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Do Me!

I am getting a bit backed up with promises made to bargirls, gogo dancers and ladyboys. If someone is forth coming with anything that interests me then I’ll have a drink with them there and then. More often than not though I’m in a hurry to get to my next destination therefore I just say ‘I’ll have a drink with you next time I'm here. They dont forget! I can have a drink comfortably with a woman anytime but ladyboys is another story. At Patpong the ladyboys at King’s Garden next to King’s Corner 2 are easy to talk to plus they possess a wealth of information. One ladyboy in particular likes to come over for a chat whenever they see me. If you frequent Patpong on a regular basis then it’s best to stay on the good side of the bargirls and ladyboys if they make advances in your direction. This particular ladyboy has been my buddy HA HA for the past couple of weeks. It’s a positive as it does put everyone at ease when they see me rip out my camera whilst we are chatting. Even the older bargirls are busting to have their picture taken … Fuck! Like I said it’s best to stay on their good side and play along. Yeah you’re friggin hot! … Lets take a snap.

Some pictures for me are like gold. For example the Playskool image below in front of their new wall mural. All I was doing was waiting a brief few seconds for the flash to charge and take a picture of my pal No: 55. Out of the blue another dancer appears from the gogo area and starts ripping into my chick doggie style. Yeah why not? These are the best pic’s … spontaneous with no fake setting up into a pose.

Playskool Bangkok

Playskool Gogo Bar Nana Plaza … Do Me!

For easily 10 seconds she really plowed into her then turned and looked at the camera that’s when I hit the shutter button. All I was thinking is “Fuck! Video! Video!” Unfortunately there was no time to play with the settings therefore a picture is better than nothing. At least what I saw is imprinted on my brain … And it’s Mega Hot! Now I’m pretty sure that if anyone decides to party with these dancers then they will be in for a wild night. Screw sitting in any bar drinking. Hit your hotel room and have a tag team match. It is gotta be worth it. Let your imagination run wild and do it.

I’ve got to say the “Graphity Style Mural” on the wall is impressive. It really did take me by surprise when I first laid eyes on it. It shows the forward thinking of the owners in making the Playskool gogo bar really stand out in the crowd. So many other bars are so backward in their thinking. Who is ready for some retardation? Here I am taking a few pic's at Playskool when I notice an elderly woman at London Calling trying to get my attention. She’s letting me know with her hands … No Photo. HA HA what a full blown retard … Worry about your own overpriced bar.

This week I released a video on YouTube that I took whilst at Butterflies Gogo Bar. In it you will see a mix of Billboard and Butterflies gogo dancers. You can see it on the Weekly Column main page or hit this link … Butterflies 2018. If you are in your 20’s, single and have a pulse then I hope you have a girlfriend so you can bang her stupid.

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

Coming soon to the YouTube channel will be Soi Cowboys The Dollhouse. Frig I turned up to take a few pictures of the dancers in a different uniform than the other images I have. Well I looked over and saw the dancers on the carousel end to the dance floor. This sh.t is too hot just to take a few pic’s. It was time to hit the record button.

King’s Castle 1 reopened within Patpong 1 on Friday night with a bang. They had plenty on offer for whoever decided to turn up on the night. A free buffet, free Chang Beer and free Thai Whisky meant you really had to watch your alcohol intake. I noticed more than a few people didn’t have a clue about the free drinks. More importantly for me was being amazed at the talent on stage. Not surprisingly on the night King’s Castle didn’t disappoint with the number of gogo dancers being rotated through the dance floor. The dance floor holds 30 dancers at any one time and with 3 rotations there were upwards of 90 dancers on hand last Friday Night.

Kings Castle Patpong

King’s Castle 1 Patpong

At Kings Castle 1 they definitely have an “A-Team” these dancers were in a silver uniform and they all looked stunning on the dance floor. I’ll update their review page soon since I do give bars that have a major change a few weeks to bed in. Later I dropped into the Terrace Bar to check out the bargirls. I was told by the waitress that they have none! Really WTF! They are located right at the entrance to the Patpong Market where at other close-by bars you have the option to leave with someone from that bar. Luckily the waitress was clued up and lets people know to head inside Patpong then go to King’s Corner. At least now The Terrace at Patpong is off my radar since I am not interested in bars that don’t have the option of getting laid … Except Hooters of course … The waitresses are so fine.

Back to catching up buying drinks. I bit the bullet and had a drink with the ladyboy at King’s Garden. She is good to chat with although there is a familiar pattern with ladyboys. Even though they know you’re straight they want to go back to your hotel room with an offer of being able to take all the pictures I want. That’ll never happen. Now I’ll be able to wonder around near King’s Corner 2 without feeling like I need buy someone a drink. At the Temptations Ladyboy Bar there are a few dancers that ask me to take their picture. I let them know if I take it then they will end up on the Internet. All the ladyboys then say “No!” This is completely opposite to a bargirl or a gogo dancer when they ask for their photo to be taken. Most if not all the images never make the cut into the Weekly Column since it’s usually a pose shot. The stories I listened to from the ladyboy will be in the next of the Bangkok Bars Series of Books … “Bangkok Bars Vol 3.”

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