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Halloween 2017

Being brought up in Australia I didn’t have much knowledge about Halloween except for what I saw in American movies. By the time my kids were at school it lasted until they were around 12. Then it was game over. It wasn’t until I spent a couple of years in the UK that I realized that adults participated in Halloween. It really was a bit of a WTF moment. Good luck to anyone who is into it. There is only one way I would every get into dressing up for Halloween and she would have to be Super Hot!

Here in Bangkok the gogo bars aren’t shy to jump onto any theme. Soi Cowboy was the place to be albeit a few bars had the same theme … Witches! By the time I had walked through Soi Cowboy I had spotted three bars where someone was wearing a witches hat. It wasn’t until I turned into Soi 23 and spotted half a dozen of the Crazy House dancers. There they were out front having a bite to eat wearing witches hats. I just thought that was enough. Too many witches spoils the party and it does get a bit too lame!

Soi Cowboy Halloween 2017

DeJavu Dancers Soi Cowboy

The DeJavu dancers looked cool enough standing within the Soi. Those aren’t blemishes on that chicks face it’s fake scars (pic). The dancer who turned had the most scars, no wonder she was shy. The Dollhouse was the place to be this Halloween if at Soi Cowboy with a costume party and the gogo dancers dressed as Zombies. Who wouldn’t want to bang a Zombie?

Nana Plaza was a big let down when it came to the Halloween theme on the outside. Sure some bars must have had something going on but I didn’t see anything that was going to drag me inside like the DeJavu dancers. Although once inside you would have had a good time at Billboard and Bangkok Bunnies. The Freelancers within Soi 4 couldn’t give a sh.t about Halloween therefore it was business as usual … Bang Anyone!

Cruising along Soi 4 there was only one bar to be at and that was Rest Hub 2. Their live band really is what you’d expect when visiting Bangkok … Rough! Not the soft sh.t which is normally being played at a few bars. The bargirls at the Rest Hub 2 were dressed in black so I’d guess that’s their theme for this Halloween. Some of the bargirls looked worth hanging out with and with decent music being played makes the Rest Hub 2 a cool bar to spend your night.

Crazy House Bangkok

Crazy House Bangkok

The dancers at Crazy House don’t look anything special when they are standing out front having a bite to eat or puffing on a cigarette. Put them on the dance floor naked doing a squat then f… me they do look good!

That’s Halloween since I’m not going to partake in any of the activities I’ll leave that to the people who care. Yeah it would have been fun banging a zombie but unfortunately that was not to be. There is always next year.

I have found it hard getting back into hitting the bars after a month overseas. You could just feel it in the air when I arrived back leading up to the Royal Funeral. The funeral itself lasted several days and was the most impressive military style funerals that I have ever seen. The whole proceedings plus the marching was outstanding. It’s well worth checking out on YouTube if you’re interested.

The biggest news within the bars for me was that Bangkok Bunnies now have gogo dancers dancing within the outside bar. You can also have a game of pool whilst gawking at the dancers. This is an excellent format and long overdue for any of the ground floor gogo bars within Nana Plaza. The holding of placards has become totally boring for many regular visitors to Nana Plaza … Time for a change.

At Soi Cowboy the Five Star Bar has been gutted and transformed into a small gogo bar which is run by the same group that owns Crazy House Bangkok. The ladyboys and the band are no more. They have all been replaced by a group gogo dancers. I just hope the bargirls I use to hang with haven’t been given the flick. I had a couple of wild nights in the past at the Five Star Bar. Spread out along the bench seats. I can still remember this chicks body … firm and a pelvic bone that was formed to perfection. I’ll know soon enough if she is still there.

Five Star Soi Cowboy

Five Star Bar Soi Cowboy

Patpong Soi 2 was like a ghost town on Friday night. It wasn’t until you hit the corner where some of the Kings Corner 2 ladyboys hangout that you started to feel an atmosphere. Patpong Soi 1 was its usual lively self and with Kings Castle 1 bursting at its seems with gogo dancers and customers then this was the bar to be. Kings Castle 2 was also busy. What I saw of the dancers most looked sh.t hot!

I had an “Oh Wow!” moment as I was passing Kings Corner. One of the gogo dancers looked so mind blowingly good on the dance floor. A regular Thai woman who looked like she could be one the best bangs of 2017. How could I just walk-by? She ended up easily being in the top three!