Blown Away!

Continuing on with the Mixed Bar Series I headed to Soi Cowboy to a bar that I never knew had ladyboys present … Cowboy 2! Whenever I did go I usually just sat at the outside bar as there are plenty of gogo dancers out front to hang with. It wasn't until I was going through some pictures from last month that I spotted ladyboys wearing tartan skirts at Cowboy 2. The cropped picture below was taken from the Fanny's Bar. Once I stopped looking at the gogo dancer with the back tattoos ass I then spotted the two ladyboys seated out front. The good news is that Cowboy 2 doesn’t hide the fact since the ladyboys wear a different uniform from the gogo dancers.

With so many dancers out front I am still tempted to hang here but bite the bullet and head inside …  Sh.t!!! Cowboy 2 is packed (mid week) with a mix of every nationality and people are in party mode. I take a seat and am blown away instantly with what I am experiencing within Cowboy 2 Gogo Bar. There are customers pissing themselves laughing, chicks are bouncing on guys laps like they’re on a pogo stick. this is all coming together to be a big night out. I haven’t felt this since my first ventures into Crazy House Bangkok! …..

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