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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

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Bargirls | Part 4

If you are easily offended then don’t read on. The past three Articles in the Bargirls Series I have picked the bargirl therefore I had an enjoyable night out. Lets see what happens when a bargirl chooses me and for some reason she will not off. Don’t think I went looking for this sh.t but when it falls in your lap then you just have to go with the flow. I headed to London Calling on the ground floor of Nana Plaza since they are a mixed bar. The correct thing to do is just leave if you encounter any unwanted advances from anyone. Not tonight as I want to find out her End Game!

Jersey Pub Sukhumvit Soi 6

Over 40’s Bargirls @ The Jersey Pub Sukhumvit Soi 6

I entered London Calling with the hope that in a few minutes I would have a mid 20’s gogo dancer straddled on my lap. I quickly picked up to the fact that a bargirl was following me. She tried to get me to take a seat straight away but I kept on walking around the stage with her following. Not just any bargirl but one of the over 40’s brigade. me how is this possible? I doubled back and thought I had got rid of her therefore I took a seat near where they had two women in a shower. To have a woman over 40 on my tale is insane … Please off!

I think I’m safe then I notice her sliding along the bench seat to sit beside me. If I wanted to bang a bargirl then she would be in her late 20’s. I will choose them from a beer bar along Soi 4 or try one of the freelancers standing opposite to Nana Plaza. This f.ckers carrying her little bag that will have her tooth brush and condoms inside. I tell her I am just here to watch the show. She says ‘okay we just talk’. me I dont want talk you. The waitress came over and I ordered my drink. She motioned if I wanted buy the bargirl a drink? ‘No’. I tried my usual tricks to get rid of her … I have no money … I have already had sex today … Blah blah crap like that. Most will then leave but not this f.cker, now she is massaging my arm. I told her I don’t want to be touched but this prick wont listen. Okay game on lets see how big a prick you want to be to a tourist on their first day in Bangkok. That’s my pretext for tonight.

I turned to gawk at one of the dancers in the shower where you could see her lips through her bikini. Nice look but this f.cker will not leave me alone to enjoy the view. Now she try's to massage my shoulders so I turn to watch the ladyboys on stage. That’s how much I want her to piss off. She asks where you from? ‘Australia’ You here on holiday? ‘Yes’ You been Thailand before? This is the question I was waiting for. ‘No I just arrived today!’ … This will all end soon.

To this bargirl I’m fresh meat. Think of how bad this would be for any first time tourist. She asked for a drink again … ‘No’. Now she starts massaging my hand and I tell her I don’t want to be with anyone tonight. She isn’t interested as she says ‘we just talk’ Fck me boring shit this. I’m hanging in there just to see if in fact she will piss-off or just make her play. I didn’t have to wait much longer as here it comes … She says ‘You give me money’ ‘No’. ‘I have taken care of you so you give me money!’ HA HA ‘No’. Now she turns 45 degrees and firmly says ‘I take care of you!’ HA HA. off retard you didn’t even touch my dick!

I could see where the people with a bit of authority were so I stood up took my drink and started walking in their direction. I turned to see this prick of a human being sh.t itself and was scurrying to the exit. HA HA. To my surprise the ladyboys on stage had been watching the show. It appeared like they had seen it all before and were surprised that I could just stand up and walk away and were motioning their approval. I’m only guessing but that’s what it seemed to be.

Lets talk reality here. This bargirl is preying on tourists who in the end wont want to come back to London Calling let alone Nana Plaza. Then what about the negativity from word of mouth once they tell their friends. Tonight I went in to London Calling to hangout with the gogo dancers but this bargirl scuttled those plans. Once you’re use to banging gogo dancers it’s pretty hard going back to the majority of bargirls. She would have to be really new to the game or you just get lucky. Not a f.cker over 40!

When you walk into Nana Plaza your first sight is the Nana Beer Garden where you will find some over 40’s bargirls. If that's what you’re into then you should have a good night out. By bypassing the beer garden and entering a gogo bar you are effectively rejecting the bargirls. So why does London Calling have aging bargirls following and then harassing customers inside when they enter their gogo bar? … It’s a Bad Idea!

Think about how screwed her body must be after boozing and getting banged by anyone for the past 20 years. It has taken me 4 years to encounter a bargirl this bad. I learnt early on to be very picky when it comes to dealing with any bargirl. I must admit to enjoying the experience just to see where this freak was going with her unwanted advances. Most bargirls are smart enough to leave you alone once you have told them on several occasions that you’re not interested. Not this one … She is an abomination to all bargirls!

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy Gogo Dancers

In the image above you have gogo dancers from Fanny’s Bar on the left, several Spice Girls in the middle & Cowboy 2 dancers on the right. More than a few people have different opinions of a large bar like Spice Girls where you can’t barfine the dancers. You still can have loads of fun as these women get on your lap and will show you a good time. You don’t have to bang every night here in Bangkok. If you want it though then get grinded by a Spice Girl dancer then go and bang a chick from The Dollhouse or Cowboy 2 … No Problem!

Although the bars have been a bit quiet of late Soi Cowboy still has a good feel. I witnessed plenty of tourists having a good time on Saturday night. Just head to your favorite bar as there is no lack of women to choose from. Now's the time to let loose and have some fun.

Nana Soi 4 has been a hub of activity of late with the opening of several new bars at the site of the old Strikers Pub. Hillary 1 is the main attraction and looks more up market than the other bars within Soi 4. I will have a more in depth look when I have some spare time. Hooters seems to be feeling the pinch as they’re noticeably down on customers compared to a year ago.

I deliberately checked out the bargirls at several beer bars within Soi 4 after the London Calling experience. Stumble Inn had a few bargirls that look like a bit of fun which means yeah I’d barfine them. Morning Night had a couple and I could see one at the K&S Bar that deserved a bit of company. One beer bar that is so hit & miss is Melodies UK where for months now I haven’t even been tempted to go inside. Friday night they had two bargirls working that were definitely f.ckable.

Lately Nana Plaza has felt a bit down as you enter. This all disappears once you enter the best bars who are generally busy. The busiest bar on Friday night was the Twister Bar followed by Billboard then Rainbow 5 & Spanky’s. One big surprise was Rainbow 3 who actually looked busy after months of just chugging along. The Enter Bar really should be getting more customers than they do. They have plenty of gogo dancers that look well worth spending some time with.

The Mercury Ladyboy Bar looked deserted of customers as I walked-by. It’s a bit hard trying to see what is going on as the Mandarin Bar dancers are right onto you as you hit the middle floor. Diamonds Bangkok motto as I walked past was ‘Only Women Dancing’. Which is true but dont forget about the ladyboys inside the bar.