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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

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I headed to Soi Cowboy this week to continue my Mixed Bars Series and tonight it’s the Crazy Cat Gogo Bars turn. The way the nights have been panning out at the other Mixed Bars I enter Crazy Cat with a bit of excitement. That was short lived as there is no atmosphere. There are six customers inside … two are Japanese and they are having a drink with one of the gogo dancers. Nothings going to happen here as they are both early 20’s and the woman is just sitting there sipping her drink … Boring!!!

There is a Western couple sitting quietly F… me they couldn’t crack a smile if their lives depended on it. Now to my only hope two Western females who had just ordered two beers and have insisted on paying their bill straight away. Instantly I thought ‘please get a dancer over for a drink and go mental!!’ That would have made for a great story. But nah nothing! … Just a couple of unattractive lesbians gawking at women.

Crazy Cat Soi Cowboy

Crazy Cat Gogo Bar

There are two gogo dancers on the small stage, one cruising for a drink and the one having a drink with the Japanese guys which makes four in total … this is turning out to be a big night out …! The picture above I took a few weeks early and as you can see the gogo dancers at Crazy Cat are a barrel of laughs … You can just feel it … cant you?

That is most the negatives out of the way. There is one gogo dancer that looks sh.t hot on the dance floor. Although she’s not going crazy like the name of the bar suggests. There are four ladyboys present but they mainly stayed outside trying to nab a customer. I had one ladyboy come over early and asked to sit and chat but I declined. I actually think I went into a bit of a trance with the boredom for 20 minutes inside Crazy Cat. The next day whilst out and about I remembered a stupid dream where I am sitting within a gogo bar and a stream of five Thai guys came from the back of the bar and just walked out. Mental! … Why dream that? Then it struck me it wasn't a dream … It really did happen last night at Crazy Cat. So here’s a question … What’s that all about? (The Thai guys).

Once I went out front I actually woke up and found the ladyboys to be surprisingly funny. I ended up starring at the DeJavu gogo dancers and trying to check out the Rawhide dancers which is a bit hard since there is a small tree in the way.

I have seen some minor action at Crazy Cat before but with what I witnessed tonight you can’t go crazy at Crazy Cat! At 170 Baht a beer you are better of going to the Kiss Bar, pay 195 Baht for a beer and watch their gogo dancers in action! Now that’s money well spent. There is no use trying to flog a dead horse with writing about this night out at Crazy Cat as nothing happened of any interest … Boring!

At Soi Cowboy this week I found a few of the smaller bars being busier than usual. The Five Star Bar and Fanny’s Bar in particular both were lively. The Toy Bar is still the spot to go if your are after a more hands on approach to your night out at Soi Cowboy … Don’t go in and sit like a mannequin as you will be be missing out on a wild night out … Big Time!

There appears to be an improvement with the standard of ladyboys at the Cockatoo Bar or they have all had a makeover. Whichever way it seems to be working as there has been a steady stream of customers in/out. For people into ladyboys the best are sitting at the outside area of the Five Star Bar and although I was negative with what transpired at Crazy Cats … the ladyboys were okay.

I had a quick look at the Lighthouse Gogo Bar on Wednesday night which was busy since it’s their cheap drinks night … 100 Baht per drink all night. The gogo dancers did look good in their short see thru skirts. From there I headed to the Dollhouse Agogo … It’s so good when something happens out of the blue. I balked at the entrance for a few seconds just contemplating where to go … Inside to the gogo area or head upstairs to the Tabletop Dancing … The Tabletop Dancing won out! As I was about to go up the stairs a gogo dancer went first … Sh.t Hot!! She was wearing a fishnet body suit and the holes were all in the right spots. For some reason she was a bit shy and put her hand on her butt so I said ‘don’t worry I wont look!’ She took one more step and turned to walk up the stairs backwards … She’s not shy now!! Now I have a nicely shaved gash only 12 inches from my face. She pissed herself laughing when we hit the top of the stairs. This is just one example why the Dollhouse is so good … there is an edginess that most other bars don't have.

There was a bit of drama at the Rawhide Gogo Bar as security had been called. There was a Western guy out front arguing with the Mamasan. All I thought is here we go another guy complaining about his bill. I hung around just to see how all this played out and was surprised once I knew what all the commotion was about. The Mamasan wanted to see his mobile phone as she says he has taken a picture. He wouldn’t let her look but let security look at his phone. There were no pictures found from within the bar. HA HA… F..Mee … How to lose customers!!

I’m glad Patpong is just a short walk from the Sala Daeng BTS Skytrain Station since this Thursday night was so humid in Bangkok. The gogo bars were quiet at around 10:30 pm which is good for anyone after a bit of action as you get the pick of the gogo dancers.

I’m not into checking out bars that are up a flight of stairs since it all just feels too dodgy. Black Pagoda had around six gogo dancers seated downstairs and four of then looked well worth spending a bit of time with. Just pick one or more of the dancers downstairs and head on up to Black Pagoda … at least they have a lift.

You can’t go wrong hitting the Thigh Bar or Kings Castle 2 as there will be a gem just waiting to get on your lap. I ended up taking my own advice therefore who knows how any of the other bars faired. I ended up losing a day in the process!

Chili Bar Nana Plaza Ladyboy

Chili Gogo Bar Dancers Nana Plaza

If you go to Nana Plaza on a Friday or Saturday night then you've just got to head upstairs to Billboard Agogo … The bar is on fire!! You will feel the atmosphere as soon as you enter. If your are in Bangkok now then this is one bar you don’t want to miss out on experiencing. Rainbow 5 has been busy this week. They do have a loyal following of Japanese customers. Next door at the Twister Bar there was a good crowd inside on Wednesday night … Cool Bar!

One section of Nana Plaza that has always interested me is as you exit the escalator. There is a real battle going on for customers between Mandarin Tabletop Dancing and the Mercury Bar. Clearly the Mercury Bar is winning this battle with the hottest gogo dancers of the three bars just now. This can change at a drop of a hat but right now it’s all about the Mercury bar. The third bar being the Mandarin Bar with the steepest set of stairs you will encounter. How anyone can come down those stairs pissed is beyond me. This is the only bar I have never bothered reviewing as it would just be so brutal …. Those stairs!!!!!

The Chili Bar had a couple of ladyboys on the ground floor who on first glance I thought were women. There definitely has been a big improvement in the standard of ladyboys since I first arrived in Bangkok. Is there a new surgeon in town? And what a bummer that guy walking past just as I was taking the picture.

It was good to see Rainbow 3 actually have a few customers inside. Whenever they have a crowd Rainbow 3 is a good bar to go inside and have a few drinks. If you are on a hit and run mission of just head on in to Nana Plaza and barfine a gogo dancer! Bangkok Bunnies is the spot as they have a very good selection of barfinable women … Yeah get your rocks off!!!

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