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Feel it!

I headed into Nana Plaza on Wednesday Night and noticed straight away that the barricades had been removed from the ground floor. Now people will be more than likely have a few beers within one of the outside bars. Just like at Soi Cowboy you can sit back and watch what is transpiring at the bars opposite. People watching can be a sport. This all could be short lived as when the beer garden returns to the center of Nana Plaza as the view will more than likely be blocked. Hopefully they get the design right. Nana Plaza was quiet but it wasn’t until I hit Soi Cowboy that I realized that overall Bangkok was quiet tonight. I entered Soi Cowboy via the Soi 23 entrance and felt it straight away … No atmosphere. I actually had to stop and figure out what was missing. There was no music just a dull thud from inside the close by Baccara. Also there was a distinct lack of people cruising through Soi Cowboy.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Things did pick up as I approached Suzie Wongs and the Dollhouse since both had customers within their respective outside bars. The Dollhouse had music as a dancer hung off a pole. At Suzie Wongs they had several women out front that you wouldn’t say no to. Things really petered off the further I traveled along Soi Cowboy. Overall Wednesday night was a dud! You can’t keep these places down as I found myself standing within the center of Nana Plaza on Thursday Night where I really felt an atmosphere. There was just enough people inside to give you a bit of a “Wow Factor.” This was only a brief taste of what Nana Plaza has to come when they get busy. The only place the noise can go is up then it gets knocked backed down by the roof … Sh.t Hot!

Playskool is well positioned to have a few drinks within their patio bar. You also get an up close and personal view of the London Calling dancers. If you’re into Ladyboys then the London Calling ladyboys will be out front before you know it. You will also be surprised at how many people head on into Obsession. Which is a very popular ladyboy bar.

Nana Plaza ground floor

Nana Plaza Ground Floor

Now not to be a killjoy but Houston we have a problem! Everything will amount to nothing if it’s allowed to continue. This should have been knocked on its head early. There is a group of Thai males taking up residence for everyone to see when they enter Nana Plaza. You can see them in the picture above with 4 bottles of beer and a couple on stools. Tourist don’t want to see this and it’s unbelievable that it has been allowed to continue. I have been to Nana Plaza four nights this week and every night they have been at the same spot (6 males on Friday Night). Just try and walk into Nana Plaza with big bottles of beer and a stool … FFS.

I do find it hard to believe that this has been a fixture all week. Anyone with any form of authority should have put an end to it. For me it pisses me off no fold writing about it. Here was my thinking. I spotted it on Wednesday but thought it was a one off therefore when I was writing the first draft I left it out. Then when I spotted it again on Thursday my thinking was should I or shouldn't I mention it. This was to be a positive article for Nana Plaza. Friday Night it’s game over these guys might as well pitch a tent.

Bangkok Street Bar

A Street Bar near the entrance to Soi Cowboy

From there I headed back to Soi Cowboy and found everything back to normal. There were plenty of people cruising up and down the Soi, more importantly the atmosphere was back. Albeit without the buzz that Nana Plaza is generating with the new roof. As you get closer to Soi Cowboy you will notice the street bars popping up. These can get very rowdy as people take advantage to the cheap prices on offer.

Once a bargirl latches onto a customer then it’s hard to leave. Some people just don’t how to control themselves and start dancing in the footpath. Yeah they’re probably having the time of their life but I do get irked when trying to pass. Not in a bad way since I do understand that they have more than likely worked hard all year and this is their time to have a bit of fun … Therefore go for it!

Bada Bing Patpong 2

Patpong 1 has an atmosphere of any busy Night Market. Which is cool but distinctly different from both Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. Patpong 2 lacks any sort of atmosphere as you enter via Silom Rd. It isn’t until you hit Glamour and Foodland opposite that you start to feel something. It all definitely picks up as you hit Kings Corner 2. The Paddy Field Irish Bar has really added to Patpong 2. It seems every night that I pass that they’re busy. It must be said mainly by males, although you do get a few couples. Patpong 2 hosts a few very good gogo bars namely Glamour whom I talked about last week and Bada Bing. Get the right crowd then the Bada Bing dancers really know how to turn it on.

Superstar was really Rock’n on Friday Night. Being a big bar they do benefit from having a decent crowd inside. The Thigh Bar has been a bit quiet of late. If you want a quick frolic with a woman then get inside. These chicks get on your lap … No Problem!