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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

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Blown Away!!

Continuing on with the Mixed Bar Series I headed to Soi Cowboy to a bar that I never knew had ladyboys present … Cowboy 2!! Whenever I did go I usually just sat at the outside bar as there are plenty of gogo dancers out front to hang with. It wasn't until I was going through some pictures from last month that I spotted ladyboys wearing tartan skirts at Cowboy 2. The cropped picture below was taken from the Fanny's Bar. Once I stopped looking at the gogo dancer with the back tattoos ass I then spotted the two ladyboys seated out front. The good news is that Cowboy 2 doesn’t hide the fact since the ladyboys wear a different uniform from the gogo dancers.

With so many dancers out front I am still tempted to hang here but bite the bullet and head inside …  Sh.t!!! Cowboy 2 is packed (mid week) with a mix of every nationality and people are in party mode. I take a seat and am blown away instantly with what I am experiencing within Cowboy 2 Gogo Bar. There are customers pissing themselves laughing, chicks are bouncing on guys laps like they’re on a pogo stick. this is all coming together to be a big night out. I haven’t felt this since my first ventures into Crazy House Bangkok!

Cowboy 2 Gogo Bar

Cowboy 2 Ladyboys & Gogo Dancers

I sit back and watch the best group of gogo dancers as a whole in all of Soi Cowboy. I’m talking woman that can dance in a way that when you booked your holiday this is what you came to see! There appears to be three rotating groups of dancers who are on stage at 15 min’s at a time. With the first group eight are outstanding. Each one would be the best dancer at any other gogo bar. Within the eight there are two that are mind blowingly good … No one can compete with this sh.t!!! They just have to be professionally trained to dance. Number 246 has it all.

I’m just sitting back staring at the dance floor since you don’t see this everyday… Mmmm I should!!! This is the level that all bars should strive for when it comes to dancers on the dance floor. No wonder certain bars struggle. The gogo dancers walking around within the bar are so firm! Firm from actually dancing on the dance floor. Sure you’re not going to see any naked bodies like at Crazy House but every where you look here at Cowboy 2 there is camel toe! Get one of those dancers straddled on your lap and they will be cracked open like there is no tomorrow. Ohh Yeah!!!

Sitting in front of me are two Japanese guys. One is having a drink with a ladyboy who is rubbing his chest as they talk. The other guy is hanging with a female. I do find it interesting when these guys have a chat with each other it’s like everything's normal. I’d be like ‘you do know she’s a dude?’ They’re happy just watching what is happening on the dance floor and having a bit of company.

At Cowboy 2 you really need get the best seats as there isn’t much leg room in certain locations. There are other spots were you can have a dancer dancing between your legs. Some guys were hanging onto some firm butt cheeks as the women were dancing just for them. Before you knew it they would turn and sit on his lap … grinding hard but slow. I bet they won’t be standing up any time soon. Around the dance floor there is a group of seven guys. Four have chicks on their laps who are facing away from them and all would stop bouncing in unison to have a drink and a laugh then straight back into it. This is the pogo stick brigade I mentioned earlier.

Now lucks a fortune. Just as I was thinking I had a really bad seat since to the left and right of me guys were hanging out with a gogo dancer each. I was stuck between the two guys. I looked around Cowboy 2 and noticed nearly everyone was having a bit of fun with a woman. Only a couple of losers me included had no one!!! HA HA what a f.cking loser! This all changed within a blink of an eye as woman came over … I’ll be honest I have no idea what she said … Just take a look at the dancer with the back tattoo again!! … I just said do you want a drink? HA HA still a loser. There is no seat to the left and none to the right. There is only one place to sit and that is on my lap! So yeah from loser to a winner in a blink of an eye!

Firm, Firm, Firm … I guess I just need write firm 20 times to get my point across. Just take her home and cook her an omelette as you could crack eggs on this ass all night long. The gogo dancers here at Cowboy 2 are cool … they don’t mind you having a bit of fun rubbing your hands all over their body. I’m sure she was getting off thinking ‘I bet you haven’t felt a body like this in a long time!!!’ I must admit its been about 2 weeks since I’ve attended the Thigh Bar … so yeah she would be right.

It’s shift change time for the gogo dancers and up step another fourteen dancers. Now we are getting a bit erotic as there are two dancers facing each other who appear to be trying to out do each with how far they can squat! Their legs open as far as possible. Just picture this … women mid 20’s pants so tight that you can see every nook and cranny … I have a super hot chick on my lap and I’m still looking!!

One dancer is on all fours so a Japanese guy who has just got her a drink can kiss her butt cheek. I’m glad it was a quick peck … frig she looked so good in doggie position. Gogo dancer number 246 walked-by and every guy stopped what they are doing and stared. She headed to the bar and a few minutes then when heading back people were trying to get her over for a drink. She just pointed to the change rooms and kept on walking. She looks a real class act. I didn’t think she would be hanging with the customers. I’m guessing that’s all she does is dance.

There are some excellent dancers on stage in this group. The stand out being a tattooed woman around 27 yrs. She's got it all … the body, the look and oozing sex appeal … just someone you would really like to drop a load inside. It’s good to have fun with some hot dancer where you walk out later and think that was awesome. With this chick just dim the lights and go wild … she’s built for it!!

During all this I did notice five or six ladyboys within Cowboy 2 not disturbing anyone for a drink. There were only three customers hanging with a ladyboy. With the next shift change it was time for the ladyboys to do their stuff on the dance floor. Their are eight on stage with four women. From where I was sitting they looked post-op and four of them you would have a bit of trouble spotting that they were in fact a ladyboy. The female gogo dancers on stage are again above average when it comes to their look on a dance floor.

Since I have had a bit of fun and with the ladyboys on stage I decide to part company with my new friend and head out front to finish my beer. Within the outside bar this is where you will find more than a few overweight ex-dancers just hanging around. I didn’t see any of them inside the gogo area. Once the dancers are outside they are just taking a 30 min break between sets. You don't get hassled for a drink. If you’re put off by having any ladyboys at a gogo bar then check out … The Dollhouse or Baccara gogo bars when visiting Soi Cowboy.

People might be a bit confused if they walked inside when the ladyboys are on stage and therefore not hang around for a drink. Now's the time to settle in as it wont be long until the best group of gogo dancers within Soi Cowboy are back on stage! Cowboy 2 Gogo Bar is so good at the minute that you just have to head on in for a look.