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Bargirls | Part 5

I had no plans to bang a bargirl this week or in that fact even talk to one. That all changed on Tuesday night whilst at Soi Cowboy as the rain set in. This meant I was in for the long haul. The Dollhouse was the place to be as they were putting on a lesbian show just after midnight. People should have loser stamped on their forehead if they were at Soi Cowboy and missed this show. These two women both in their early 20’s didn’t just put on a show they destroyed it. Before you knew it they were having Hershey Chocolate Sauce poured all over their bodies which had already been sprayed with Whipped Cream. Every orifice was licked, chewed with a passion where you just knew these chicks were getting right into it. Throw in multiple positions of aggressive snatch licking and the slow/quick grinding of groins … me that looked good!

Don’t tell me any male didn’t walk out of The Dollhouse hyped up after seeing that. I exited on a mission and spotted two Western women seated nearby at Jungle Jim’s. I headed over and told them how they had missed out big by not being at The Dollhouse. Unfortunately they spoke limited English. Luckily I heard my name being called. it was an over 50’s bargirl. Last time I was at Jungle Jim’s I just happened to be having a bit of fun with one of the gogo dancers when she tried to say hello. I was a bit pre-occupied to respond but did make a mental note that I would buy her a drink next time our paths crossed.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy Tuesday September 5, 2017.

The two Western women are slightly stunned at what is going on. I’ve bypassed all the dancers and them of course to sit and have a drink with an aging bargirl. Lets get straight to it. Here she is mid 50’s and has been working within Soi Cowboy for the past 18 years. We aren’t talking a hag of a bargirl as she appears to be soft and is well spoken. How did she end up working in a bar for a living in her 30’s? Her Thai husband died and she was left with a couple of kids to bring up. it! Lets not feel sorry for this sob story since she could have purchased a food cart and made money that way, as many do. There are plenty of opportunities for Thai women to make money in Thailand without banging for a living. I actually said that to her but she was adamant … ‘No, No I couldn’t do that’.

Next up I asked ‘when is the last time you have been barfined?’ Her answer shocked me as she said ‘Three years ago!’ She went on to say that he only wanted to hangout within Soi Cowboy. In the end she didn’t go with him to his hotel. He just gave her a bit of cash and she went back home. The rain has become a drizzle and now the humidity is kicking in. She has a small towel that she wipes her forehead as I continue to fire questions in her direction. I just gotta ask ‘When's the last time you’ve had sex?’ … ‘Ten years!’

HA HA! Embarrassment has really set in as she puts her face in her towel and then she starts … Oye, Oye before speaking in Thai quickly to the other bargirls who are amused by it all. Even the Western women who were doing their best not to look are fascinated by what is transpiring. I can see that in her early years she would have been very attractive. I actually thought yeah I could bang this woman. She’s looking at me slightly starry eyed when I asked … ‘Did you enjoy it?’

Well she lost it this time. ‘Oye, Oye, Oye’ then she’s off to the races talking Thai quicker than I have ever heard anyone talk. The other bargirls are pissing themselves laughing as she puts her face back in her towel. HA HA. F.. me all eyes are on me which isn’t my scene. Thank she lifts her head from the towel and asked ‘do you want to go inside?’ Sh.t yeah lets roll. As I grab our near empty drinks I give the Western women a nod. It’s best not to give a sh.t what anyone thinks when hanging out with bargirls.

Well me stupid … We enter Jungle Jim’s and I take a look at the two women on the dance floor. One of the dancers is easy 60 … Yeah you read that right and she is wearing the same uniform from the ‘Bang A Granny’ page. I did a few me’s as we took a seat by the bar. I got us both another drink and pulled the tone of the questions back just to reduce her embarrassment. I asked how much do you get paid just to turn up since she’s here nearly every night? It turns out that she doesn’t get a salary but gets 60 Baht from every drink she gets. I never really see her with a drink so I ask ‘How many drinks do you get a month? ‘5 or 6’ me do you live here then? ‘No! Soi 23 in a room with another woman which costs 2500 Baht a month’. Don’t do the math too quick as you’re about to find out soon how she gets enough to survive.

Whilst talking to her I am keeping an eye on one of the bargirls who is just finishing up with a customer. We have known each other for 4 years now. When I met her she was in her late 30’s therefore now she will be early 40’s. There's something different about her that I just can’t put my finger on yet. When I walked in and spotted the older woman on the dance floor my mid 50’s bargirl was looking good. Now that I have spotted a 40 year old woman it will be game over for her soon.

I asked can you still get a hand job here? She said ‘Yes do you want one?’ HA HA … No! So you give hand jobs at 500 Baht a pop then. ‘Yes’ Mmm she’s not embarrassed about that. I asked ‘does it turn you on getting a guy to drop his load’ … ‘No I feel nothing’ How many would you do a week? ‘She said ‘3’. Now we know how she makes enough to survive.

Just as my early 40’s bargirl is approaching I asked ‘Dont you even get a little bit wet?’ her face went back into her towel … Here we go … Oye, Oye, Oye and she’s off to the race with her speed talking. My 40’s bargirl laughs then is in for a cuddle … She has had a boob job! I let her know how sh.t hot they looked. She pulled both breasts out. me they looked so fresh as I grab hold of both of them … ‘WOW’. She turned to face away from me as I held her so I could have a proper feel of her breasts. The other woman heads off to the bathroom. This nights going well!

When I want a bit of fun within Jungle Jim’s or the Moonshine Joint she will get a dancer over who wants to have a good time. No frigid chicks allowed. One night I noticed that she appeared a bit down so I asked ‘What's up?’ She said we are friends right? I can talk to you? Yeah go for it. She went on to explain that a couple of customers had complained recently that she gets too wet! HA HA … How dumb are these f.ckers. I let her know the wetter the better … she should have pissed on them both for being so stupid!

Just as the older bargirl arrived back from the bathroom a mid 30’s gogo dancer was walking by. It’s a bit hard write this since I know their names. My 40’s buddy stopped her and talked in Thai then asked ‘do I want a bit of fun?’ yeah her breasts are friggin good … About a handful and a half. I said my goodbyes to the other women as this chick motioned for us to take a seat. Her seat was on my lap with her top off and her breasts in my face. We fooled around a bit then she lay down on the bench seat. those breasts looked awesome when she was on her back.

The air conditioner was quite cool at Jungle Jim’s tonight. Why’s that relevant? Well as my hand motioned towards her snatch I could feel the heat radiating out of her. This chick is juiced up to the max. The rougher we got the more she wanted it and she’s telling me to go for it! Things were getting pretty heavy when a couple of the dancers in their early 20’s stopped for rub and a good feel of my groin. I don’t know if the other woman had put them up to it but thanks anyway. An older women behind the bar told her it’s time to dance … Her days of getting any action are over so she might as well just be a prick!

I went outside to take some video then headed back inside Jungle Jim’s once I noticed the hag go inside the Moonshine Joint next door. It was like where were you? As she jumps off the stage. This is why I have mentioned Kings Corner in Patpong lately since the dancers can be just like this. You end up hanging out with a more down to earth Thai woman which I’d say is what the majority of tourists are after. Did I barfine her and let her me stupid? Mmm … Destroyed!