waitresses spotted this and were over like a flash f..mee ….no problem. At this stage I’m just thinking these guys are cashed up and are in for a big night out. They never touched the women once and were having limited conversation with them…. Mmmmm big night out????

They knocked their drinks off in less than 10 minutes and it was time to leave … So they thought. They get given the bill and they are looking so fnnn confused. Squinting at it like they both need glasses in disbelief. 1650฿ HA HA in less than 10 minutes, 5 lady drinks and their 2 beers. Now Dumb and Dumber proceeded to try and add it all up for several minutes before deciding to pay. It does worry me that these two might work here as teachers!! They pool all their money together but are a 120฿ short and the smartest one says that's all we can pay. HA HA .. I did actually laugh out loud even my blonde friend was enjoying this show.

They got told ‘one of them can go to the ATM’. They both didn’t look too happy about all this but reluctantly one of them headed off accompanied by a waitresses. Embarrassingly he returns without the cash and is basically begging the other guy to go get it. These are the type of guys that can give a bar a bad name with their bullsh.t horror story. Once you see this with your own eyes it’s hard to believe how stupid some people are.


  1. Learn Basic Maths.
  2. Don’t buy waitresses drinks.
  3. Jungle Jim’s 120฿ for a beer.
  4. Jungle Jim’s 100฿ bargirl lady drinks.

All basic stuff. I can’t believe the stupidity in buying three waitresses a drink, really what for?

Midnite Bar Soi Cowboy LadyboyMidnite Bar Post-Op Ladyboys in Black

Patpong does surprise me some nights and this Wednesday night was no exception. The bars with live bands were busy as was the Night Market. The Thigh Bar and Superstars were both busy and there was a real party atmosphere kicking off. At Superstars the crowd were mainly into the music… guys were bouncing around and the gogo dancers were letting loose on stage. At The Thigh Bar well screw the music it’s all about the gogo dancers…. I cant emphasize enough… Don't be Shy!!! Or you will be missing out big time.

Kings Corner had a group of Chinese tourists male and females inside who were mainly checking out the ladyboys for entertainment. Of the women inside there are a couple of dancers with impressive back tattoos who are worth gawking at when they are up on stage. You can have a good night out with the women inside Kings Corner. Kings Castle 2 was another bar doing well… they can be so good that I try and refrain from going inside, as more often than not I will get stuck for the night.

If it’s bargirls that you are after then check out Radio City as they have plenty on hand. At Radio City they have pool tables inside which is a good alternative to just sitting around. Patpong’s Kiss Bar is still quiet. Hopefully the do start getting a crowd as the older style bars still have a place within the gogo bar scene.

As I was heading to Thaniya Road I passed the Pink Panther, talk about packed. They do have a good group of gogo dancers and a couple are very erotic in their dance style especially when the beat of the music is right.

Now anyone who is western and has walked down Thaniya Road then you will know that the women seated out front of their bars/clubs are only interested in Japanese customers. Tonight I walked close enough to check then out… really most are just bargirls over 30 yrs which was a big surprise. I was expecting early 20’s but I guess they had already been snapped up. I did see one guy leaving a club with a woman who was in her early 20’s. I’d say it’s all about numbers therefore making Thaniya Road look busy. These chicks might get a bit of business later on once all the Sake kicks in. After being to Thaniya Road it’s no wonder Rainbow 5 (Nana Plaza) and Baccara (Soi Cowboy) do so well with the Japanese customers.

At Nana Plaza I spent some time inside Butterflies Go GO Bar and hung out near the Jacuzzi were most people gravitate. The dancers inside the Jacuzzi do know how to have a good time. I noticed several new faces on the dance floors at Butterflies. Some you just cant take your eye off, talk about hot!!

The Enter Bar does have plenty of dancers for the size of the bar but I have noticed, they can get customers inside but it’s only for one drink. It’s a bit strange that people aren’t hanging around longer. It’s possibly the layout of the bar as you don’t really have any privacy if you did decide to party hard with one of the women. The gogo dancers look good and do perform well on the dance floor.

At Billboard the Jacuzzi area was packed inside and out. You’ve got to take a seat by the Jacuzzi at least one time on your travels to Nana Plaza. Billboard is a bar where you can spend the majority of your night out without even thinking about checking out any other bars.

I did stop out front Spanky’s for 5 min's as I heard the familiar sound of bells as ACDC’s Hells Bells was kicking off. This song will always stop me in my tracks.

It’s good to see that the Dollhouse Agogo @ Soi Cowboy has their outside chrome pole back in action. So cool…!!!!