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We can dream can’t we? Some things are too good to walk away from and seeing a couple of lesbians in action is one of those. With the Suzie Wong Lesbian Show a thing of the past it is rare to see a couple of females getting it on. The first time I ever was lucky enough to be in a bar when a female customer was in full party mode with a gogo dancer … was a few years ago at Jungle Jim’s. This night I was up for a good time but I had nothing on this woman. She fingered this chick stupid and I’d guess in a way that only a woman would know how. when she took a break and went outside for a smoke. I looked over at the dancer who was around 22 yrs old as she tried to stand up … Wow! One of the gogo dancers nearby had to catch her as her knees just buckled. Multiple orgasms will do that to you! The woman I had straddled on my lap walked perfectly fine when she got up. This other chick was destroyed!

Patpong Bangkok


Although this was a few years ago it is something I will never forget. It wasn’t just a short encounter either … I’m talking over an hour. The customer was a full blown Lesbian in her late thirty’s. None of this tame bisexual stuff … It was like she was on heat. She came back in (looked good) and walked straight to her girlfriend for the night. Their faces were soon enough locked in an embrace as their hands went to what appeared to be every orifice … All extremely erotic stuff with aggression and filth.

You just have to get lucky to see this sort of stuff. Well me I got lucky on Monday Night! I headed into Billboard on the top floor of Nana Plaza at around 1 am. I took a seat by the Jacuzzi and looked up at one of the dancers who is dancing whilst leaning backwards. Her groin is pointing at a female customers face who just happened to move in for a bite … Jackpot!

Man! … this all looked good with the way the woman in the tub has leaned back. Her pubic bone was prominent and her bikini was positioned so you just knew that she was clean shaven. I tried hard not to stare! it though I’m a male and seeing a females hands running up and down another woman's body is too much to ignore. We aren’t talking simulated sh.t here. The dancer played her part and did look to be enjoying herself. Now how do you think she’s getting off? It’s with me watching! I’m getting dragged into this and not by choice. Every time something erotic happened she's starring in my direction. Not with just a blank look but with a look of ‘I'm horny! Come on join in’. The women twigged after about five minutes. Now I’m getting high fives after she has run her hands along the dancers breasts down to her inner thigh. Before I knew it she's in doggy position and they both want me to move in for the kill … The woman is hanging out with the front half. I held back as long as possible and did run my hand up her inner thigh to where they wanted it to go. they both loved that sh.t. More importunately why did I hesitate? It’s because her husband was seated beside her!

He couldn’t give a sh.t what was going on and would only come to life to put 100 Baht in the dancers bikini. This just isn’t my scene. I’ll party with women but not if they are with someone else. Therefore I played the shy first time tourist card. If this woman was alone well what a night it could have been. We could have barfined the Jacuzzi dancer and hit a hotel … I’m dreaming!

Now who could forget the night I witnessed at the Kiss Bar @ Soi Cowboy if they were there? … I cant! I am always on the look out for the dancer with the back tattoo when I walk past the Kiss Bar. If you haven’t read about that night then here is the link … Mixed Bars Part 5.

I had headed into Nana Plaza on ‘Monday Night’ as the talk of the town was that Bangkok Bunnies had eliminated the need to pay a barfine. First reports were that you could just go in and walk out with one of the dancers. This ended up being wrong as there was a three lady drink minimum imposed by the staff present on Monday Night. It’s now after midnight and everyone in the group I was with got the same answer ‘you need buy 3 lady drinks’.

Unless you actually went out to Bangkok Bunnies and experienced it first hand then you only know second hand information. The facts are you had to buy 3 lady drinks! social media is such gay sh.t! You have got to have been there.

The staff on the night didn’t follow through or didn’t understand what the requirement was. It all just appeared to be initially miss reported since this isn’t new but is rare. I encountered this at ‘The Club’ (Kings) in Patpong over a month ago. The bargirl I was playing pool with informed me early on that if I buy her 3 drinks then I don’t need pay a barfine. I didn’t pay much attention to this since I had no plans on barfining anyone that night. Everything therefore appeared normal to us with the 3 drink minimum … Yeah good idea!

Smooci Bangkok

It wasn’t until Wednesday that I Tweeted about it. The truth be told it bored me to tears even pressing the Tweet Button … The only part of the tweet that I found interesting was the photo as the text was positive pushing the ‘No Barfine’ policy. I found out the managements position in regard to the lady drinks shortly after. Which is … there is no requirement to buy a lady drink. Pity the staff didn’t follow through with this on Monday Night!

