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Get it Right

There has been plenty of activity with regard to modernizing of a few bars at Nana Plaza and Patpong of late. Also Hooters has landed in Silom at the corner of Soi Thaniya and Silom Road. With a company this big I’m sure the numbers have been crunched and this location will be a success. At Nana Plaza it was a good idea if you were thinking of doing any sort of building works to your bar, then it was to do it whilst the roof over Nana Plaza was being installed. The Nana Beer Garden who had no choice, Playskool and the Rainbow Bar all took full advantage of this time of distraction. Some bars are in a time warp where in some situations it’s really is best do nothing. One such bar is Rainbow 3 on the middle floor of Nana Plaza. When they’re busy the design and the age of the bar really does them justice. The ladyboy bars either side has a negative affect on their ability to get a decent crowd. A sign out front stating “only women inside” might help. Other bars where the inside hasn’t change for a good reason. It’s because they’re on a winner. The Twister Bar (Old Rainbow 4 location) and Billboard are two such bars. Although their facade out front has been upgraded, the inside of both bars have remained relatively unchanged.

Hooters Silom Bangkok

Hooters Silom Road

At Patpong The Strip had an upgrade inside and out a year ago now but I haven’t noticed any increase in customers. A new bar to hit Patpong was the Shark Bar and within 6 months they were closed. The Glamour Bar is modern and a well designed gogo bar which makes for a recipe for success. When I first heard the Shark Bar was to open in Patpong I initially thought they would have landed in the old Goldfinger Bar location. My thinking at the time was this will be a winner. Once I spotted their location and the narrow design of the bar it was obvious they were doomed to fail.

This brings me to Patpongs biggest name … Kings Castle 1. Have they got it right? The actual design for customers is excellent. Here you have ample leg room where a dancer can stand and groove to the music whilst you’re hanging onto her hips. Have a look at the image below. As you can see you can actually stretch your legs out. More importantly there is plenty of room to let lose if so desired. One of my highest rated bars Cowboy 2 their biggest drawback for me is there isn’t enough leg room at much of the seating.

Kings Castle Patpong

King’s Castle 1 Patpong. During Construction.

Kings Castle 1 is now a large bar and to succeed they need to draw a crowed. I’m not talking about the obvious if they are busy then they will be making plenty. With a large bar you need draw a crowed to get an atmosphere. If not then the place will be flat and their numbers will dwindle. At the King’s Gogo Bars the drink price for a small bottle of beer have risen to 170 Baht. This all happened pre-renovation and for me Patpong Bars shouldn't be more than 150 Baht for a beer at gogo bar. For a tourist who has setup their base near Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy isn't going to put in the effort to get to Patpong without an incentive. Lower drink prices will tempt a few. The rent also is much cheaper in Patpong compared to Nana Plaza therefore this should be reflected in the drink prices.

On Monday night King’s Castle 1 was flat due to being less than half full. Next door at Kings Caste 2 was rocking with the same amount of customers. Being smaller the atmosphere had kicked in which makes for a good night out. Before their renovations King’s Castle 1 would be the spot to be in Patpong on any night of the week. Now they’re bigger this might be reduced to a Friday and a Saturday night. Only time will tell but by bringing the beer price back to 150 Baht would be a start. At the end of the day what does a tourist want when they hit a gogo bar? (You can figure that one out). I was at Patpong on Friday night and King’s Castle 1 was busy but not packed.

The Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

At Soi Cowboy the Country Road Bar has been gutted, stripped back to its bare bones. Again this will be interesting to see the final product. The Five Star Bar and the Cactus Bar had renovations carried out last year. Now with the Country Road Bar doing major works lets see if any other bars follow suit. One bar that for me that needs a bit of work is Rawhide. Their seating is made for midgets … Give a guy a bit of room to stretch out. At the Spice Girls there was one dancer out front who had the largest set of breasts that appeared natural on any gogo dancer I have laid eyes on. She’s got to be popular with a set of lungs like that.

I mentioned last week about bars making outlandish claims on Social Media. I don’t go looking for this sh.t but Twitter pops up with three suggestions to follow when I spot this. “The Lighthouse Soi Cowboy’s #1 for fun”… FFS nothing could be farther from the truth. Bars need to keep it real. I do find it hard to believe that anyone would take any notice of these claims let alone make them. What sort of fun are we talking about? If you’re busting to rub a snatch or two then hit the Toy Bar. It ain't rocket science. If your partial to dropping a load right there in the bar then it, just stay at the Toy Bar. Now we are talking. I could almost believe it if they made that claim “#1 for Fun!”

So many of the dancers at The Dollhouse are up for a good time. Take a trip upstairs to the Tabletop Dancing for something different. I’ve said it before that if you time it right when heading upstairs, the view is great. The image above is taken from the ... The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy | Bangkok 2018 YouTube Video. That is a fine figure of a woman.

Nana Beer Garden Nana Plaza

The Nana Beer Garden | Nana Plaza

At Nana Plaza on Friday Night the Nana Beer Garden was open for business. The ground floor now has a really good vibe. Owned by the Stumble Group they have done an excellent job in updating the Nana Beer Garden. I really can’t fault it … Shit Hot!

Of the bars I had a look inside this week a few stood out. The Twister Bar had a real wild feel to it. More than a few of the customers were charged, the dancers were charged which only means onething … It’s party time. At Butterflies on the top floor of Nana Plaza the dancers did look stunning on the dance floor. The fluro colored bikinis do the job. Here’s a bar if your plan is to hang with someone for the night then make sure you check out Butterflies.

Bangkok Bunnies on Friday Night was the spot to be. There were more than a few guys having the time of their lives with several of the dancers. I bet they left Bangkok Bunnies with whoever they were partying with … Once you get into a bit of rubbing and grinding like they were getting … No f.cker can hold onto a load that long. It’s time to barfine these chicks!