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Its Not Easy!

For anyone who keeps one eye on the ladyboys at Nana Plaza then you will have noticed an increase in standard of more than a handful of ladyboys. It’s not easy looking this good! Have a look at the ladyboy about to pay her bill in the picture below. I’m sure many a woman would want her hair and body! Just head upstairs and peer through the window to the Salon on the top floor of Nana Plaza and you will see several ladyboys inside spending a few Baht before their shift begins. The Salon is a real hub of activity at all hours. Ladyboys at this present time take so much pride in their appearance, especially their hair. Hair loss must be their biggest fear since they were born a male. I often wonder how they get such a good head of hair … Unless it’s in their genes!

Nana Plaza Salon

Beauty Salon Top Floor of Nana Plaza

I have talked to a handful of the hottest ladyboys who all take pride in the work they have done. Onething that they don’t get enough credit for is their time in the gym! Hitting a treadmill or doing sit ups. Three things the best ladyboys need keep in check are hair, stomach & legs. Ask most males what is the hardest part of the body to keep in shape and the answer will be the gut. When it comes to stomachs you will see more that are well looked after at a ladyboy bar than in a gogo bar. I see so many underdone gogo dancers especially the ones that just hang onto a pole with their unattractive stomachs on full display. I’d almost guarantee they have never done a sit up in their lives.

Do yourself a favor if you a planning on barfining a woman … I was going to tone this down this week … Pick a woman with a six pack and let her get on top. I bet you will talk about that for a while. If your gayish then get a ladyboy!

The ladyboy freelancers have upped their game as well. I’m not talking about where from distance you can tell … there’s a ladyboy. These ladyboys will still be walking the streets in years to come. There is a section near the entrance to Soi 4 where the ladyboys like to hangout. I have looked over and thought ‘Oh they’re women there tonight’. Only when I am right on top of them that for me it’s obvious they’re a ladyboy! They dont last long standing on a corner as the ladyboy lovers snap them up quickly and it’s if they were never there.

Another problem for a ladyboy is their voice. Some don’t try and hide that their balls have dropped. Others try as they might with no success. It’s just a losing battle for some. Many have done all the hard work to the extent of being post-op only to be let done by their voice … going mute might be the answer!

If you are into ladyboys then consider an Escort. There is no need to hit the streets since they will come straight to your door. Just check out the ladyboy section at Smooci!

I headed to Nana Plaza this week entering as I did last week and didn’t hear ‘No Photo’ from the Security Guards at the entrance. At one stage I was amongst a group of Chinese tourists who were taking pic's and video with their mobile phones all on the ground floor. The London Calling gogo dancers were more than happy having their pictures taken as were the Chili Bar ladyboys (below image).

I then headed to the top floor of Nana Plaza and did a lap without hearing the dreaded ‘No Photo’. It wasn’t until I hit the second floor and was about to walk past my last bar … when a 150 cm Thai woman (not a dancer) standing at the entrance of her bar says ‘No Photo’ HA HA . Which bar was this? … Spankys! … Nearly a 100% pass … Bummer!

All said and done everything appears back to normal in regard to taking pictures for tourist within Nana Plaza. When the tourist were snapping away you could feel a change in the atmosphere in that section. The dancers holding the placards weren't hiding … They were posing!

Ladyboy Nana Plaza

Chili Bar Ladyboys @ Nana Plaza (She’s #58)

If the curtain is open as you arrive at Billboard Agogo then you will feel the atmosphere radiating out. For any first time tourists heading to Nana Plaza then Billboard is one bar that you shouldn't walk past. Other bars that do have the must see factor are: Rainbow 5, Twister Bar and Bangkok Bunnies … All for different reasons. Twister has the most grunt! Head on in and hold her close. Bangkok Bunnies if your intentions are to get laid! Well it … you will be banging tonight after hanging out with one of the Bunnies. Rainbow 5 has a good atmosphere due to being so busy. Sit back and watch some of the dancers go that extra yard hoping to get called off the dance floor. I have seen more than camel toe on display.

Bars that have a drink special of 95 Baht Chang Beer might be losing customer. I do think it has a negative affect on people who drink other brands. To be perfectly honest I’m not going to pay 160 Baht for a Tiger Beer when I know other people are only paying 95 Baht for their beer. This is the main reason I haven’t gone into Erotica for a while … I dont drink Chang Beer!

At Patpong the inside of The Strip has had a bit of a makeover with the booths with curtains are gone. In their place bench seats and tables that sit sideways to the dance floor … still called a booth. Their frontage looks good but everything is being dragged down by the eyesore that’s their front pavement where the woman stand.

I nearly made it into Glamour on Thursday Night. The gogo dancers looked so good in their denim pants that were pulled up tight fitting snug into every crack. I was having a chat with one of the dancers out front … I’m thinking this chicks really hot! … Will I go in as I need review this place? Will she get on my lap? Is she a dud? I need to see a spark when I’m dealing with Coyotes (It turns out Glamour doesn’t have Coyotes). I was just about to ask her in for a drink when … I spotted the woman (bargirl) I had a few games of pool with last week coming out of Foodland. She locked on when she saw me and just said ‘you want another game?’ … Sh.t yeah!!!

Soi Cowboy had a good atmosphere this week. I found the Rawhide and Lone Star gogo dancers all in fine form out front of their respective bars. There might have been something in their food. I had chicks jumping out in front of me wanting their photo taken. I may put one on next week as this week I’m offloading just ladyboy pic's.

Now picture this … You’re cruising down Soi Cowboy when you realize that you need to use a mobile phone quick! The only phone you can see since you’re in a panic is the one in a ladyboys pants at the Cockatoo Bar (pic below) … Could you use it????

Cockatoo Bar Soi Cowboy

Cockatoo Ladyboys @ Soi Cowboy

The must see gogo bars at Soi Cowboy just now are: Cowboy 2, The Lighthouse, Kiss Bar & The Dollhouse. Again all for differing reasons. Cowboy 2 if you want to see how good Thai woman look on a dance floor. At The Dollhouse here we have some grunt and gogo dancers that you really want to barfine … lets not beat around the bush …! The Kiss Bar has an A-team where if they’re in the mood then you will see some erotic sh.t. The Lighthouse is more laid back but some of their dancers have the finest/firmest asses within Soi Cowboy.

There are a few bars within Soi Cowboy that I haven’t been in for a while therefore they’re not in the running. For people that don’t know … Crazy House is located within Soi 23, therefore they don’t get a look in. If I start thinking of some of the smaller bars within Soi Cowboy then I could add a couple more. These are the big four!