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I headed to Soi Cowboy this week to continue my Mixed Bars Series and tonight it’s the Crazy Cat Gogo Bars turn. The way the nights have been panning out at the other Mixed Bars I enter Crazy Cat with a bit of excitement. That was short lived as there is no atmosphere. There are six customers inside … two are Japanese and they are having a drink with one of the gogo dancers. Nothings going to happen here as they are both early 20’s and the woman is just sitting there sipping her drink … Boring!!!

There is a Western couple sitting quietly F… me they couldn’t crack a smile if their lives depended on it. Now to my only hope two Western females who had just ordered two beers and have insisted on paying their bill straight away. Instantly I thought ‘please get a dancer over for a drink and go mental!!’ That would have made for a great story. But nah nothing! Just a couple of unattractive lesbians gawking at women …..

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