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Lose Face

Do yourself a favor and have a clear plan when going out to either Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong. The mistakes some people make are beyond belief. Why oh why would anyone go to a gogo bar just to have a dancer sit next to them? Lady drinks scoffed and she’s off. Do you actually think that a gogo dancer with a hot body wants to be knocking alcohol down her gullet all night. Shit! Barfine her! What do you get off on? Just sit and drinking or f.cking? I know what she wants and it’s not drinking. Some people may be complaining about their bill when it’s time to leave. If you’re into sitting and chatting with a woman then hit a beer bar. Most of these woman can take a drink or two or three … You’ll enjoy your night more than having a brief encounter with a dancer that can hardly speak any English. I cannot see any circumstance in having a gogo dancer just sitting next to me. Do you get off on a fleeting touch of her knee or the ball breaker brush against her breasts? Don’t get it! Don’t get it! Don’t get it! Don’t get it! Don’t get it! Don’t F.cking get it and I don’t want to get it!

Five Star Soi Cowboy

Five Star Bar | Soi Cowboy

I haven’t hit the gutter (maybe last week?) this year and since I just had my best bang of 2018 lets go. If you have come with a plan of barfining a dancer then you’d want to make sure she has got what you are into. You know I’m going to talk about her piss flaps, don’t you? The breasts are easy since they are in full view. I would say most males have a particular preference for a snatch. I do … meaty lips. me they are awesome when juiced up to the max. Therefore how are you going to know she’s got what you’re into under the hood? Make sure that she will get on your lap before ordering any drinks. Onething I need make clear. I let them make the first move when it comes to groins. They’ll be rubbing your dick in no time. Fairs fair. A slight rub and you will have your answer.

If your plan for the night is just to feel of a woman's body with no intentions of getting laid. Then you’re in luck as there are several bars where you can go that extra mile. It’s amazing when I think back on seeing customers just sitting there with a juiced up dancer or a bargirl that is drying up every second he doesn’t make a move. me I’m sitting there with a chick on my lap. Sucking on a breast with my hands in free roam mode and thinking to myself. “Wash my hands before leaving” or the classic “Don’t rub my eyes.” what do people think when they look over? Freeaak! Don’t care! To me they’re the freaks for just sitting there boring the chicks. Making them lose face in front of the other bargirls in the process.

That’s right. You’re f.cking humiliating them! The other dancers/bargirls are giving sly remarks in their direction especially if they are new. Look at her … That guy doesn’t even want to touch her. I bet she can’t make a guy cum! HA HA. Oh they lose face too much! Do her a favor and have some fun. The bars I am talking about you will find them in the Hands-On section. You can fire-up at many a gogo bar but there is a point were you’d best barfine her if you want to do any internal exams. At the hands-on bars just remember to wash your hands before you leave.

If you are just after sitting watching the gogo dancers then just do that. Sit and watch! You look normal. It’s the guys with a dancer just sitting next to them that don't look normal. If you get in the mood and decide it she’s too hot I want to tonight. Now's the time to get her over for a drink and a quick barfine. You’ll look normal as you will be finding out how much she wants for the night. The losers will be looking over thinking “Oh look at that guy he’s talking to her.” HA HA … it I’m not even going to go there.

Butterflies Nana Plaza

Butterflies Gogo Bar | Nana Plaza (2017)

A few bars at Nana Plaza are at the top of their game just now. Diamonds Bangkok has been pulling a good crowd of late. This is a mixed bar where you can let loose. Expect a wild night if you decide to let go there. The Twister Bar has one of the best atmospheres within Nana Plaza. Playskool on Thursday Night had a good crowd inside and out. A few guys looked rough and ready for a big night.

Butterflies is a good bar with plenty of dancers up for a good time. The Jacuzzi is always a good spot to hangout if you’re in Party mode. The Enter Bar is also heading in the right direction. People are heading inside for a wild night out. Sexy Night also had a good crowd on Thursday Night. I’ll have to go in one night soon as the women I saw when I passed looked … f.ckable!

Angelwitch looked lively with a decent crowd. At the time of passing they had a bigger crowd than Spanky’s which is saying something. Talking of crowds the biggest bars both Billboard and Bangkok Bunnies were doing well. Maybe I should write who wasn’t doing well. Erotica looked quiet. I do feel like a prick not going in of late. They open their curtain when people pass and I do like what I see when it comes to the gogo dancers. Another quiet bar is the Mandarin Bar (both). These bars do nothing for me therefore I just don’t go in. Rainbow 3 had a couple of sexy looking gogo dancers on a break. Very barfinable looking women.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Bangkok Roof Construction

Slowly but surely the roof is on its way at Nana Plaza. Not really slowly it’s the anticipation of seeing the final product that makes it feel longer. On YouTube this week I uploaded a 2016 video of the EQ Late Night Club. The EQ Late Night Club is located just a short walk past the entrance to Nana Plaza within Soi 4.

In regard to the ladyboy bars I was surprised to see DC 10 being so quiet. This could change at a drop of a hat though. Straps has been busy of late as has Obsession. The Mercury Ladyboy Bar appears to be another quiet bar. Appearances can be deceiving when it comes to ladyboy bars. Casanova has plenty of polite ladyboys hanging outside. I have no plans to go inside just to see how busy they are. If you’re into ladyboys then at least at Casanovas you check the ladyboys out or have a chat before going inside for a drink.

One annoyance I have is Rainbow 5 has a 4 stuck over the neon 5. Rainbow 4 made their name in the Twister Bar location with that layout. Why try to resurrect the Rainbow 4 name in the old Candy Land and Fairy Bar (HA HA) location. The Rainbow 5 name was/is doing just fine!

The outside bars at Soi Cowboy were doing well this week. At least the good bars were anyway. I’m a big fan of three bars just now and they are … Lucky Star, The Dollhouse and Cowboy 2. Hit any of these bars for a good night out. The Dollhouse has a must see show on Thur/Frid/Sat nights. Showtime 11 pm.

The Club Patpong

Kings Castle 1 located above The Club

The biggest news out of Patpong is that Kings Castle 1 will be closed for renovations. I’ve been told that the works will take around 2 months to complete. In the meantime Kings Castle 1 will be temporarily located above “The Club”. The Club is located opposite Kings Corner 2.