Okay since this ‘isn’t a job’ I might as well drag myself to Bangkok Bunnies and see first hand again if the staff are up to speed this Wednesday Night. This might get brutal as I am passing through the boredom barrier as I write this. Inside the gogo area the the staff and the dancers that I spoke to were all up to speed with what was going on. So much so that If you wanted to leave with one of the dancers they would suggest to take one of their friends. That way they could have an early night … HA HA … Not the right thing to do.

The outside bar is where the bargirls are. I am very picky when it comes to communicating with any bargirl. I spotted one of the women that I had talked to on Monday night and she was still adamant that I had to buy ‘3 lady drinks’ I actually like this woman. We chat for a few minutes then she shows me on Facebook were it talks about report anyone asking for 3 lady drinks. She can only see onething … it!

I do feel empathy for her since it is not written in Thai. I had her put straight by one of the greeters out front. I wonder who’s Job it is to ensure all the staff know of the new policy?

I looked over at three bargirls … Sh.t they just weren’t my scene. Two actually irked me and typical these two had no idea what was going on. The other woman explained about the no barfine and no lady drinks and they both just stood up and walked away … HA HA. These women make money from drinks … ‘He not buy drink I go’. After feeling uncomfortable truth be told boredom set in. I looked over at a woman who I did think was a customer. She seemed really agitated about something. I thought if she was a bargirl then she’s mental … I’ll let someone who’s job it is to deal with her. It didn’t get brutal in the end as I held way way back in what I was actually thinking when dealing with a couple of the bargirls … I just left and went to Soi Cowboy.

By Thursday night everything was scrapped and there is a 700 Baht barfine in place. The owners in good faith tried to do something different but were taken advantage by the staff and the customers who saw the flaws in the system. In the end a three lady drink minimum would have been the best option.

After Bangkok Bunnies on Monday Night I went inside Billboard where after getting stuck at the Jacuzzi I peeled myself away … I don’t know where that was heading. I landed in a seat around the rotating dance floor and was surprised at the level of energy that the dancers still had approaching 2 am.

The word is that Butterflies will be closed for a month after someone was found to be inside who shouldn’t have been there. Hopefully that ends up being the case as Butterflies is a cool bar to hangout on a Friday/Saturday Night. The only other bar that I had a quick look at earlier in the night was Spanky’s who were extremely busy when I walked past.

Soi 4 was busy as were the beer bars but no one was as busy as Hillary 2. People were actually lining up to get in. The freelancers are starting to increase around Hooters. When Hooters first opened I noticed they had security moving the freelancers along … That all appears to have been scrapped.

Hooters Bangkok

Monday Night Nana Soi 4

The three best bars within Nana Plaza right now are … Billboard Agogo - Twister Bar - Rainbow 5.

Now to Patpong on Friday Night … Busy, busy, busy and it’s only 9:40 pm. The bars with bands were really in good form and of course this meant they had a crowed. Don’t do this to me … Kings Corner was on fire with plenty of the gogo dancers really going for it … Damn they can dance! For those that dont know. At Kings Corner they rotate between sets with gogo dancers and then ladyboys. The ladyboys will ignore you once they know you’re only interested in the women … who are definitely well worth hanging out with.

Next up was Kings Castle 2. Anyone who wanted to drop load tonight just had to go in. The age group of some of these dancers is just perfect being in their late 20’s. Now I thought that was it I can go. That was short lived as I entered King Castle 1. Here we go … Inside Kings Castle 1 the atmosphere was electric and there were at least six dancers on stage that looked amazing, the rest were above average. Kings Castle 1 was packed with I’d say Chinese tourists where most appeared to have never been to a gogo bar before … Hence the atmosphere. Even when they rotate the dancers there is no drop in standards. Cool Bar!

I headed over to Patpong Soi 2 … It’s like night and day as I looked over at Black Pagoda where I could see 2 customers and the dancers were just standing there by their poles. Foodland looked lively … Nah it! Back to Soi 1. Usually I enter via Soi 2 first to get a feel of the bars. That way I dont notice how big a downer Patpong Soi 2 can be. Friday Night Patpong Soi 1 was the place to be … By Far!