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MenuAn Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy & Patpong.

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Hot Stuff!

I wasn't going to write anything this week but since I do have a couple of hours to kill here it is. Picture this … There is a guy with a DSLR pointing straight at the Nana Plaza entrance whilst he is seated at Hooters (no drink). He either has the zoom pulled back videoing the freelancer ladyboys Playskool Nana Plazaor zoomed in at the entrance of Nana Plaza. Anyone that has a camera and deals with low light plus neon's knows that there is a bit of study beforehand with the settings. It can be trial and error until you get it right. That is why the majority of people are more than happy to strike up a conversation about camera settings since you both might learn something new. Not this dumb at Hooters.

I have had at least ten people come over and start up a conversation about what camera I use or just talk about settings over the past year. When I see someone with a camera I do want to fire off a few questions in their direction. I’d say 95% of people are more than happy to get into it. 4% aren’t really interested. They think they are pro’s therefore keep the conversation to a minimum. Now to the 1% these are the dumbest verbally stunted humans to walk the planet. I’ve wrote a bit about them a month ago but this f.cker takes the cake.

Anyway I just happened to be passing Hooters again when he was putting his camera into a backpack. The f.cker still hasn’t got a drink and looks as guilty as I ask him about his camera …! … A blank look back. HA HA … So it!… “What do you do with the video?” Blank! it! I never move when I encounter a retard until I’m good and ready. I say “Do you put it on YouTube?” … “I do!” HA HA. Now the loser talks. “No I not take Video” then shakes his head as if he got asked “When was the last time you banged a ladyboy?”

This loser is short mid 40’s with an Irish accent or there about's. I don’t know why he looked as guilty since the camera wasn’t hidden. I know he hadn’t bought anything within Hooters therefore he might have been on edge about that. My best guess is he’s a full blown ladyboy lover and is ashamed of it.

Billboard Bangkok | Nana Plaza

This past fortnight the YouTube uploads have been a few Visa related videos but the main feature has been the Billboard and Butterflies Gogo Bars. Both are located on the top floor of Nana Plaza … Hot Stuff!

I was a bit taken aback when in Patpong last week. I noticed that both Kings Castle 1 and 2 had increased their beer prices. My bench mark is Tiger Beer which has risen from 150 Baht to 170 Baht. F.cking disappointing. Luckily other bars haven’t followed suit. Once you do a money conversions then beer is expensive for Patpong in my opinion. These 2 bars can get away with it since they’re so good … Just!

Smooci Bangkok

Don’t forget about the Thigh Bar and the Kiss Bar when visiting Patpong. Both have cheaper drinks and have dancers that are up for some fun. With the prices going up people need be more prudent with how they plan their night out. If you want company for the night then don’t hang in the bar drinking. Barfine her early go have a meal then hit 7/11 for some beer supplies if that's what you want. You’ll save a load … before dropping your load!